The Duchess is getting a lot more than expected

Reading a couple books from Jude Deveraux I hesitate picking up her books not because I wouldn’t like them because I do but they are filled with characters who fight tooth and nail and make it hard to finish. You wonder if Deveraux is going to end it more tragic. She hasn’t so far just given the characters a different path to take instead of the one which had been set for them. This book, The Duchess, from the series Montgomery. One of the previous books was with Angus McCairn as a stepfather. It was fun to read about Angus in a different context.

Claire Willoughby is a modern american girl and knows she has to marry for man reasons. She would like to marry for love which is why she was lucky to meet Harry Montgomery who happens to be a Duke. Her parents excepted it with glee and Claire was happy enough that she would be a Duchess and provide for her sister and control her money.

Harry Montgomery is not all he is known to be. He is handsome and a Montgomery but not the true duke which is his brother who has returned from the dead. But there is more turmoil as it stems from the mother of the Montgomery children. Claire will be engaged to Harry but soon will find herself in love with the brother who she doesn’t know to be the real duke, Trevelyan. But Claire will be overcome with the betrayal which Trevelyan continually adds to her life. Claire must choose the man to live with or choose neither.

Deveraux will have you biting your nails to the very end to find out who Claire will end up with. She handles intrigue with her characters and entices the reader. The Duchess is tenth book of the series Montgomery.


Taking a second novel from the many selections of Jude Deveraux I was thrilled to read Temptation. Jude Deveraux delivers a fiery pair of characters who are less than thrilled to be played with.

Temperance O’Neil was not a woman to mess around with. In the 1900’s she was a force to be reckened with. She gave speeches and helped those woman get a second chance. But then everything changes as her mother remarries and they are forced to move to Scotland. Temperance is horrified but is blackmailed to do her new stepfather’s bidding. His thought of a woman is to be meek and sit with the children. He sees that in Temperance’s mother.

Temperance has an out as Angus her stepfather makes her become a housekeeper for his nephew. He wants Temperance to find James McCairn a wife and then she may go back to New York. Temperance agrees as it is a means to leave but once she settles into James manor she finds it hard to leave.

I was surprised that this novel was really entertaining to read. It was entertaining to read as the characters all hid a part of themselves and were revealed slowly through the book.

Temperance was all fire and stubbornness which was needed as Deveraux creates James to be just the same. I disliked the relationship that Temperance had with her mother but Deveraux fixes the situation.

I liked how the author gives the happy ending but in a different way which you didn’t think would happen. You are left to keep guessing until the very end as a happy ending finally appears.

Overall a fantastic story full of family dynamics and growing friendships which blossom to love.

The Blessing

When reading the summary on the book I wasn’t too thrilled. I thought it was going to be a sad book where brothers are torn and love never actually happens. I am a romantic at heart so I love the happy endings. But Jude Deveraux surprised me as I read the book. I thought it was going one way and she completely flips the plot. The Blessing is an intriguing story of family and love.

Jason Wilding can have anything he wants but for some reason he is not happy. Then his brother David calls. David has found love in a woman named Amy who has a son, Max. David needs Jason’s help with taking care of Amy’s son so he can woo Amy.

Jason agrees but things turn as he finds himself falling for Amy and Max. But there are problems and the main one is Amy believes Jason is gay. Jason has to go along with David’s farce but every minute he gets to know Amy the more attached he becomes and the more he wants to break his agreement.

This is the first book I have tried with Jude Deveraux. I like her style with creating the plot as it was very simple but the characters add to the drama. I devoured the book and hoped that Jason found that happy ending but then she threw in a wrench and I was shocked how Deveraux played the plot. But in the long run it made sense with Amy’s character.

The Blessing is one of many novels by Jude Deveraux.