Double the Pleasure

Double the PleasureDouble the Pleasure is a collection of four stories by four different authors. My drive to read this book was because of Lori Foster’s novella Deuces Wild. This novella is part of the series Winston Brothers and Cousins. I loved this series especially the story that had Joe in it. I liked this novella. It was short but overall it was good. The story was about twin brothers and Hart had to leave but needed Dex to stay and pretend to be him. The problem happens when Dex’s meets and girl and she thinks that he is Hart, and Dex goes along with the lie. I felt that the girl forgave a little too easily but it had to be done quickly with the story being a novella. I liked the twin brothers. With reading Dex’s story I am intrigued with Hart and what was going on with the girl he had been with then left. It might be awhile before I find his story but I will be on the look out for it.

The other authors and their stories are The Lucy of the Irish by Deirdre Martin, which is about a carpenter who has the choice of going home to Ireland or sticking around in New York. With this one I wished that it was a book because then you would have gotten to really know the characters. You got to know them but it felt way to quick. The next book is Your Room or Mine? by Jacquie D’ Alessandro. This one is all about coworkers who judge each other to quickly but with a weekend to bond things will heat up. I liked the story. Once again I thought it was too short but it was enjoyable. The last book of the collection is Double the Danger by Penny McCall which is with an FBI agent and witness protection. Personally I wasn’t that into the book. I read it but it didn’t really thrill me.

Overall I will have to say that this collection was an enjoyable read.

Tempted at Midnight

Tempted at MidnightLady Emily Stapleford wanted romance and love just like her friends had found in their marriage. No suitors were coming to her side except for the American Logan Jennsen who put her father in debt. She wants nothing to do with him but soon will find her thoughts changing about the man she knew very little about especially as he helps her.

Logan Jennsen was curious about Emily Stapleford. At first he thought she was a spoiled little girl but that will change when he finds more about her. Logan will want to be close to her and will but will soon find that her life might be in danger thanks to him.

Tempted at Midnight is the fourth and final book in the series Mayhem in Mayfair by Jacquie D’Alessandro. As the last book in the series I was very entertained like all the rest of the books. D’Alessandro writes characters that I like and want to read about.

Logan was a mystery and one you wanted to solve especially with what happened back in America and how he changed his fate. I liked how D’Alessandro created Logan’s past and how it came back to haunt him, thus causing a problem which the hero and heroine must solve. Now Emily was a Lady through and through yet a poor one at the moment. I liked that she was a good person and not the spoiled person that Logan thought her to be. She was kind especially to her younger brother. Then passion will soon ignite with each kiss between Logan and Emily. The two of them can’t help but to be attracted to each other but fight it every step of the way.

The villain is the man in Logan’s past. You find out little by little each time Logan talks about his past. It was interesting to learn more and more about Logan as the book went on. D’Alessandro wrote a mystery around Logan and I wanted to know all that had happened to him back in America. She won’t disappoint you and the past will be revealed along with the villain who wants to see Logan dead.

Alright so the ending was a little corny as it was all wrapped up with a very happy ending for all four women, but I loved it regardless.

Confessions at Midnight

Confessions at MidnightCarolyn Turner, Viscountess Wingate, was never going to love or marry again, but thanks to a book she was ready for passion. The man who would show her that passion was none other than Lord Surbrooke.

Daniel Sutton, Lord Surbrooke, had wanted Carolyn for too long and will see his chance to get her in his bed. Daniel will have to work hard to seduce the woman as she does not fall at his feet like so many others. As Daniel sets out to seduce he will also play white knight as someone is after Carolyn.

Confessions at Midnight is the second book to Mayhem in Mayfair series by Jacquie D’Alessandro. I was excited to read Carolyn’s story after reading the first book. I wanted to know more about her and hope that she opened up and found some love. I really liked this book. D’Alessandro writes her character to be entertaining and I really like this group of friends. They are all a little different whether it is social class or in appearance but they are the best of friends.

Carolyn was getting back into the world but she was scared and didn’t want to dishonor her beloved late husband. I liked that she found that great love but I loved it when she became stronger and started to live again. Daniel is a womanizer but he is a considerate one. He does not harm anyone and is considered a very good seducer yet when it comes to Carolyn, which is kind of funny. He does make it his job to get Carolyn and he wouldn’t have to wait too long.

The passion that was between Carolyn and Daniel was explosive and it kept going which will lead to love. It was clear that Daniel loved her, he just didn’t want to admit it. Carolyn took a little more time to get it in her head.

The accidents that happened were looking to be aimed at Carolyn. The murders that happened were making Daniel look very suspicious. The villain is trying hard to ruin some lives but with Daniel and Carolyn they are hard to bring down.

I am rereading the third book, Seduced at Midnight, but then I will be going to the fourth and final book, Tempted at Midnight.

Sleepless at Midnight

Sleepless at Midnight (Mayhem in Mayfair, #1)Miss Sarah Moorehouse is her sisters companion and has come with her to a house party. She is not looking for a man, only to be with her sister and friends, and in the quiet hours of the night her friends will discuss scandalous books. Sarah’s active imagination will lead her to wonder about their host Matthew Devenport and what he was doing late at night.

Matthew Devenport, Marquess Langston, had a limited time to do his fathers bidding and his time was almost up. If he couldn’t find what he needed he would have to marry a wealthy heiress whom he didn’t love. It becomes difficult when his thoughts will be only surrounding Sarah.

Sleepless at Midnight is the first book to the series Mayhem in Mayfair by Jacquie D’Alessandro. I absolutely loved reading this book. It was fun with with characters that you wanted to read about. I wanted to know about Matthew and Sarah as they were characters that captivated my attention.

Sarah was a spinster and knew it. She didn’t dream of finding a man wanting her but low and behold she will find a man who will want her. The problem is the man needs an heiress. The good thing is there is an attraction that is on both sides. Sarah is an artist and has an active imagination but she is right that Matthew is up to something. I liked that D’Alessandro gave us only little hints to what Matthew was up too. That kept your attention on the book. Matthew was a good man in a bad situation. I loved how he wanted Sarah but he fought it knowing he could never have her. Well that good intention will go out the window when Matthew kisses her.

The villain you knew would be a member of the house party. It was just a matter of figuring out which one was the person. I liked the conclusion D’Alessandro gave to the villain which results in a very happy ending for this unlikely couple. I was really happy with how D’Alessandro ended the book with Sarah and Matthew, it was the perfect happy ending that had me smiling as I closed the book.

I will be reading Carolyn, Sarah’s sister, next.

Seduced At Midnight by Jacquie D’Alessandro

Continuing on with Jacquie D’Alessandro I picked up a book, Seduced At Midnight. I did not know it was a series as I started to read but it is in fact the third book of the series Mayhem in Mayfair.

Lady Julianne Bradley is destined to marry according to her parents. Whoever they chose. Julianne does not want any man from the ton. Her dream, her wish is to be with a man she can never have. A Bow Street Runner is the only one who caught her attention.

Gideon Mayne is a Bow Street Runner. He does his job well which at this moment is to find a murder and thief. His job now requires him to guard the one woman he can never have. She is an Earl’s daughter and out of his class but on this mission he will find himself getting closer to his dream.

I was happy I read it out of order regardless because you already know that the first two women have happy endings and are continued through the series. This book makes me want to pick up the first two books as the last one wraps up the series perfectly.

I liked the friendship between these four friends and how the four men are connected through the women. They create their own friendship which was sweet to read.

Lady Julianne was a riot to read about. I loved that she was more proactive with what she wanted but still was vulnerable and Gideon was vulnerable with his feelings but honor stopped him most of the time.

The parents of Julianne’s are frustrating to read about. They are so cold and cruel. D’Alessandro does a good job getting you to hate her parents.

The part of the ghost was a good twist as there was none only a thief that seemed like a ghost to those around. I liked the ending how the story had concluded with the continual wit D’Alessandro carried through the entire book.

The Bride Thief by Jacquie D’Alessandro

An unwanted marriage is the last thing a woman wants but fear not if the Bride Thief hears of your distress he will find a way to free you.

Samantha Briggeham was in need of him or so the thief thought. Samantha was betrothed to a man she desparatly did not want to marry but she would not take this lying down. She would find a way to get out of this marriage.

The Bride Thief otherwise known as the Earl of Wesley, Eric, was going to free Samantha as he had many others. It all started with a marriage he could not save. Eric is going to be surprised to find the bride to be not in need to be saved but what will save him as she consumes his every thought. She was not the woman he would go for but he need to know her more.

The Bride Thief will be on the tips of every ones thoughts but it is only the magistrate that will be after him. Eric will have to avoid suspicious glances and try to stay away from an affair with Samantha that would lead to his heart.

The Bride Thief by Jacquie D’Alessandro was a sweet, sensual and exciting tale. The character of Eric was so consummed with saving others from a marriage state he did not understand what was waiting right in front of him, of course not until the very end.

Samantha claims she does not want marriage until a little adventure changes her tune. I love how D’Alessandro creates these two characters to become friends but there is an underlying passion which is ignited fast as they spend time together.

The involvement of the family was sweet. The youngest brother held the most charm as he was still innocent in this views.

The adventure of The Bride Thief  was exciting to read as the sensual plot untangles and creates a memorable story.