Not Quite A Gentleman by Jacquie D’Alessandro

Browsing the aisle of the library I came upon an author Jacquie D’Alessandro. The mask on the front cover intrigued me enough to pull it from the shelf. Not Quite A Gentleman:

Lady Victoria Wexhall was livid when she heard her father was sending her to Cornwall. She did not want to see a certain man there, a man that gave her the very first kiss, a kiss she remembered too well. But on this visit Nathan would get a taste of his own medicine. She would tempt him then leave him high and dry.

Dr. Nathan Oliver was a man of little means. He was also a spy, still to this day but he was in hiding. The Crowned jewels he had were taken and he was blamed. Hidden from his family he now was back and he was surprised as a certain girl was now on her way to stay at his home for a time, a girl heĀ rememberedĀ all too well as he gave her a kiss three years ago. He did not expect to find Lady Victoria changed but he was going to be surprised and with the help of Victoria his name just might be cleared.

From beginning to end this was a delight to read. The characters were rich in description and witty from the very first page to last.

Jacquie D’Alessandro gives a modern look on regency romance with a little more romance interwoven into the pages and characters more spirit. I liked the added plot involved with spies. It was cute as Lady Victoria wanted to get involved and was too stubborn to stop until Nathan conceded.

Not Quite A Gentleman is worth reading.