Dec the Holls

Dec the HollsHolly was not having a good day when her car suddenly would not start. She will be stuck in the parking garage until her boss comes out and helps her get home. She will be surprised that Declan will start to notice her. His hungry stars will make her start thinking things that she could not have with her boss.

Dec the Holls is a standalone novel by Jasinda Wilder. Obviously this is a Christmas novel. I thought that this was a fun and sexy novel.

Lust and love begin to form quickly for Holly and Declan. Normally I would say that this went a little fast but it was that type of story where everything moved fast. There were sweet moments especially when Declan interacted with Holly’s children. I liked both characters of Declan and Holly. Holly was the overstressed mom down on her luck while Declan was the overstressed boss who was feeling unlucky in love.

Their love was a slow build, well it went fast, but it wasn’t them just jumping into bed and having sex. Declan seduced her but seduced her in a way that felt he cared for Holly and wanted something more.

Dec the Holls was a good sexy holiday story that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.