Wrong Question, Right Answer

Wrong Question, Right AnswerAntoinette “Toni” Delacourte was used to being tough and distant from those around her. Though that will change when she sleeps with Lucky. She thought their one night would be done but then she finds out about the consequence from that night and her world has completely changed.

Lucky has gone through a depression after the loss of his sister. He wants to be happy and he will finally take a chance with the woman he has loved since he was a teenager.

Wrong Question, Right Answer is the third book to the series The Bourbon Street Boys by Elle Casey. I thought this novel was good, not great but still entertaining.

The thing that bugged me about the novel was Toni and her attitude. Now her attitude has been there since the beginning but it does get a little annoying. I liked that she loosened up a little especially when she was pregnant but it takes a lot of time for that to happen. Lucky’s character was too good to be true. I loved that he was ready for whatever life threw at him especially as he was battling his own demons. Lucky was able to help heal himself and Toni.

This is the end of the series, that is until Toni’s brother has his story which is coming out in March.

Wrong Place, Right Time

Wrong Place Right TimeJenny was stressed beyond belief and it was only getting worse, but then she will get a break with a new job. Jenny was hesitant but she was taking a chance and one with a new man in her life. Dev will have Jenny wanting more and will have her believing that she can handle whatever is thrown into her life.

Wrong Place, Right Time is the second book to the series Bourbon Street Boys by Elle Casey. I liked the novel but I have to say not as much as the first story. This novel was definitely much slower to get through. In fact I just wanted to skim some parts of the novel, but I stuck with it and I was happy towards the end.

I guess what threw me was the characters. In the first novel Dev’s character was fun and a little wacky with his sneak attacks but in this one he was much more moody. Now I understand as with his situation with his child is a little sad, but he was a really good dad, just more private with that side of his life. I just wish there was more of Dev from the first book. He does show that side of him but it takes some time. I was also a little annoyed by how he played hot and cold with Jenny. It was like a yo yo with how he was acting with her. Things will get settled but it takes over half the novel to get there. Now with Jenny’s character she was the frantic mom who was over stressed and over worked. I think her character worked but she was a little on the crazy side at times. I do love her interaction with her youngest Sammy. That kid with his lisp is too precious and Sammy’s interaction with Dev’s kid is adorable.

There were some definite good things and some annoying things but overall this was an enjoyable book. I am reading the third book next.

Wrong Number, Right Guy

Wrong Number Right GuyMay Wexler will find herself stepping into a biker bar thanks to some strange texts she got from her sister. May will soon find out that the texts were not from her sister but a man named Ozzie, who was undercover. Because of the wrong number May will find herself on the run and needing protection, Ozzie will provide that protection along with an opportunity that will change her life.

Wrong Number Right Guy is first book from Bourbon Street Guys by Elle Casey. I took a chance on this story as I have never read anything from this author. From the reviews I was optimistic about the story because the majority had said the story was funny and well done. I will have to agree with the statement as I thought that this was a funny story with strange but interesting characters. I can see all of these characters having their own story.

May’s character was such a surprise. She might have been scared  about the danger but when she needed to be strong. I really liked how she got the upper hand when it came to some combat skills. The problem with May I thought was with her feelings about Ozzie. I guess it was normal especially in such an extreme situation, it just got a little annoying at times. Now Ozzie’s character was a badass and almost like a mystery. He is quiet but his quiet is respected. Though there is another side to him which can be funny. He is playful when it comes to May and that helps her when they get together.

The bad guys that the team are after sell drugs and of course deal in murder. The team will be doing surveillance which is where May will come in. She will be taking pictures of the bad guys. There is not a lot of interaction with the bad guys but in the end I do like how Elle Casey has one of the bad guys being stopped.

I am looking forward to continuing the series when the second book comes out.