Legend of Jane

Hot Summer NightsLuanne needed money fast after a disastrous boyfriend bled her dry of her funds. She found a way by dressing in a crazy outfit and creating a video blog called Legend of Jane. Her blog will get her doing crazy things and with one incident with cow tipping will lead her to a man that will like all of her.

Legend of Jane is part of the Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. It is another novella which is 2.5 in the series. The novella was cute. It wasn’t anything mind blowing or amazing but it was cute.

Luanne was wacky with the things that she was doing for her video blog, but her method was right. People want to see outrage and strange things online. I liked that she wasn’t exactly like that in her normal day. Jane was only her job. Then there is Hank who is the officer that doesn’t put one foot out of line. Now I thought that the romance was a little forced but again that happens in novellas.

There were three other stories which I did read. Though I went into this book just for Jessica Clare’s story.

Survivor Continues

After the first book of the series Demon Hunters I couldn’t wait to dive into the second book, ┬áHunting The Demon. After reading about Derek I was interested in finding more about Nic, his thought to be lost brother.

Nic Diavolo is lost but does not know it. He was kidnapped at eight by his father who is a demon lord but all Nic knows is he is rich and his father is now missing. Nic is a surfer and does not take many things too seriously that is until he meets Shay and is tangled up in his own past which starts to reveal.

Shay Pearson is part of the group now of Demon Hunters and her job is to get to Nic and bring him in. She feels guilty as she uses Nic at first but he pays her back. The two hit heads until Nic figures out the truth but by then it could be too late. Shay is connected to Nic in ways she never new possible. Shay will use her psychic abilities and help her crew members to find a way to save Nic from himself and his demon family.

As a sequel Jaci Burton does not disappoint as new and old characters are placed in to Hunting The Dream. I liked how Nic’s character develops in this novel and how Shay taken into one of the leading roles. Their intensity plays through the entire novel which leaves the reader thrilled by their interactions.

The demons are taking a bigger role with some surprises and they are taking their role to a different place.

A fantastic second novel in the Demon Hunters series.

Survivor but with a twist

The game of survivor has become very popular on the television as people watch what will the contestants do next. Jaci Burton will give readers a thrill in Surviving Demon Island. The book is just the first in the series Demon Hunters.

Gina Bliss loves the action, the thrill of danger so when she hears about the new reality show that involves danger and the use of  survival skills Gina is all for it. Surviving Demon Island was all supposed to be a game but Gina will soon find out differently with her new crew members and trainer, Derek Marks.

Derek Marks job is to get them ready for what they are not even prepared for. Surviving Demon Island was a crazy idea but he had to follow what Lou said. Derek is instantly attracted to Gina but things are going to get chaotic as the contestants find the truth and the enemies start showing their faces.

This novel surprised me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to play and needless to say I liked the beginning of the series. Jaci Burton had a purpose for where the characters were going and what happened in their past connected them all. I like the ploy of the demons and the crew’s mothers disappearing. Derek’s part in this was a good twist and will be interesting to read as the series continues.

The element of light and dark creates the a plot which will drive the reader to want to know more. And of course the sexual tension and scenes from Derek and Gina were filled with passion. The idea which it started as a reality show was humorous which adds to the lightness of the book.

As far as a first book of the series it is a great start to building an intense series.