Along Came A Duke

Tabitha Timmons was a spinster and had acknowledge that she would remain so but then she receives an inheritance. Tabitha rejoices until she finds out that her Uncle says she has to marry this particular man or she can’t receive the inheritance. Tabitha is not thrilled at this prospect and even less so when she meets a man who makes her heart beat faster than she has ever felt before.

Duke of Preston is a man who has been given the direct cut by the ton as he has scandal follow him like a shadow. Preston will meet Tabitha and knows that there is more to her than the spinster everyone sees. When he finds out that she is to be betrothed he knows he must stop this from happening.

Along Came A DukeStill new to Elizabeth Boyle I found Along Came a Duke which is the first book of Rhymes With Love series. I have tried a couple of her books already in two different series.  I have found that with the other two books it was hard to get into her stories. The same can be said with this one in the very beginning. I found though once you got through a third of the book I was changing my tune and finding these characters and plot enjoyable. Tabitha did what she was told but there was a rebellious streak that she longed to go towards and Preston gives her those moments which I loved. I also liked how Boyle creates Tabitha’s family and her almost betroths family as villains. There was cruelty in how Tabitha was overlooked and secrets which made it easy to dislike them.

As I keep hopping from one series to another I think this time I will stick with Rhymes With Love series to the end.

Take a break and listen for the confession

Elizabeth Boyle was someone I was interested in reading after I tried one other book from her. As I read the back cover summary my interest peeked. This sounded like the regency romances but with adventure and sabotage. Confessions of A Little Black Gown is the fourth book in the series  Bachelor Chronicles.

Thalia Langley was a spinster to everyone. She had settled on that she would never marry even as her sister tried to find men. Thalia though will have meet her match in a vicar. She never would have seen it coming but this particular vicar is not who he says but then again Thalia is not as innocent as she appears.

Lord Larkin is playing spy again as a vicar to find the whereabouts of a criminal and who helped him. What Larkin did not expect was to find Thalia Langley to be desirable and perhaps even in the middle of all of this mess. Larkin will have to keep up his disguise but that will be hard as Thalia threatens to make him forget everything.

This story was not all that I expected at first. I found it hard to get into the characters to a point which is sometimes how it is when you read novels out of order. Since Confessions of A Little Black Gown is the fourth book of the series perhaps starting at the beginning would give you more insight into the characters. But once you got into the story it slowly unfolded and you are able to loose  yourself into the story.

From reading the end of the story I am interested in how the following book will keep with the problem Boyle presented to the characters.

Get Tempted By the Night

Picking up the book Tempted By The Night I expected a regency romance not paranormal especially as the back of the book does not reveal any other worldly activity.

Lady Hermione Marlowe is known to be part of an odd family and it made making a match harder especially as the man she wants she ends up making a fool over herself. What is worst is she is not even on his radar. But with a wish and a ring she will find her world will get a little different.

Lord Rockhurst is a rogue and a rake at least that is what they say but Rockhurst has other things to worry about. He has no time for a woman as danger surrounds him but that will change as a shadow starts to follow him and temptation will rule his emotions.

Since I was thrown it took a little longer to get into the book. I love paranormal so when you do get into Elizabeth Boyle’s book you end up enjoying the book. It does get a little confusing with what is going on with all the other worldly creatures but if you hold onto the end everything does make sense.

Boyle brings a lot of passion. The pages will sizzle as Lady Hermione and Lord Rockhurst fill the pages. She brings regency, paranormal and wit through the book which makes it enjoyable to read.