The Shadows

The ShadowsTrez was destined to be mated with the Queens daughter thanks to his parents selling him to the Queen when he was a baby. Though Trez has no desire to be with the daughter especially when he has found a woman to love.

The Shadows is the thirteenth book to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. I liked this novel but I will say that it took a little time to get into the story. One reason, and it is a reason that happens most times I read from this series, its the length of the book. I know that I should be used to the size as every book in the series is close to five hundred pages or over. Another fact is sometimes the detail. It can get a little too much, though that comes back to the size of the novel. Now don’t get me wrong I really do like the series, it can just get overwhelming with all the stories that are happening in the book.

So within this story the primary characters were Trez and his brother iAm. Although the rest of the brotherhood played a big part of the book, along with some of the enemies. Each of them have their own part in this story but it is all related to each other. I found that in the past couple books when the shadows were written in I wasn’t really all in to it. I liked just reading about the brotherhood and their enemies. I liked these shadows but I still prefer the brotherhood.

I liked Trez’s story, though it was hard to get to the end as you knew there would be a tragedy at the end. But because of that ending a happy ending occurred for another. I just hope that Ward will make sure those who sacrificed their happiness gets their own happy ending in another book.

I will follow up on the fourteenth book later on but I am switching to the spin off series Black Dagger Legacy. I will be reading Blood Kiss next.

Lover Awakened

Lover AwakenedZsadist has lived through his own hell and became a ruined man bent on keeping everyone who would care about him at arms length. He could not abide being touched that is until Bella came into the picture. He wanted her like he wanted no one else but he could not have her because he was not what she deserved.

Bella survived the torture she endured by the lesser and her savior was Zsadist. She had wanted the warrior when she first saw him and as he became her savior she wanted to save him. She will succeed at times but there was always something stopping them, namely Zsadist.

Lover Awakened is the third book from the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. The second book left you with a to be continued story with Bella as she was captured by one of the lessers. I knew that she would be saved by Zsadist as they are the main two in this book who were being written about. J.R. Ward wrote this story well and it was another one I really loved reading.

There were some touchy subjects that were talked about which Zsadist had to endure when he was forced to become a sex slave. It was terrifying for what he had to go through and so sad with the aftermath. He was a ruined man/vampire but he will be saved so he might have not have been as ruined as he thought. He will be saved by Bella who wanted him for the man that he was. She saw beyond the scars. I liked them together but it was not an easy road for them to be on as he kept pushing her away and he is very insistent on pushing her away.

There are plenty of things happening in this book, some good and some very bad. I hated what happened to one of the brothers as he will lose what he will never be able to bring back. That tragedy makes me want to read his story which will be later on in the series. There is the kid who was introduced in the second book and you find out that he is part of the brotherhood and of Darius’s line which is interesting. I really want to know more about John but once again that will be later on in the series.

With the third book finished I am taking a break from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but I will be back for more.

Lover Eternal

Lover EternalRhage is part of the brotherhood who hunts down the lessers who are out to destroy them. Rhage is unlike his brothers as he is cursed with a beast that will transform him if he becomes enraged or if he doesn’t satisfy his beast with women. He longs for the beast to leave him and for the comfort of just one woman. Rhage will get the chance with Mary Luce but he will have to keep her safe from himself and the lessers.

Mary Luce has lived a hard life with her mother dying of cancer and herself getting cancer once again. She didn’t want to go through the cancer again as it nearly killed her last time. Her mind wouldn’t be on the cancer as she will meet Rhage and get tangled up in the lives of the brotherhood.

Lover Eternal is the second book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. I really loved this book. I had to keep putting the book down as I had other things to do but when I picked up the book again I fell right back into the story. There was no confusion or boring moments for me, so reading the book flew by quick.

I like this idea of the brotherhood and with each book you learn more and more about the members who are part of the group. I liked Rhage and was intrigued by him and this curse that he was given. You would think that for a guy having one woman after another would be a good thing but for Rhage it was getting old and he wanted more. That’s when Mary comes into the mix. She will be that something more for Rhage but it wouldn’t be right away. There is jealousy and trust issues on both sides. For me I thought they were both holding back as they were also afraid. Rhage was afraid of his beast and Mary was afraid of the her cancer and having someone she loved watch her die.

The bad guys are still the lessers and some of the recruits are pretty insane. There will be trouble for Bella who is Mary’s neighbor as she will get tangled up with the lessers and it will be up to the brotherhood to protect her but that saving will have to come in the third book. Now as the endings go I was in agony when Rhage made the deal to lose Mary but it would keep her alive. I wanted to shout at the book though things will work itself out in the end as the deal will be rewritten.

I am reading the first three books of the series back to back and so far I am really loving this series. I am reading the third book next with Zsadist and his story intrigues me, I want to find out more and hope that he will be saved.

Dark Lover

Dark LoverWrath is a powerful vampire who has been alone for centuries consumed with his need for vengeance. He is part of a brotherhood that protects and Wrath will find himself  saddled with a new person to protect, the daughter of one of his oldest friends. Unknowingly to Wrath this woman will mean much more to him than just a person to protect.

Beth Randall was a reporter and did her job well. She was liked by many but soon her life will change forever. After meeting a mysterious man she will find out exactly who she really was and what was destined to happen to her.

Dark Lover is the first book to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. I have to say that I have passed by this author numerous times as I walked down the aisles of my library. I never felt the need to grab one of the books that is until I was told repeatedly to try it, so I did.

First off I really loved this book, but this is the second time I started it. I had started the book too late the other night and I think speed reading way too fast. There is a lot of information that was getting lost, so I stopped for the night. I picked it up the next day and started again right from the beginning of the book. I don’t know what it was but I started to get into this book right away. Maybe it was because I wasn’t too tired and the fact I was not speed reading, I was taking my time. By taking my time I found myself falling right into the story of Wraith, Beth and the brotherhood. I also liked that Ward makes the rules different with vampires with how they can eat regular food. She also created her own glossary about this vampire world which was kind of cool as it brings you into this world.

Wrath is a kick ass kind of vampire who is lonesome. I found him surprising with what was under his sunglasses and how it is a weakness but he has overcome it and is still the strong warrior. I also found it interesting that becoming a vampire didn’t heal that ailment like some vampire books have described. Beth was a brave woman who is getting her world rocked with all that is happening to her. The romance is a factor in the book between Wrath and Beth within the first moment they officially meet as he scared her with his presence. The second meeting however is a little different and much more explosive. This story is definitely a paranormal romance novel as there are vampires running about the pages and I thought that Ward was creative with the turning process of Beth as she was half human/half vampires.

The enemy are called the Lessers and the guys who is being focused on being the enemy is Mr. X who is a sadistic man. Well at the end of the book the enemy is defeated but these Lessers are far from over as they will be a group that the brotherhood will have to keep fighting.

With all the brothers who are mentioned I know that each one of them will have their own book and more will follow as this is a pretty big series. I am excited that there are plenty of books to read. I have the second book which I will be reading next.