Highlander for the Holidays

highlander for the holidaysJessie Pringle had survived a brutal attack and came out of the attack with scars on the outside of her body and inside. Jessie moved to Maine to start a new life where she was not the victim. She will meet a man, Ian MacKeage, who attracts her and has her taking the next step. Though before she starts a new life there are questions that Jessie will start to ask about her tragic night as her memory lapse started to clear up.

Highlander for the Holidays is the eighth book to the series Pine Creek Highlanders series by Janet Chapman. I really liked this book which has finished up the series. I thought there was a little more mystery to the book especially with the tragic past which Jessie survived.

Jessie’s character intrigued me when I found out that she had a rescue dog. I wanted to know what had happened and why the dog was there to help her. I also wanted to make sure that she found her happiness with Ian with her going through so much and for her find out what really happened that night. Now Ian’s character I was confused for just a moment. For one moment thought he was the original Ian that was introduced in the first book. Well obviously that didn’t make sense as he would be an older man. This Ian was the son of Sadie and Morgan which is written into the story. I really liked Ian. He was a little laid back but very protective of Jessie especially when he finds out about her past. I liked that Ian was like his father and telling Jessie that scars did not matter. His kindness will have you cheering for him and Jessie to be happy.

The villain I had to say was predictable for me. I only guessed one person and I was right. There were many clues about the person that had murdered Jessie’s husband and had injured Jessie in the process.

I thought that Chapman gave a great ending for Jessie and Ian that followed well for Pine Creek Highlanders series.

A Highlander Christmas

a higlander christmasCamry MacKeage had runaway from her job as she needed some breathing space. She could not have a breakdown in front of her family as the MacKeage woman were strong. She will leave NASA to babysit dogs and to find out what she wanted again, and what she wanted just might be in the form of Luke.

Luke Pascal had loved space since he was twelve years old. Though years later his curiosity in space will get him in trouble as with his tampering of information the satellite of the renowned Dr. Grace MacKeage will fall. He needs Camry’s help to find out what happened but first he has to convince her to help.

A Highlander Christmas is the seventh book to the series Pine Creek Highlander by Janet Chapman. I had reread the sixth book which was with Megan and Wayne/Jack. I wanted to reread it just so I was reading the series as a whole. Now on to the seventh book, I liked this book. It was cute like all the other ones and had some humor along with a pair of very lustful people.

Camry was a woman who was smart and put together but then she had a meltdown. She needed to change something in her life. Camry was good at lying as her parents did not know about her not being at NASA for almost a year. It takes a certain amount of courage to just quit a job and try something else. The other character was Luke. You knew that he had done something bad right up front, although Camry didn’t know he was the same man that had corresponded with her through email. I didn’t like Luke right away and I think it was how his character acted for the first part of the book. Although once I got to know his character and his past I liked him more.

It seems that the concept of time travel stays strong throughout this series as within each book there is someone who had traveled through time whether it was from the past or future. I liked the visitor within the book as it led Camry and Luke on the path that they had wanted with the satellite and towards each other.

I only have one more book which will finish off the series Pine Creek Highlanders.

Only With a Highlander

Only with a HighlanderWinter MacKeage was special according to the priest and had a destiny that would save everyone. Winter was unaware of this destiny and will be shocked to find out that the enemy that was after them was closer than she thought.

Only With a Highlander is the fifth book to the series Pine Creek Highlander by Janet Chapman. I have liked this series since the start but I really liked this book, more than Robbie’s story. I guess its because Winter was talked about since the first book and I was curious to read how her character would be.

I liked Winter. She had a peaceful way of her but very connected with nature. That kind of way about her is in reflection to her destiny and what she really is. I liked that Winter was special but I liked it more that there were choices. That came about towards the end by a loved one which gave Winter that chance and happy ending. Matt is the other main character in the book and he was more than he appeared to be. There is a struggle between villain and hero and he will choose one side.

The magic keeps growing more and more within the series. It takes a bigger part to this book since it is Winter who will be coming into her powers which had been proclaimed since the beginning of the series. I liked the increase of powers and the strange things that followed.

Well there are several surprises with how certain things turned out. Some of them I liked, some I didn’t at least right away. The one I liked the most was one character who was also not from this present day. They are a surprise at the end which shows that Matt and Winter can have what they want.

When I had read the sixth book of the series I had thought it was over. Well there are two more to the series which look to be finishing up the series. I will be first reread the sixth book and move on to the last two books of the series.

Tempting the Highlander

Tempting the highlanderRobbie MacBain is a foster parent trying his best to help troubled teens who kept scaring away housekeepers. He will find help from Catherine Daniels who was on the run from her ex-husband who had abused her. There will be another burden thrown on his shoulder when the old priest tells him he has to save the highlanders from traveling back in time. Robbie will have to travel back in time to find a book of spells to stop the spell from happening. As Robbie travels through time Catherine will help keep the teens protected.

Tempting the Highlander is the fourth book to the series Pine Creek Highlander by Janet Chapman. I liked this book. I thought there was more action in this book with what was going on, which would make sense as Robbie was time traveling back to his father’s time.

Catherine’s character was someone I liked. She was abused by her husband but she kept going for her kids. She did not break down but made a move that would get them away from their past. Robbie helps Catherine by giving her the housekeeper job. Robbie’s character turned out to be a strong man with good morals and a kind heart. I think there was still some of the highlander teaching in him with being a little demanding but it wasn’t overbearing. There will be a romance building between Catherine and Robbie. My hope was that Robbie didn’t get stuck in the past so he could keep his relationship strong with Catherine.

I liked that Chapman had Robbie needing to time travel to save his family. There will be several surprises when time traveling happens. I am reading the fifth book next. I only have a few more to read to finish off the series.

Wedding the Highlander

Wedding the highlanderLibby Hart was running away from a shocking discovery. She healed two people but it was not from her skills as a doctor. She healed them with power that she never knew she had. Libby needed to get away and finds herself in Maine and letting herself live a different life with a man who was not from her time.

Michael MacBain had loved twice and was not in the mood to love another woman but his eight year old thinks differently. Michael will be setup with Libby and Michael can not be angry as he has immediate attraction towards this woman.

Wedding the Highlander is the third book to Janet Chapman’s series Pine Creek Highlanders. I have been enjoying this series so far and the third book is another fun book to read from Chapman. There is some humor and supernatural with the magic. I liked that the character Libby was a little different as well. She had a gift of healing which had her fleeing as it freaked her out. She doesn’t really embrace the powers but she will grateful for these powers later. I liked the character of Michael as he has become less serious. His heart has healed from Mary’s death and he was ready to find love again, with the help of his son. Though there is still that highlander attitude they all have but Michael wasn’t as pushy as some of the others. I liked that he didn’t really push Libby as he gave her time, at least some time.

This book jumped eight years later which meant that Mary’s and Michael’s child, Robbie, was not a baby anymore but a young man. He was very opinionated but his heart was always in the right place. Now from the description of the fourth book, I jumped ahead and looked at the summary of the book, I noticed that the character was Robbie MacBain. I am definitely interested in reading about Robbie who has become a man and how he turned out.

Now back to the third book there was a little more of magic mentioned. First with Libby and then there was always the priest who really was nothing but mischief. He is a character that really seems on the side but he was the sole reason the highlanders were even in the modern world.

I am reading the fourth book next, which is Tempting the Highlander.

Loving the Highlander

Loving the highlanderSadie Quill was on a mission to find a legendary gold mine which had been her father’s quest. She will stumble upon a naked man in a valley and could not help but stop and stare. She will be chased off by the man and is shocked when they come face to face again.

Morgan MacKeage wanted Sadie but to protect his valley was too important to let a woman get involved. He will not hold out for long as he helps Sadie with her task and he will find himself falling in love. But there is danger as they search for the legendary gold mine.

Loving the Highlander is the second book to the series Pine Creek Highlanders by Janet Chapman. I liked this book, it was another good book from this series.

I liked Sadie’s character. She wasn’t the small petite woman but one that was six feet tall and had some scars which came when she had survived a fire. Because of those traits she thought herself not as beautiful. Morgan will see through the scars and see her beauty, which I loved. I liked that Sadie was on a quest to find the legendary gold mine which was something her father had been looking for before he had died. Morgan was one of the highlanders that had traveled through time. I liked his character but he was a little annoying at times with how he handled situations. He was from a different time so it was understandable but he had some time to adjust. He doesn’t really change when he meets Sadie but he becomes a man who is determined to keep the woman he loves safe and by his side.

Magic in the book is very present especially towards the end. I liked how Chapman changed one of the characters towards the end which gave them an unexpected surprise. The surprise I liked as it gave the characters a chance to find that happiness.

I am reading the third book next.

Charming the Highlander

Charming the highlanderGrace Sutter was coming home to spread her sisters ashes and to give her sisters baby to the baby’s father. She will come into trouble when the plane she rides in crashes. She will be saved by a stranger who was another passenger, Greylan.

Greylen MacKeage was adjusting to his new life for the last four years all the while searching for the woman that would be his destiny. He will find that woman in Grace Stutter. He will want her the moment they meet and he will have to fight hard to win her hand.

Charming the Highlander is the first book to Pine Creek Highlander series by Janet Chapman. I thought this was a good book. The plot to me felt light and when reading the book I flew through the pages. This series has eight book which I have checked out from my library. I have decided to try out this series which was a long time coming. I have already read one book from this series but it’s been a while. I don’t exactly remember the plot but do remember that it was a series I wanted to read from the beginning.

Grace was a brilliant scientist but will have a tragedy hit her and throw her on a new path. I liked that Grace did not stop, she fought to do what was right. When she meets Greylan there is an immediate response that she has towards him and it only grows and gets pretty lustful. Greylan is a highlander from another time. He is old fashioned as that was the time he had grown up in, which can get a little overbearing when he wants something.

The magic aspect was interesting as it took these great warriors from their land to a modern day world. The magic really didn’t surround the book as I thought it would which was not a problem. I liked that these warriors were in present day and learning how to deal with the twenty first century.

I will be reading Loving the Highlander next.