How to Entice an Enchantress

How to Entice an EnchantressLord Kirk knew that he had missed his chance with Dahlia Balfour but he will get a second chance thanks to his godmother who decided to make him presentable. Lord Kirk will follow the advice but when it comes to Dahlia he couldn’t help but stumble along. He will have to get it right which just might be to seduce her with a kiss.

Dahlia Balfour believes in love and wants love in a marriage. She will actively seek it out at the party the Duchess of Roxburghe was holding. Dahlia was not expecting to see her neighbor at the party and will soon find that her anger with him will not hold out. She will wonder if she would be able to find her own happy ending in his arms.

How to Entice an Enchantress is the third book from Duchess Diaries series by Karen Hawkins. Reading Rose and Lily’s story were very entertaining to read and you fell in love with their story. Dahlia got her chance in the spotlight now and I have to say this was another book I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dahlia liked Lord Kirk and was coming to love him but a falling out happened and then fate brings them back together. Or course that fate is really the Duchess. For me this is like Beauty and the Beast when it comes to Dahlia and Lord Kirk. I liked Dahlia and her drive to enjoy life like her sisters who had found love. You wanted her to find that with Lord Kirk but he was a stubborn man. Lord Kirk was a man who was always with a scowl on his face and had a lot of pride especially when it came to those who thought to pity him. I did like Kirk and wanted him with Dahlia but only when he realizes his true feelings.

This seems like the final book as it concludes the sisters but at the very last page the Duchess makes a comment about how it is never too late to find love, she was talking about Charlotte. I don’t know if it will be written but I will certainly be reading more from Karen Hawkins.

How to Purse a Princess

How to Purse a PrincessLily Balfour needs to marry a wealthy suitor to help her father out of debt and to help her sister not marry a man that she thought was too old. Lily will accept an invitation by her godmother who will lead her to a suitor but Lily will look to another man who will make her heart beat faster.

Prince Wulfinski or known as Wulf wanted a woman to love him for him, not his title or for his wealth. He will make up a lie and tell them he is poor. He will quickly fall for Lily but getting her to admit her feelings for him was a difficult task.

How to Pursue a Princess is the second book to Duchess Diaries series by Karen Hawkins. The first book was one I couldn’t get enough of and the second is the same way. I liked how the whole story flowed and I easily finished it from start to finish, not wanting to put the book down. When it comes down to it I really enjoyed reading about these characters. It was a book you could curl up and just read.

Lily is a straight forward kind of person but when she gets her first taste of passion she is torn between duty and love. I was cheering for her to chose love as you knew that Wulf was wealthy and would help but Lily would do what he had to do. Prince Wulf was all charm but not in a horrible rakish kind of way. He was a decent man who actually believed in love and wanted to marry for love. He does use seduction as a technique and is good at it but Lily will not quite give in. There is a happy ending for four people that is once all things are cleared up and the secret Wulf has been hiding is revealed.

I liked the godmother who interferes but in the nicest kind of way. What I also liked was reading her thoughts in the diary she wrote, which gave you more insight with what was going on inside the Duchesses mind. The diary placement was done like this in the first and more than likely will be in the third book.

I am reading the third book next and can’t wait to read Dahlia’s story.

How to Capture a Countess

How to Capture a CountessRose Balfour never thought she would be invited to her godmothers house. She went ahead to the house party for her sisters hoping that if she made a good impression her sisters would be treated the same way. Rose will be baffled when she comes face to face with the man that had kissed her senseless six years ago. She knew that she needed to stay away from him but that was hard to do as he was bent on seducing her.

Lord Alton Sinclair or Lord Sin known to many wanted revenge on the woman who had caused many to mock him six years ago. Thanks to his aunt he will have his chance at revenge except whenever he came near her the control he has leaves. He becomes enthralled with the woman before him and wants nothing more than to touch her, to kiss her.

How to Capture a Countess is the first book to the series Duchess Diaries by Karen Hawkins. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Hawkins always brings a sense of humor to her story and a fun plot that will leave you entertained.

Rose was someone who did what she could for those she loved. She was a good person and someone who didn’t mean to hurt others, but it was funny how she was always bruising Sin whenever they were together. Now Lord Sin was a man on a mission and it was a vindictive one as he was aiming for Rose. I loved how Hawkins slowly showed his act of revenge was leaving his mind and only the idea of being with Rose was taking over. They were very compatible with each other. Their touch was explosive leaving them both wanting each other every time they were near. I liked the unpredictability that Hawkins created when Rose and Sin were trying to find a way to be alone together.

Since I enjoyed this book I found myself looking up the next two books. I found out that this series has another author writing her own stories, but as of right now I am sticking to Hawkins stories with the Duchess Diaries. I was happy to see that the two books will feature the two other Balfour sisters, and since my library has then I will be getting them very soon.

Much Ado About Marriage

Much Ado About MarriageFia MacLean wants to make her way in the world by her plays but to do that she must get to London. Fia will not though get married to have that dream happen as a husband would take away her freedom. Fia finds the solution in Thomas Wentworth.

Thomas Wentworth was on a mission and did not expect to get tangled up in a situation with Fia MacLean by his side. Thomas did not know what to think of this woman at first but soon learned that having her in his life would never be dull.

Much Ado About Marriage is the sixth book to the MacLean series by Karen Hawkins but it does not follow the MacLean siblings she started out with. Hawkins takes us back in time when the curse was just starting.

Instantly as I started to read I loved the character of Fia. She was impulsive, funny and stubborn. She got her way a lot and saw the good in people. Her faith in Thomas was of course tested and she passed but Thomas did not follow his heart. Thomas was well developed for espionage which throughout the book I thought Hawkins did a great job. He was a hero in his own right and a charming one at that. You wanted him to find a way to make a life with his wife before he blew his chance from his lack of trust.

What intrigued me about the book was the amulet which is what really created this curse. As I have read the other books you already knew most of the facts but it was fun to read it as it was happening and knowing what it would lead too. Overall the MacLean Curse series is one that was worth reading.

The Laird Who Loved Me

The Laird Who Loved MeAlexander MacLean wants revenge on the woman who humiliated him in front of the ton. Alexander is not one to be trifled with and he is looking forward to his own form of torture, but he does not anticipate it will backfire. Alexander will find that fire still burns each time Caitlyn is in his arms.

Caitlyn Hurst wants to make amends for how she behaved to Alexander and now at a house party she will have that chance. Caitlyn does not expect Alexander to still be angry with her stunt. She will accept the challenge Alexander gives her but with every moment they spend together her heart beats stronger as she finds love in his arms.

The Laird Who Loved Me is the fifth book to the series the MacLean Curse. I love how Karen Hawkins really made each brother to be a hot head which is needed as their temper is known around London especially when the storms start coming. The plot of a revenge was well done as it kept the characters at odds most of the time which was entertaining to read. Both, Alexander and Caitlyn are hot heads but of course in different ways. I wasn’t sure I would completely love Caitlyn but throughout the book you ended up cheering for her. She is impulsive but there is fire in her that brings out her courage when she needs it. Hawkins once again brought humor to the characters and wit especially when Alexander and Caitlyn are battling each other with the tasks they must perform. I found it highly entertaining to read how they bested each other.

Now the villain was someone you wanted to hate as she was a poisonous woman who thought of no one but herself, the hostess of the house party. You knew that she would cause a rift and there is a little heartache which follows but Hawkins will end it on a happy note in favor of Alexander and Caitlyn.

This is a great end to the siblings story but I looked ahead and found there is one more book to this series in Much Ado About Marriage which almost sounded like a prequel to the series when I read the description. 

Sleepless in Scotland

Sleepless in ScotlandCatriona Hurst was only trying to help when she got caught in a situation she could not get out of. Catriona will pay the price and be married to the man that compromised her. She had hopes to make a home with this man but her dreams would be crushed as Hugh would keep everything from her.

Hugh MacLean had no desire to marry as he knew early on how betrayal from a woman could be. Also he had to worry about the well being for his daughters. He had to make sure that his new wife would not disrupt this life he had built for these girls but soon he found that was getting hard to keep up with every look from Catriona.

Sleepless in Scotland  by Karen Hawkins was fantastic. I loved the first book as it set the tone but this fourth book from the MacLean Curse series one I could not stop reading until I reached the last page of the book. I loved the simplicity of the plot as Catriona and Hugh were caught in a situation where they were only trying to help their siblings. Of all the men in the family Hugh so far is the one with the biggest temper and a secret with how he controlled the weather which I thought was clever of Hawkins. Catriona was the responsible one of the family and took things serious. When Catriona and Hugh find a middle ground the relationship is nothing but all consuming. Now what I loved was the added part of the children. They added pranks and laughs to the book but also heartache followed their lives. You felt for the children when you learned their history. I liked the twist that happened including the children it was a situation which you figured early on as you found out about Hugh’s traits and Clarrisa. Now even though theirs was heartache there will be a happiness that is finally achieved even with all the problems which happen.

In this fourth book we are introduced to the Hurst family but Hawkins focuses on Catriona and Caitlyn. At first I thought Caitlyn would be a character I would not like but as she showed remorse and common sense I am intrigued to find out more and her interaction with Alexander MacLean in the next book. I also looked ahead and found that Hawkins  wrote about the Hurst family in another series which will be something I will certainly look into.

To Catch a Highlander

Lord Dougal MacLean has won a house and was going to give it as a gift for his nephew but was astonished from the sabotage from the previous owner. Dougal knew he would not let Sophia win but the longer he stayed around the beauty the more he wanted her.

Sophia MacFarlane would not let her house to another person. She would work hard to frighten the new owner, Dougal and would hope to win it back. Sophia did not expect to lose to this man but with every hand she lost she lost a little of her heart to this man.

To Catch a HighlanderThe third book to the MacLean Curse series is To Catch a Highlander. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dougal and Sophia together was nothing but challenge after challenge which went well with their temperament which was fiery especially with each other. Of course within each challenge came the seduction that both played, Dougal more as he was practiced in the art of it, and together the pages were steaming. Now the rain was once again well placed and comical at times as with each rise in Dougal’s anger so did the force of the storm. I liked the predicament which Sophia was placed in as it showed her character but you knew the moment it went south with the cards everything would be ruined, but as this is a romance book there was hope. There was a little surprise at the end which I didn’t see coming and that made the ending that much nicer.

As I have read now three books from Karen Hawkins I have noticed that she sets this series so far in one area with each book, a house or an inn throughout most of the book. I liked that as you were not worried about keeping up to where the characters were being placed. You focused on the characters themselves who gave enjoyment as you read the book. Oh and on a side note I was very happy to have Fiona back in the book as I thought she was missed in the second one. Fiona and Jack are still fantastic together and add fun to the book. The MacLean Curse series is one I want to keep reading.