Hell On Wheels

Hell on WheelsNate “Ghost” Weller was not expecting his best friends sister to show up asking for help, but Nate would not turn her away especially with all that she had been through. He will find that there is more going on and it linked to a zip drive that Grigg sent to his sister, Ali.

Ali Morgan needed help as she knows that she is being followed and now almost mugged. She will go to Nate who she had loved since seventeen years old. Ali will demand to be part of the investigation as it was dealing with understanding what had happened to her brother, Grigg.

Hell On Wheels is the first book to Julie Ann Walker’s series Black Knight Inc. This is a scorching book and I figure will be a scorching series. I have the first five books in the series. First off loved this book. I could not put it down. It had danger, a lot of sex appeal, raw emotions especially guilt at least on Ghosts side, and a compelling plot that I needed to read. I will say that I am reminded of Laura Kaye and her Hard Ink series which isn’t a bad thing. The two series are different though with their style of writing and what is happening in them but similar with these tough men. I will say that for me there is more danger in Walker’s story and I loved that because it makes the plot compelling to read.

So Nate or Ghost as he is called is a man of few words and when he says them he is not loud or really obnoxious. He has guilt that is consuming him because of what he did. He also has guilt plaguing him as he feels things towards Ali and he knows that he shouldn’t. Ali needs help from the man she could trust with her life. She is a brave person with all she had to deal with but it is almost comical as her flaw is a weak stomach and that will result in a mess at the most inopportune moments. What I liked about Ali was she was scared but could handle herself thanks to her brothers training which comes in handy.

The scene with the torture I was expecting it to be bad and had a feeling with what happened in that room especially to Grigg. It was horrifying and I thought Walker did a good job writing those pages and how Ghost was forever changed because of that.

Becky “Rebel” and Frank’s “Boss” story is next to read and I can’t wait to find out what will happen.

What Price Love?

What Price LoveDillon Caxton is a protege of Demon Cynster and is known around the race track but now his reputation is at risk from a scheme. He will get his cousin, Felicity, and her husband, Demon, to help him. He will be sidetracked with a young woman who will come into his life but could be the key he needed.

Priscilla “Pris” Dalling was on a mission to help her brother Rus no matter what. She was told to find the register but to get that she had to tangle with Dillon. She was told to seduce him to get close and Pris will take the challenge but will find much more.

What Price Love? is the fourteenth book to Stephanie Laurens Cynster series. I liked it. It was engaging, not my favorite but I liked it. No matter what I will have my ups and downs with this series. I never hated any of them just some where more disappointing than others.

The characters acted not as innocent as they were well at least with Pris. She is a woman who has to do what she needs to, but is not a bad person. She protects those that she loves just does things that are not exactly right. I liked the way she progressed when she was with Dillon, who was certainly a protege of Demon. He was a man that meant business. So really they were perfect for each other.

When I was done I looked at the title. The title was true to the characters as it tested what they would do for love and Dillon and Pris proved that they were willing to fight and to pay what they needed for love.

I am going to keep going with the fifteenth book, The Taste of Innocence.

Highland Honor

Nigel Murray has been gone from his family fighting for seven years. Thinking its time to come home he stumbles upon a girl dressed as a boy. Nigel soon finds himself wrapped up in helping this woman from the people she had been running from and from herself. Nigel will find himself enthralled with her and wanting more from life that she was now in it, but he had to first keep them alive and away from her family that wanted her dead.

Gisele Deveau is on the run for murdering her husband. Of course she did not murder him but wanted him to rot in hell. Gisele will find herself on the run with Nigel and sooner than later she will find herself in his arms. Love will blossom but she doesn’t want him hurt and will do her best to keep them both alive.

Highland Honor is the second book of the Murray Family series from Hannah Howell. I liked this book as it held the intrigue of an adventure to fight for the truth. Howell also speeds up time to seven years later that Nigel has been away from home. I liked that as it gave Nigel the time to work out his own issues.

Gisele and Nigel were well matched in the book as each were strong in surviving what life was giving them. Gisele was a little hardened from what life has given her while Nigel was a little more lighthearted.

There was a betrayal on Nigel’s part that didn’t make you hate him in the least but frustrated that he was being an idiot. I liked that Gisele made him work for his penance and did not take him back with the first attempt of wooing.

Eric will be next in the clan to rescue the damsel in distress.

Taming the Shrew Didn’t Prepare Him For This

Merry Stewart has been taking care of her family since sixteen years old and now her chance of getting away and starting her own family is so close. What Merry hoped the most did not happen. Her soon to be husband was just like her brothers and father, drunks. She dreaded the marriage but soon found out that all is not what it appeared to be. But now Merry will have to survive her new marriage between drunken nights and accidents which kept happening.

Alexander d’Aumesbery hates the thought of indulging alcohol but it appeared he had lack of self control once he found himself with his new bride. All his manners left him and he acted like a drunken fool. Soon the thought was planted that there was sabotage going on as Alex knew he would not indulge. With helping survive the attacks and keeping his wife happy it was a long journey to see his sister.

The second book to Lynsay Sands series Devil of the Highlands is Taming The Highland Bride. From reading the first book I was anticipating what would come from the second one. I was happy with the result of the blend once again with the Scottish and English.

Merry had her fiery temper and was referred to as a shrew. In a way I guess she was but only to have certain things come her way which was always placed on her shoulders. I liked Merry as she was able to find a way to let Alexander help her through the book, as he took a few loads off her shoulders. Now Alexander you knew what you were getting with Sands description as he was a very loyal man and wanted to do right by most people. I liked that in his character. Then of course together they blazed up the pages and only left you wanting more.

Now as with the plot it was engaging but you were left wondering who the villain was. Of course throughout the book I was shouting its Edda as she could not have changed her spots that quickly, but then came the question of how could she when she was on English soil. The villain was the one responsible for all of the attacks on the road so it had to be one person who was blending in. Sands gives the identity of the attacker with a good twist that you saw coming but not with whom helped.

Now I can’t wait for the mysterious Kade to have his own story in the third book of the trilogy the Devil of the Highlands.

Secrets of Bella Terra

Christina Dodd’s stories I have found are always tough to read, not hard to understand but there is never an easy way with the characters in the books. In Bella Terra Deception series first book, Secrets of Bella Terra, Dodd packs a wallop in the very first scene and immediately you are drawn into learn about the secrets Bella Terra has to offer.

Rafe Di Lucca is the middle brother of his siblings and has been away for a time but now is back due to his grandmother. Seeing her in the hospital was not something he wanted to see. He knew he would find the killer but Rafe didn’t expect to find help from the girl he had loved back in high school. For Rafe finding the attacker was number one priority but it was hard to do when all he wanted to do was kiss her.

Brooke Petersson is good at her job. She loves her home, her mom and the people around her. When she saw Rafe walk through the hospital her heart skipped at beat. She knew feelings were still there for her but couldn’t tell on his part. She knew lust was still there but she wanted more, the love they once had. But love would have to wait as a murder was walking around and accidents were happening left and right at the resort.

With the first book you find out all about the Di Lucca and the dysfunction they call a family. That alone made the plot interesting but with the attacks Dodd gives intrigue in the plot.

Her characters are all harden to a point with how life had treated them. Both Rafe and Brooke are two strong willed people who will not bend for one another in fears of being rejected. I liked that there was a struggle for the true feelings to appear and really shine. Of course for Rafe half the time I wanted someone to hit him as he was bull headed and didn’t understand what he said to upset Brooke.

Now for the first book of this series there was a lot of intrigue and mystery surrounding the happening in Bella Terra that made you want to flip the pages. The stubborn grandmother who was attacked helped you want to stay involve as she was matriarch of the family and was an entertaining character.

Aside from the struggling love story I really liked the plot of betrayal and sabotage that was interwoven within the pages. You knew the bad guys but not to the extent of who would really be doing this and why. Dodd leaves that to the end to give a solid ending for Rafe and Brooke.

With one brother down it will be Eli who will be in the next one with Revenge at Bella Terra.

The Vampire’s Bride by Gena Showalter

In the long battle between allies and enemies of Atlantis it is time for Layel, King of vampires to have his time in the spotlight in the fourth book.

He is Layel, king of the vampires, a master seducer no woman can deny.  But since a rogue horde of dragons killed his beloved over two centuries ago, Layel has existed only for vengence…until he meets Delilah.

Wary of love, the beautiful Amazon wants nothing to do with the tormented vampire.  Yet there’s no denying their consuming desire every time he nears her.

Neither trust the other-nor can they survive alone.  For in an impossible game of the gods’ devising, they’ve been trapped on an island, about to face the ultimate challenge: surrender to the passion that will bind them forever…or be doomed to an eternity apart.

The series of Atlantis intrigued me since picking up the first book and since then I have liked reading about the characters and their interactions they have through each book.

The love story is of Delilah and Layel but there is a few others that are fighting the attraction which is being felt.

I liked that there was the tension and the attraction right away but I found it more meaningful that Showalter doesn’t automatically throw them into bed.

The plot had some interesting twists and it was a real survivors game where the losers are killed and only one can be the victorious.

The fourth book was entertaining to read and enjoyable but I am curious about the next one.  I believe it will follow up with Nola and Zane and see where their destiny lies.

The Killing Dance by Laurell Hamilton

Anita Blake is back in The Killing Dance in the sixth book running for her life.  A contract has been placed on her life.  Edward is protecting her instead of killing her all the while Anita is battling the fight between Jean Claude and Richard.

I have to say as I re-read the book I remembered something about a contract on Anita but I couldn’t remember.  Re-reading it allowed me to revisit the story and I was blown away.  Hamilton is working hard on the plot with how the threats to Anita are going full force.  I liked that from the very beginning Anita is battling off the attacks.

With the books I have increasingly loved the character Edward.  He is one of my favorite characters because he is a bad ass that doesn’t care.  At the end of the book there was a line that got you wondering about him.  Of course I know where that is going to lead.  I am excited to read about his life as Hamilton continues to write.

Through the book you are learning more about the wolf pack and I find that it is interesting to see that Anita is part of the pack even though she is not one.  But the one thing I hate is how Richard is again that annoying way of him.  He is somber about killing and always getting upset.  This leads Anita to be drawn more towards Jean Claude.

Personally with the relationship I like Anita with Jean Claude more but as the series goes she changes with all the men that come into her life.

With the relationship of Richard, Jean Claude and Anita I found the change between them interesting because it is so powerful.  I like the change because it gives everyone power.  They are all stronger with each other.  And now the moment that has been stretched for a while is over.  Anita finally does the deed with Jean Claude and Hamilton can write the sex scenes.  But this one was not as graphic as her most recent ones are.  I liked it because it was yes hot but tamed in a way.  But now the relationship changes and that starts the motion.

Hamilton gives a write a great book with The Killing Dance.  Since I know what has happened through the most recent books of Hamilton I can actually say that The Killing Dance is still very tamed with sexuality but the action has not slowed down which is great to read.