Hard and Fast

Hard and FastImogen Wilson is a grad student working on her thesis for her sociology degree but her mind got occupied every time Ty McCordle was around.

Ty McCordle loved racing and was not ready to settle down but when he found the chance to be with Imogen things started moving fast and he found that wasn’t a bad thing.

Hard and Fast is the second book to Erin McCarthy’s series Fast Track. So I have only read the first book but it got me hooked. This is a fun, sexy, fast paced book that I finished in one sitting that will leave your heart pumping faster especially with the sex from the two characters. Or a lot of sexual tension which will have them burning up the sheets later on in the book. Now Ty’s character is all about charm to the ladies and he is giving it his all when it comes to Imogen. I love that he can’t pronounce her name most times and calls her Emma Jean instead. Imogen was book smart with a very prim and proper look to her but with a hidden side to her that wanted Ty badly. She was fun to read about as she was the quiet one who when decided to do something she went for it.

I will say there is a little surprise with Ty’s character that I did not see coming but looking back all the signs were there. I was too engrossed in the heated romance of Imogen and Ty to really notice the signs I guess. The third book, Hot Finish, will be next for me.

You Don’t Know Jack

You Don't Know JackThe second book to Erin McCarthy’s series New York Girlfriends is You Don’t Know Jack.

Jamie Peters is a free spirit and tends to pick her guys who are down on their luck but from what the psychic told her she would find her soul mate when she has an accident that included food. She will find her soul mate in Jack but he is not who she believes him to be.

Jonathon “Jack” Davidson knew better than to lie to Jamie but he knew she would never talk to him or give him a chance if she found out who he was. The truth will come out quickly and Jack will have to find a way to get Jamie back even if it meant begging.

The sequel was humorous like the first and there was a little more mystery especially with the hippie looking guy who was watching Jamie. The mystery man is revealed and he stays in the plot but at first I thought he was villain with how McCarthy was staging him to be. I liked the other outcome than what I was thinking.

Now Jamie and Jack steamed up the pages throughout the entire book. I liked that it wasn’t an easy affair to start and there was an endless banter back and forth about whether Jamie could give Jack a chance, but it was not annoying. It felt real as its something Jamie’s character would do. Jack was persistent which I liked and what gave him a great quality was how he treated his grandfather.

The series is now over but I still have my eye on her other series I started Fast Track which I am looking forward to continuing.

The Pregnancy Test

MandyThe Pregnancy Test was not ready for the pink strip down the middle of the pregnancy test. She also wasn’t expecting her boyfriend to up and leave saying he can’t deal with another kid. She will find help with her best friends who help her get a new job. Mandy was ready to dislike her boss from all that she heard but she couldn’t, instead she fought the attraction that Damien brought out in her.

Damien needed a new secretary but most only lasted so long, now he had Mandy. He will find attraction with this woman knowing he shouldn’t. He can’t help but be intrigued by her and will take her with him on his week trip to the Caribbean where he will find out the secret Mandy is hiding.

Going for more Erin McCarthy I found the series New York Girlfriends. The Pregnancy Test is the first book to this series. As I have found out from the previous book of McCarthy sex does intertwine in her books among her characters very well. She does the same with Mandy and Damien and it gets a little hot and heavy especially as Mandy is pregnant and has some cravings that only Damien can satisfy.

Now what is cute about this story is how Damien turns protective. He would be the man you wanted to be the baby’s daddy. He is sweet and wants to be part of Mandy’s life along with her little girl. The book gets a little crazy with the psychic and telling these friends their destinies which for Mandy turns out well. Jamie’s future will be told next which looks to be the last book to this series.

Flat-Out Sexy

Flat-Out SexyTamara Briggs is the widow of Pete Briggs, a race car driver who was killed on the track several years ago. Tamara is now trying to find love once again but to a normal man, no race car driver. She will try and find the man boring until she meets another at a party but will be horrified to learn he is a driver and several years younger than her. She will though not fight the attraction which sizzles between her and Elec Monroe.

Elec Monroe saw this woman and wanted her immediately. He thought her beautiful and full of life. Elec never had a problem with getting woman but she being resistance in wanting a relationship out in the open. He will do his best to find a way to get into her life and get her to see that they are good together.

Since trying two books from Erin McCarthy I wanted to try more. I went in search of some of her books. I came across the series Fast Track which is all about race car drivers on and off the track. First off I loved Flat-Out Sexy which is the first book to the series. It definitely sets the tone of the series, dangerous, wild and steamy. The book was quick to read especially with the nail biting driving and the steamy scenes between Tamara and Elec. The two characters were ones I wanted to read about. I loved that Tamara was a little older but was eventually able to let herself love Elec. They had chemistry immediately and I loved that it was supposed to be a one night stand but it kept escalating into more. I also love that Elec cared about her kids and wanted to know them.

I liked that McCarthy created a feud between the Monroe’s and Briggs that originated between the fathers on both sides, gave a little more to the novel. McCarthy also sets up the book with several characters who will all have their chance at their own book. I am on the search for more of the series at my library. I want to know more of the characters that McCarthy has introduced in this first book. I am looking forward to finding more books on the series Fast Track.

Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to MouthSince the first book from Erin McCarthy was a hit I thought to find another novel and got Mouth to Mouth which is not part of a series but a novel that stands alone.

Laurel Wilkins was excited to meet the man she had been chatting online and meeting him will not be disappointing until he tells her that he is not the man she is meeting. Laurel will be shocked but will find that she likes this Russ Evans a lot more and wants to know more.

Russ Evans was on a case to catch the con artist Dean Trevor. He will quickly find that he will be getting more involved on the case especially as he wants to protect the next target Laurel.

I have found a new author I really like in Erin McCarthy. The obvious sex is certainly a draw to her books but I liked the characters and the plot that they seemed to find themselves in. I thought the idea of a con man kept the book going with misdirection especially on who this man really was. You weren’t sure until basically the very end, which was a pretty good surprise.

The character and Laurel and Russ were steamy for sure but they were good together. Russ had instant draw to his character. Laurel was also a great character. I liked that she was deaf but kept going on her life and did not let anything get her down. Although her character was a little too trusting. Then there was the kid Sean who was a keeper and your heart broke for him.

I don’t know what book I will be going for next, but I will be looking out for more on Erin McCarthy.


Bad Boys Online

Bad Boys OnlineBad Boys Online is a collection of three short stories written by Erin McCarthy. This is my first book from the author and I will say it was really good, it was fast pace, straight to the point, had some humor, and non-stop sex. It was amazing how much sex was involved with the characters but as that was a big part of the stories it made sense.

Hard Drive, User Friendly, and Press Any Key are the three titles of McCarthy’s short stories. Each are dealing with a computer and how that started the steamy interaction between co-workers or best friends. This definitely falls into the erotic romance category and yet there is humor as its wildly out there but is still believable for the most part. What I did like about the stories were the characters. They were all developed well enough for such a short story and what kept the stories going was the straight to the point style McCarthy wrote. For me short stories can be hard to get into but there are authors who write them well, McCarthy gives the reader a punch on the sensual scenes and funny characters.  So if you want some steamy scenes and humor filled plot try out Bad Boys Online.