Turn Up the Heat

Turn up the heat

Turn Up the Heat is a collection of three stories by three different authors, Lori Foster, Christie Ridgway and Victoria Dahl.

Love Won’t Wait

Brendan “Brick” Carlisle is used to woman falling at his feet but Merrily Loveland does not fit that mold which makes Brick want to know more about her. She is a challenge but he will get knocked off his feet with what she proposes.

Beach House Beginnings

Meg Alexander was coming back home for a quick trip to Crescent Cove. She is a confident woman but will be baffled at the spark of desire that she feels for Caleb McCall. Passion will take over for this no-nonsence woman making her rethink love.

Strong Enough to Love

Eve Hill knew love and it was hard especially when you feel for a married man. Two years later Brian Stewart is back and wants to pursue that attraction he had for Eve. He left those two years ago to give his marriage a chance even though he knew it was over long ago. Brian will have to work to win Eve back as he had broken her heart.

All three of these stories were rather on the short side with a little more than 100 pages for each story but all very entertaining to read. I find that each author can write a story that you will want to read. Lori Foster I will always read so I enjoyed her story. Christine Ridgway I will be honest I don’t read much of her but I liked the book. The last book, Strong Enough to Love, stuck with me the most which also could be because it was the last story I read. But I liked Eve’s story because I distinctly remember her in the series Jackson Hole. I wanted her to have her happy ending and I was happy to read that she finally got it.