Connecting Rooms

connecting roomsAmy Comfort moved to the small town after a horrific incident in Seattle. She was looking for a quiet life so she could sell houses and write her romance novel. Then when her aunt becomes engaged and Amy is worried about the fiance. She will ask Owen to investigate him which will bring them a lot closer.

Owen Sweet wanted Amy from the moment he saw her. Owen will take the subtle approach when it comes to Amy but then things will get complicated when she needs his help as a private investigator. He will take the job and hope to get closer to Amy.

Connecting Rooms is a novel by Jayne Ann Krentz. I have read many books from Krentz and have liked them all, some more than others but they have all been enjoyable. It feels like its been a while since I picked up a book from Krentz and I will say it was fun coming back to the author. I thought this book was enjoyable and one that went very quick.

Amy’s character was a woman who was healing after a tragic event and moving on in her life. I thought she was funny with her imagination which came from her being a writer. Owen’s character was a private investigator and he really was a good guy but he wasn’t being assertiveness enough. That will change when he will show Amy that he does want her. The chemistry between the characters is subtle until Owen steps it up a notch and really shows Amy he wants her. I liked them together.

The mystery was good because I was thought I had the perfect suspect, but I was wrong. It is sometimes the most logical choice.

I don’t know what my next book from Jayne Ann Krentz will be but I will be on the lookout for one.

Big Sky Wedding

Big Sky WeddingBrylee Parrish had been left at the alter by a man she thought she loved. She had gotten over it but it felt as if she was just waiting for something to happen. Then she meets her new neighbor Zane and her heart starts beating a little faster.

Zane Sutton is taking a break from the Hollywood scene and back to his rodeo roots. He will be jaded when it comes to women but Zane will be changing his tune when he meets his neighbor Brylee. He will have to convince her that he will not be going back to Hollywood and was here to stay.

Big Sky Wedding is the fifth book to Linda Lael Miller’s series Parable, Montana. Now I did like the previous book with Casey and Walker but I would have to say that Brylee and Zane’s story was better. I was able to be drawn into the story more with these two characters. They were both broken or had their trust misguided at one point and were learning with each other. I guess I am a sucker for these types of characters.

Brylee was still bitter but not because of Hutch it was because she hadn’t found someone she wanted to be with. I liked Zane who was more down to earth actor which was because of how he was brought up. He had it tough but survived. They were both survivors which made them perfect for each other.

I am waiting for the next book Big Sky Secrets to be available to checkout which is with Landry and Ria.

Honey Pie

Honey PieHoney D’Amourvell was coming to this small town to claim the building that was given to her from her Aunts ‘Will’. There is a legal problem that follows and the building is being leased to a cupcake shop. Disheartened Honey doesn’t know what to do as all the legal information was done right. She will find help from the local mechanic who she can’t get enough of.

Dylan Ross is the mechanic from this small town. He will see Honey and know that she is too much too handle but he will take the chance. Though it will not be easy for himself or for Honey.

Honey Pie is the fourth book from Cupcake Club series by Donna Kauffman. As the previous books Kauffman writes a cute book that has a little more of a sizzle that is created by our two main characters.

Honey was out of luck as things started to unravel around her. You felt bad for her but it wasn’t as if anything underhandedly happened. What helps her realize her dream is having Dylan around. It might not have been easy but he was someone who took on the problem and helped. It was sweet he found an alternative spot that would give Honey what she wanted. Although sweet is not always the only emotion around them as it is also lust and passion which sizzles between them from the very first moment they see each other.

I liked this series so far and wonder if it will continue or not. If it does I will read more of it otherwise it was a cute series to read.

The Unscrupulous Uncle by Allison Lane

The story of Cinderella hits close to home in this romantic novel by Allison Lane.  Our “Cinderella” is Catherine and is very much like her.  She works for her family, horrible cousins and aunt and uncle, but she doesn’t have any helpful mice around.  Catherine does have some friends to help her out but her Prince Charming is anything but.

The Plot of Unscrupulous Uncle:

Catherine Braxton had adored Damon ever since she was a little girl, and Damon was her older brother’s best friend.  But that was long ago.  Her brother was gone now, slain in war.  Catherine herself was an orphan in a household of rapacious relations who had reduced her to shocking servitude.  And Damon had become the Earl of Devlin, engaged to the most beautiful belle of the ton.

Why then had he come to see her after eight years?  Why did he claim he wanted to wed her, when it was clear he passionately loved another?  Was Damon paying a secret debt to her brother at cruel cost to himself?  Or was he intent on making a fortune by taking Catherine to be his wife?  Catherine had to find the answer-even though it might break the heart she had long ago lost to him…

Well as I was reading this the thought came to me that this is the tale after Cinderella gets her man and finds out that he is not as charming as he appears.  That there is not a happy ever after.  Of course in the romance world that usually is not existent.  Romance and happy ending usually go side by side with the ups and downs the characters must endure.

I have to say I really like the characters.  Damon pissed me off throughout most of the book because he was so blind.  Why couldn’t he really see what was happening?  And why couldn’t he be nicer to Catherine?  But then love is blind.

Catherine was a great character as well because of all that she had to endure from her family, husband and all of society.

I wasn’t expecting to like this story as much as I did so it was a nice surprise.  Allison Lane created a hit with The Unscrupulous Uncle.