Well Built

Kyle Coleman wanted to do what was right for his mother but by doing that he was going to crush the dreams of the woman he had loved ten years ago. He will find a way to help her and find that his feelings never really went away.

Ella Fisher wanted the building next to her fathers store. She had a dream for her business but it will be interrupted when the man she had loved put a stop to her dream. She will learn to adjust but it will bring a lot of old feelings to the surface.

Well Built is the third book to the series Book Boyfriend by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. I really liked this novel. It was another quick and easy read that was filled with steamy scenes. Kyle and Ella have sexual chemistry that sizzles the pages.

Kyle was a man who had nothing and worked hard to build his life. He had everything, then when he saw the woman he loved it was a sign for him to try again. He was very determined to win Ella, at least after the auction. He wanted a second chance and he used their chemistry to make sure that happened and they had a lot of steamy chemistry. Ella was a young woman who wanted more but she didn’t really get out of her comfort zone to do more. I liked that she was starting to spread her wings some but she needed to take that final step.

I wish there was more on Gwen and at least her getting some responsibility but it did not happen. I did like that the father did show that he could change.

I am reading the last book of the series, Rock Solid, next.

Creed’s Honor

Creed's HonorConnor Creed is a hardworking rancher who is working on his uncle’s legacy. He will enjoy the work but when his estranged twin brother comes back home he will be angry. His thoughts though will be torn between his twin brother and a woman he was starting to have feelings for.

Tricia McCall was in Colorado to help sell her family’s property. She will find herself meeting up again with Connor. She will be torn as she was still in a relationship back in Seattle, although it was fading fast, but her feelings for Connor were strong.

Creed’s Honor is the second book to the series Creed Cowboy by Linda Lael Miller. I have read several books by her and found them heartwarming. This one is very much similar with the heartbreaking plot between the brothers and a promise of love between Connor and Tricia. I liked this story but I did feel like I was already in a story that was already being told. You can follow it along without any problem but there are times that I like to make sure I read a series from the beginning. I will have to find and read the first and third book to know all about this Creed family.

Now I am always one to love a love story and I thought that Connor and Tricia were sweet once they got around to admitting that they have feelings. So besides the love story there was intrigue that was with the twin brother, Brody. You disliked him for the smug way about him but I wondered if it was true. Well that thought really came about half way through the book. I wanted to believe in the brother as it felt there was something that was missing. Due to what you find out about Brody I really want to read the third book to know the entire story.

Sins of a Virgin

Sins of a VirginMadeline Valdan is a scandalous courtesan to the noblemen of English society. She will shock society by holding an auction for the suitor to take her virginity. The auction is unbelievable to everyone but bidders line the up. Madeline though is not all she claims to be, but she will make sure that no one will find the truth except for a bow street runner.

Gabriel Huntford wants to find his sisters murderer along with several other girls who were murdered. Every turn he took lead him to a dead end. Now he finds himself with a chance to continue with the investigation with his new job, protecting Madeline Valdan.

Sins of a Virgin is the first book to the Sinners Trio series by Anna Randol. I had previously read one book from her and I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite. Now Sins of a Virgin is not ranked up in my ultimate favorites but I certainly liked it better than the previous book. For me I found myself connecting more with the characters. Gabriel was a fantastic character that had fought hard in his life and things kept going wrong. Madeline had to hide and face many demons that made her cold and guarded. This was not a happy romance novel, it was darker especially with the murders. I did like that Randol gives us a conclusion on the murderer. The villain was not seen coming until the end. I had a feeling about the character but wasn’t sure what the motive would be.

I thought Randol does a very good job splitting the book into a mystery/suspense romance book. The mystery took over as spies were what this book was about. I have read book on spies who have tended to be more lighthearted. Randol does not make them lighthearted at all. The trio are all flawed and damaged from the job or what life has shown them. There were a lot of layers in the book that you kept having to uncover. I thought that it was interesting to make the trio two men and a woman. It gave diversity. I will definitely be looking forward to reading about the other two in the series.

Lucky in Love

I had taken a break from Lucky Harbor series as I waited for several more books of Jill Shalvis’s series to come out. I was happy to find out that this series was not going to be just a trilogy but a series that continued beyond the sisters. Lucky in Love is the fourth book of the series and was worth the wait.

Mallory Quinn is the quintessential good girl and she is tired of the label. Mallory is now going to walk on the wild side and search for only Mr. Wrong and it wasn’t hard to find as Ty Garrison fell unconscious into her life. Mallory will find it hard to resist Ty and will not try to stop the unbelievable chemistry but soon her heart starts to feel more and Mallory knows Ty is not going to stay.

Ty Garrison is healing from an injury in Lucky Harbor and the moment he is fully healed he is out of here. That is of course until the sweetest girl in Lucky Harbor caught his attention. From the start they made clear it was a one time thing but as sparks flew off of them Ty only could think of getting her back into bed, but not in his heart.

As usual Jill Shalvis writes a story that was sweet and one that I wanted to read. Lucky Harbor series to me is definitely one that tells stories of the well developed characters Shalvis creates.

Mallory and Ty are complete opposites except when helping others but Shalvis will throw them together only to have the pages sizzling. I liked how the bad girl in Mallory always restored back to a good girl as that is her nature. Ty is one that is in tuned to help but flee when emotions are coming too close to ones he doesn’t want to feel.

They each had a past that made them who they were and I really liked that Shalvis was able to bring out their past within the entire story. You didn’t know everything as it was divided out into the whole story.

The bad girl Amy will be next with the sexy forest ranger hot on her heels.

Sex and The Single Earl by Vanessa Kelly

You would think that you have read enough of high strung earl’s but Vanessa Kelly does it right. Sex and The Single Earl will have you cheering for the Earl even as he is being obtuse and you will smile in triumph as the young lady fights for what is right.

Simon St. James is the fifth Earl of Trask and is now in need to marry. He knows who he has chosen since she was a young girl and he knows that she will be a liability but it would look good to society and their families.

Sophie Stanton is in love with Simon but he only sees her as a child. He is always there for her and scolds her like a child but things have now changed. She gets tangled into a mess and Simon is there to protect her but that is not all. He vows marriage to her. She loves him but knows he does not love her. She even suspects he is still with his mistress but Sophie gives in only to have the ground shake underneath her feet. All will change when blackmail and deception come into play.

A marriage of convenience is not something unheard of in the regency romance but Vanessa Kelly writes it smoothly as the convenient marriage will be anything but.

The passion was fiery and desirable but I honestly loved the plot where Sophie was getting into trouble and wanted to help out these children. Or when she rejects the one she loves in order to save him. Sophie is our heroine but is helped along with Simon who is hero but at times villian for his traits are not always truthful.

Readers will love to read the banter between these two characters and that of the families.

A Fantasy in “Fantasy”

FantasyLori Foster gives another great book with “Fantasy” as her characters Sebastian and Brandi will discover each other.  The story starts out with shy Brandi Sommers at an auction for her sisters, Shay, benefit.  They were auctioning off good looking men to get the most bets, Sebastian was one of them.  Sebastian Sinclair is a friend of Shay, he works as a person in security and as a bodyguard.  When on stage Brandi sees him and is amazed.  All the other men didn’t interest her only him, she wanted him but she couldn’t.  Shay come up beside her and sees that she likes him and buys him.  Brandi is heart broken a little but Shay then tells her Sebastian is for her.

Brandi doesn’t want this.  She can’t go away with him for five days to an isolated cabin.  Sebastian knew that he intrigued her and didn’t want her to run.  Sebastian told her that she was in control, he would play their game.

The moment they came into the cabin the intimate atmosphere intensified.  Brandi wanted Sebastian and Sebastian wanted Brandi.  Brandi though is holding back every time she kisses him or gets to intimate.  Sebastian needed to know why.  Later on Brandi will get the courage to actually tell Sebastian what is holding her back which could bring them closer or further apart.

This book was fun, fast to read.  I loved the characters of Brandi and Sebastian.  With Brandi I kept cheering her on wanting her to find that love who would heal her.  Then there is Sebastian who is the over protective man and I think is the perfect fit for Brandi.  He will protect her, care for her and be there.