Three Weeks with Lady X

Three Weeks with Lady XThorn Dautry needed his house to be rearranged for his future potential bride would be coming with her mother. He wanted to make sure her visit went well since he was the bastard son of a duke and not exactly accepted into society with the exception that he was very wealthy. Thorn will find that it will be difficult to concentrate on his future bride when he was focused in on Lady Xenobia.

Lady Xenobia India was good at creating order from chaos when designing houses. She will be set to a task to help Thorn Dautry. She will take the job but as they work together here and there temptation starts to set in. India does not want to become one of those woman but as he is not officially engaged she will take the chance with this man and feel for once a passion.

Three Weeks with Lady X is the seventh book in Desperate Duchesses series by Eloisa James. This is the first book I have tried in this particular series and I can certainly see myself going back for more.

I really liked this book. I thought it was a story worth reading. I will admit Eloisa James is not my go to author but I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I liked India’s character as she had morals and did her job. Of course she was a woman and a passionate one especially when it came to Thorn. I liked that was torn when it came to pursing something with Thorn but kept in mind of the girl who would be with him. Now Thorn was a man full of passion but he was reserved thanks to his past. I liked that once again he was thinking about his intended but it would have helped if he kept his hands off India to remain faithful. Although I didn’t want Thorn and Lala to be together so I was happy to have India stir up the situation which will have Thorn rethinking about marriage.

The romance had bumps and downs but eventually a happy ending was coming their way. I was happy to read that the character Lala had her own happy ending with the man I knew she would fall for. Vander was the only one who didn’t get what he wanted but I wonder if he will be in the next book of the series, if another will be written.

Potent Pleasures

Potent PleasuresCharlotte Diacheston is in a bind when she follows her friend to a masquerade ball. Charlotte will meet a man and loose her virginity all in one night. Charlotte is confused and has vowed she wouldn’t marry now. Three years later Charlotte is making her way into the world but finds herself facing the man who she lost her virginity too only he doesn’t recognizes her.

Earl of Sheffield and Downes, Alex Foakes has been away for three years since meeting the woman of his dreams at the masquerade ball. He was never able to find her. Now he has found a new woman that has his mind turning lustful, and Alex will have this woman. He will not realize that his dream girl and this woman are one in the same.

The Pleasures Trilogy series starts out with Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James. This book was very quick to read with passion stirred into the pages and had a certain charm thanks to Charlotte’s character. I liked her own determination to go on with her life after her certain ruination, she did what she wanted. Alex was a character you wanted to like even as he was a stern man who really couldn’t trust people. He treated his daughter right which was enduring part of his character especially when he was usually glaring. When it came time to trusting Charlotte he continued to fail in that department. I got annoyed towards the end when the downfall was to happen. I thought that Eloisa James didn’t give Charlotte enough to time to really fight back but the scene that was created was written well and you felt for the characters.

Eloisa James gives us a truly happy ending especially with the scene in the epilogue which brought back the passion in the beginning of the book.

The Ugly Duchess

The Ugly DuchessTheodora Saxby was not known for her beauty but was going to make something of her life. Then her life changes when her best friend asks her to marry and she soon finds out it was all a lie. Theo will resolve in creating a new life without a husband, one that is orderly but it will all come crashing away when he comes back.

James Ryburn was young and stupid to listen to his father. He ruined his friendship with his best friend and was cast out of his own house. James will lead a new life for seven years only to come back to the one he once lived knowing that there was no way he would abandon his wife ever again.

The Ugly Duchess is the fourth book to the Happily Ever After series by Eloisa James. I have to say this book was okay and it took me a while to get into it. Reading the summary I knew that there would be a downfall for James and Theo and it wasn’t something I was looking forward to. There will be a second part to the book which will propel us forward through the years looking in on what was happening to the characters as they lived separate lives. This second part took me a while as it was seven years to get through. I don’t love the characters at this point as I feel they are not themselves as they are not whole anymore. Reading this part I knew it was necessary for this to happen as they both needed to grow up as they were both too young. I hoped there would be a happy ending but it was starting to look bleak. I did like when they encountered once again as there was more feeling again to the book. Eloisa James will have a happy ending once harmony is back.

Out of this series The Ugly Duchess was not my favorite but as the next book to the series comes out I will try it.

The Duke Is Mine

The Duke is MineMiss Olivia Lytton has been born to be a duchess according to her parents. Now the day is upon her as she is betrothed to one but he is not the brightest one of his peers.  Olivia will do her duty but will be tempted by another duke altogether who is meant for her sister.

Duke of Sconce, Tarquin Duke has loved once and it left him devastated but his mother has told him its time to marry again. She will bring two woman in and perform her test but it is the sister who is already betrothed that will steal his heart.

The third book, The Duke Is Mine, of the Happily Ever After series was not what I expected. At first I had thought to want to dislike Olivia as she was going to steal away her sisters would be intended. Then you get to know Olivia and what she had gone through with her family. I instantly started to like her. I loved her quick wit and wanton attitude even though she didn’t know she was doing it at times. Now Quin I wanted to not like either for a moment as he was willing to just take what he wanted but once again you got to know the character you like them better as Eloisa James writes about their struggles in the past. I still didn’t like that they were doing something hurtful to those who would be injured by this but James does have a way of making things go alright. I did like the mother of Quin even though she was ill tempered at times. She did her part with the fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea with her test she conducted. At the end James will give a sweet ending for all the characters.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast

When Beauty Tamed the BeastMiss Linnet Berry Thrynne is in the middle of a scandal that is not her fault or even true. Her family’s plan is to wed her to an Earl who can’t have children. Linnet will go to Piers and immediately know why he is called a beast but Linnet wants the challenge.

Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant detest all things about his father and that would include his fathers choice in brides, but with one look at Linnet he feels a lust pulling him. Piers though has no time for woman or a wife and will do his best to push her away from his castle.

Going forward with the second book of Eloisa James’s Happily Ever After series I found myself loving When Beauty Tamed the Beast. With a title like this it is obviously from Beauty and the Beast and I thought James does a good job keeping those key elements into her story. Now Piers is not really a beast and Linnet does not burst into song like in the Disney version but she is a great beauty and Piers has a fierce temper. I liked that she put these two characters at odds throughout most of the story even as they were passionate with each other. It was never dull with their banter back and forth. I was happy to read as well that Linnet was not a wallflower and had a backbone when dealing with Piers. Now when it came to happy endings James throws in wrench and puts the breaks on for these two characters. She gives Linnet and Piers a new challenge which to overcome and once that happens happiness is in store for them.

The Duke is Mine is the next installment of the Happily Ever After series.

Kiss At Midnight

Miss Kate Daltry is on a mission to become her stepsister and meet the prince who would become family. Kate knew it would not work but would do it for Victoria. Kate will come to the castle but her getup will not fool everyone especially the prince.

Prince Gabriel is waiting the arrival of his bride and meeting his nephews soon to be bride. He will be stunned to feel an attraction to this woman, but he will be even more stunned to find out this woman is not who she is pretending to be.

Kiss at MidnightKiss At Midnight is the first book to the Eloisa James series Happily Ever After. When I found these books I was instantly intrigued as I love when authors take the classic fairy tales and remake them in their own words. Grabbing several books to the series from the shelves I made this my project for the next several days.

Now Kiss At Midnight is clearly the fairy tale Cinderella as you can tell by the picture and the world midnight in the title. I have read many stories on the remake of Cinderella over the years but I have to say I really enjoyed Eloisa James remake. There are several little twist in the book that I did not see coming and it molds how the story is going to be told. Kate is a fiery woman who speaks her mind and has a sharp wit  She wants romance but she knows her limitations and a prince is certainly not in that equation. I liked she was not one to swoon or to cry at a mere problem but held back her feelings until they were unbearable (at the end). She also fought the attraction to the prince whenever she could. That was funny as Prince Gabriel is not one to have someone ignore him. Aside from the proud prince he was pretty fantastic as he cared more for his own people than his own happiness. Throughout the book I hoped that there would be a chance for love but as anyone knows true love in fairy tales always comes true so I wasn’t too worried.

I thought this book was a great start to this Happily Ever After series. I don’t know if James will continue with characters from the first book which it seems all had been given a happy ending. So my bet is this will be a whole new story with new characters. Nevertheless this is a series I think will be very enjoyable.

Duchess in Love

Duchess of Girton “Gina” is in love with her fiance but has to wait for her husband to now annul their marriage. She will be shocked to find herself starting to lust after her husband who has come back to give her the annulment.

Duke of Girton “Camden” comes back to England to find the wife he left behind had blossom into a new woman. He will not like the new suitor but knows marriage would not suit him, at least a real marriage but Cam will be thinking twice about that when he is starting to feel things for his wife.

Duchess in LoveDuchess in Love is the first book of the Duchess Quartet series by Eloisa James. She is new to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I liked the concept of the story when I was checking it out but frankly it left me wanting more. I think what made me not as excited with reading the book is how immature the characters of the females were. I get that they would be immature at twenty one but it was played up a little too much with the characters especially with Gina. I get that with the women they should feel free to enjoy life as their estranged husbands but it just seemed annoying at times especially with how they acted. There were also four different stories being told throughout the book and as each character had their own identity it felt sometimes too much going on. Eventually I did finish the book and found myself liking it more as it was close to the end. I think it was because you did get to know the characters more and understood why they acted as such. I know that I will want to find out more on the series to see if it is like the first book of the series, but at a later time.