Devil’s Bargain

Devil's BargainLynette wanted to take charge of her life and went to a woman who would help get her a husband. Lynette will not be prepared for what she will be walking into when she meets this woman and her nephew, Viscount Marlock. She will be stepping into a darker world which she will have to embrace if she wanted to succeed.

Viscount Marlock, Adrian, has been taking a young woman, teach her and sell her to an aging suitor. That was how he was making a living to raise funds for his crumbling estate. Adrian will quickly realize that Lynette was not like the other woman. He will be tempted but to give into the temptation he will lose all that he had worked for.

Devil’s Bargain is the third book to the series Regency Rages to Riches by Jade Lee. I was shocked by this book. I really did love it but from how the other two were written this one was darker with character cruelty on Adrian’s and his aunts side. But it was compelling to read and I needed there to be a happy ending for all the cruelty that had occurred.

So the story is basically about Lynette being led to a new life where she will be sold to the highest bidder, who will be an old man. Adrian will guide her in this training along with his aunt. So I really liked Lynette. She was a woman who had passion but didn’t understand that. She was also very emotional throughout the book, she was strong at one point and weak the next. There were points in the book that I was getting teary eyed for Lynette with what she had to endure. Adrian’s character was one that I really disliked right away but then knew that there had to be a redeeming trait in him. There was but he kept going back and forth between a man you wanted to cheer for to a man you wanted to hate. I was happy that Lee put in more about his past so that you understood him.

The ending was perfect and Lee did it with a good twist that changed everything.

Almost an Angel

Almost an AngelCarolly Hanson is a angel in training. She must help others to redeem her past life and move to become an angel. So far her experiences have not worked out as well as she hoped, but when she meets James, the Earl of Traynern, Carolly is determined to earn her wings. She will help James find love, she just has to make sure not to fall in love with him.

James Oscar Henry Northram, Earl of Traynern, was riding his horse when he will stumble upon a woman who had been beaten. James will take it upon himself to help this woman but he will quickly find that she is not all that she appears.

Almost an Angel is the second book to the series Regency Rags to Riches by Jade Lee. I liked this story. It was completely different from the first book as that one had spies. This one was on the verge of supernatural with Carolly who was an angel, well an angel in training.

I liked the character of Carolly for the most part. She was training to be angel because in her past life she was a little too selfish. I liked that she was all in with helping, but I felt that her past life was still very relevant. She was still a little selfish and acted out at times, but for the majority of the book she is mending her ways. James character wants to help Carolly but to help her understand that she is not an angel. I liked that although he didn’t believe in Carolly he believed that she was a good person and was falling for her. With everyday that James was by Carolly he was starting to change and so was his niece and household, for the better.

The idea of Carolly being an angel in training was interesting. I liked that she had to work to be an angel. It wasn’t that she was bad in her previous life, just a little too selfish. It was interesting when she starts a new life that she doesn’t always remember her other missions or her original life. Pieces of those past come back to her but it gets scrambled.

Jade Lee will give several surprises that happen more towards the end. There will be a couple surprises that will show how bad one character was but the other surprises bring a happy ending to the story.

I am reading the third and final book to the series next.

No Place for a Lady

No Place for a LadyMarcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, has been on many missions and wondered if it was time to give it up. Though he will accept the mission that his old friends offers him. Marcus doesn’t like the idea that he will have a partner, but this partner will intrigue him, and everyday he is close to Fantine he wants her more and more.

Fantine (Fanny) Delarive plays a role. Some days she will be known as Rat, a barmaid, or a servant. Her latest role will be playing the lady she should have become. She will help a lord who is trying to change England in a good way but she wouldn’t be alone in her mission. She will have Marcus right at her side.

No Place for a Lady is the first book to the series Regency Rags to Riches by Jade Lee. I really liked this novel.I don’t always like spy stories but this one intrigued me, especially the characters.

Fantine’s character intrigued me right away with her double identity. I liked that she had so many identities she used in order to survive on the streets. For all the hardship I wanted Fantine to give in and just ask for help but you knew that was not her. Her character was very strong when she was faced with hardship but when it came to matters of the heart she is vulnerable. Then there is Marcus who was a lord, but also a spy. He was a little stuck up but that was due to his upbringing. I liked that he changed to become less stressed and that happened because of Fantine.

The mission to save one of the lords was well done. There was some underhanded characters stopping them along with some betrayals and a couple of twists.

I am reading the second book next.

What the Groom Wants

What the groom wantsRadley Lyncott is back to his home and is excited as he will now be able to pursue the woman he has loved, but he will find that somethings have changed for himself and her. He will find out that Wendy has lead a secret life and has another pursuing her but he will not let that stand in his way.

Wendy Drew has lead a life that she is not proud of but it was to help her family. She is now with a good job but there is a problem as she has taken on the task to pay down her brothers debt. By doing this she attracted the attention of Demon Damon who wants her.

What the Groom Wants is the fourth book to the series Bridal Favors by Jade Lee. It has been a while since I picked up a book from Jade Lee but I have say that you can really just read these books and enjoy the plots without having to worry like you are missing anything. They are each their own stories with characters that will pop up from the previous books.

I really liked What the Groom Wants. I have been waiting for Wendy’s story and I can’t say I was disappointed. I liked her spunk, cleverness and her drive to help protect her family even though it could cause harm to her. At first I wasn’t loving Radley’s character as he seemed too easy going, there was no mystery about him but as the story went on I found myself cheering for his character. He was given a big change in his life and didn’t let it change him. He fought for what he wanted.

The villain was clear but really I had wondered in the beginning if Demon was going to turn good but after a while you knew there was no chance of that happening.

The one thing I am missing from this series are the novellas which feature some of the other side characters mentioned in these books. Now if I can’t get them there I feel that I will be starting a new series of hers, which one I have no idea.

What the Bride Wore

What the Bride WoreGrant Benton, Earl of Crowle, has lost all that was his thanks to his father. Grant swore he would get it back and for the last five years he had been working for just that. He will be denied when the five years up and is left with nothing. He will have to find what is the next step which starts with Lady Irene

Lady Irene likes working at the bridal shop. It gives her a purpose and her comfortable life will be getting shaken up when Grant comes into her life. She will find herself waking up from her mourning but there will be a danger that lurks them and they did not know who the person was after.

What the Bride Wore is the third book from Jade Lee’s series Bridal Favors. I as once again brought into the book very easily. Jade Lee weaves a tale that will have you following from start to finish.

As with the other two books before Lee writes about social classes and Grant and Irene follow in that tradition but their relationship is not that unreasonable. Irene is scared about losing another husband which makes her reluctant to commit herself to Grant. I did like that her character stayed consistent throughout the book and she would not give up what she loved. Now Grant was an interesting character. He was a glutton for punishment for needing to prove himself and get back what was lost. I liked that he was trying but at times it felt like he had not learned from his mistakes. Of course he did and he got over his fears or being ashamed of working for a living. Grant felt real like a aristocratic man from that time.

There is the attack that leaves the reader wondering if the person was attacking Irene or Grant. The attacker is found towards the end of the story and everything is explained why the attack even happened.

I found myself sitting down and just reading the story. Of course now that I am done I have to wait for Wendy’s story but there are some novellas from the series which I can read from the series.

Wicked Seduction

Wicked SeductionKit Frazier was free and back to London but he was no longer the man he was even if he wished it to be. He will soon find himself in the company of his own angel who will stop at nothing to help him. He knows that he is a broken man and in need of no wife but he can’t seem to stay away from Maddy.

Maddy Wilson knew her time at her Uncle’s house was almost up especially when her Uncle gave her no other option than one that would ruin her for marriage. Maddy will find help in Kit and his need to protect her from the world and from him. Maddy will understand Kit and knows not to give up on the possibility.

Wicked Seduction is the second and looks to be final book of Jade Lee’s series Wicked. I am wondering if she is going to continue with Kit’s brothers or if she has already in another series. Either way this book was fun to read. I found that I enjoyed it more than the first one. For me I think it was because I really did like Kit, even though the first book left him to be little immature. Now with all the tragic things that happened he is a changed man. I liked how Lee writes him to in pain and to struggle as you felt it was real for someone who went through such an event. There is hope that is generated when he starts to find more of himself later in the book. Now Maddy was a diamond in the rough. She was a character you cheered for as she was always helping and had a sunny disposition and soon lustful when it came down to Kit.

What I wasn’t too thrilled on was the character of Rose. She wasn’t a villain but a very silly cousin of Maddy who didn’t think before she did something. What she did for the book was to keep things lighthearted, even though at times I found her very annoying. Now the villain was clearly the Uncle as he propositioned his niece, who was not related by blood but nevertheless this made him a man of low morals. I liked that in the end he got his dueThere was victory all around especially at the end when Maddy and Kit will be writing their own happy ending.

Wedded in Sin

Wedded in SinPenny Shoemaker has been given many obstacles to last a lifetime. The first starting with her parents murder, her home taken away and an unexpected brother. She will find help from a group of woman and a determined man who will help put her life back.

Samuel Morrison is a second son who drifts through his life finding his purpose now that he is on his own. He will find that with Penny who is in need of help. He will be involved with a mystery of villains who want what they think they can obtain without consequences.

Wedded in Sin is the second book to Jade Lee’s Bridal Favors series. Penny Shoemaker intrigued me as a character as she held more and was not one to be messed with as she was tough and not to give up. I liked how resilient Penny was made to be but I also liked there was a softer side that was shown. Samuel was a character as he was a dreamer walking through life. It was interesting that he was the second son. Usually the hero is an established rogue or of high class like a Duke or an Earl, not usually a second son. I liked that he found a his purpose through helping Penny and it was a perfect solution. Once again I felt that the story drifted more towards the heroine but as I loved Penny’s character I was okay with that. Bridal Favors is a series I will look out for in the future.

Wicked Surrender

Scher Martin has dreams she hopes to fulfill one day. A day where she can be wed to a respectable man, have children and a home. These are not big dreams but as an actress they seem almost impossible that is until a young suitor proposes marriage. Scher will see her dreams being fulfilled but with that she will tear away the passion she feels for another.

Brandon Cates, Viscount Blackthorn was told by his family that Scher Martin was unsuitable for his cousin Kit. Brandon was to seduce this woman but it was he who was seduced. He will find that he cannot live without Scher but it will take everything to get Scher to change her mind about him.

Wicked SurrenderWicked Surrender is filled with passion, lust, betrayal and love all great traits for a romance story. I have never tried Jade Lee so I was excited to try a new author. Wicked Surrender is the first book to the two book series Wicked and it certainly does live up to its name.

Now starting her book I was intrigued by this man of Brandon but quickly wanted to dislike him for almost hurting Scher. Brandon does grace us with his better side of personality and you grow to like him and love his character with the flaws as you learned where they came from. Scher was also a intrigue with who the real woman was behind it all. I liked her control and desire to be part of the world which would shun her. She was a well developed character I thought. I wasn’t sure I would like the plot as it was Scher being torn apart between two men who would give her a future but it is a common one.

The villains were simply the family and all the people around Scher who were part of crowd with money. She was given the direct cut at every turn and the family made sure of it. Lee does a great job making you hate the family and their schemes. At the end I wasn’t thrilled to find out what happened with Kit but there is a twist that I didn’t see coming. I will have to check out the second book to the series Wicked to see how it all plays out as well as going after some of her other books.