Dare to Take

Dare to TakeTyler Dare wanted to do his job but when his sister ask him to help Ella he has no choice but to say yes. For years Tyler tried to put distance between him and Ella but now he is wondering if he should close that distance.

Ella Shaw had wanted Tyler as long as she remembered, but he had broken her heart. Ella will be cautious when she lets Tyler back into her life. She tries to keep things light between them but she will not be able to control how her heart feels.

Dare to Take is the sixth book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this story. This series is very fast paced and easy to read which for me is because of these characters.

Tyler’s character takes everything onto himself. He doesn’t ask for help even though he really needs it. I liked that Tyler will finally get it and he will be changing. Ella’s character was a girl who felt like she was worthless. She had come from little and because of disappointments in her life it left her self-esteem very low. This effected her but it didn’t consume her. Though when it came to a relationship with Tyler it made her wary, but he will also help show Ella that she is a strong woman. I will say that it will be Ella who takes that final step, which I liked.

The chemistry between Tyler and Ella is of course explosive. I wanted them together but I wanted Tyler to stop being scared and running from what he wanted. Every time he ran from Ella he hurt her that much more.

So, the father, Robert Dare, really disappointed me. This is a spoiler alert. If you don’t want to know what Robert Dare did stop reading now. I had thought Robert Dare made progress with getting along with Avery but in this book Tyler will find his father with another woman. So Robert Dare is now cheating on his present wife, Savannah. You also learn that Tyler had learned about his father’s cheating with Savannah when he was 14 and was told by his father to keep quiet. His father obviously wants Tyler to do the same. Now I don’t know if he would be the best person to confess to Savannah, a part of me doesn’t want him to since Savannah was the one who helped break up his family. In the book Tyler will tell his mother but nothing gets resolved. I suppose that it will in the next books.

I am looking forward to reading the next book and finding out which sibling will be written about next.

Once upon a Billionaire

Once upon a BillionaireGriffin Verdi was royalty and hated it. He hated the fuss and everything that went with it. He will be forced to go back home for a wedding and with his luck he had to get a new assistant, Maylee. Griffin will be shocked by this new assistant but as he spends time with her, Griffin finds himself feeling things for this woman.

Maylee Meriweather was out of her depth but she wanted to make sure to do her job well. She will work hard for Griffin but she found it difficult to follow all the rules and even more difficult not to fall for her boss.

Once Upon a Billionaire is the fourth book to the series Billionaire Boys Club by Jessica Clare. Alright so I really liked this book but there were a couple things that drove me a little nuts to annoyed. It mainly was how Griffin acted. He was a snob and not very good with people. He kept making these comments that really hurt Maylee. He will make it right but he comes very close to loosing her. So then there is Maylee. I guess I wouldn’t say she drove me nuts because in reality I did really like her character. I think that her character was a little over the top. But I did like her spirit with how she was seeing everything for the first time.

So, personally I don’t see how a naive southern girl would end up with a snobbish royal but as this is fiction that will happen, and hey I’m a sucker for characters finding love. Well, what I will say is that Jessica Clare wrote these characters well with how they should and would act.

So another book to the series down and now I am on to the fifth book.

The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed

The Wrong Billionaire's BedAudrey Petty has loved Cade since she was young but he never saw her more than a sister. She hoped that spending time together would change that but she will have a distraction. The distraction is the playboy Reese whose goal was to annoy her. Audrey put up with his annoyance but when things started to get heated she will finally give into temptation.

The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed is the third book to the series Billionaire Boys Club by Jessica Clare. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Audrey was very professional and strict with herself which I didn’t really mind though you wanted to at times shake her, so that she would wake up. I actually thought it was good that she was so responsible because it was needed. What she needed to learn though was when to walk away from her troubled sister. I have to say that when she got flirty with Reese I was cheering for them. I liked Cade but he was too much like Audrey. There was no real spark, now with Reese it was like an explosion of fire between them. With Reese being the playboy of the group you knew that things would get heated. I liked Reese. He sometimes went a little too far but then you are surprised by his action that shows you he is a good guy.

So the character of Daphne was annoying and sad at the same time. She will be in the last one book. I don’t know how I feel about that. I am sure that she could change but will she or will she continue to be selfish. My guess is continuing to be self destructive but I will see when I read the six book. Personally I don’t want Cade to be with Daphne because he would give into Daphne way to easily.

Well in order to get to the six book I will have to get through the fourth and fifth book. I will be reading the fourth book next.

The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild

The Experts Guide to Driving a man wildBrenna is a free spirit and is determined to live life with little to no attachment, whether that is relationships or material objects. She will meet her match when it comes to Grant. She likes to rattle him and loosen him up but when she volunteers to play the fake girlfriend she will notice there is a lot of sex appeal to him. She does not want a relationship but the more time she is with Grant it starts to turn into one. That will have Brenna running scared.

Grant is a man who likes order and everyone to follow the rules. Brenna was a pain in his side as it seems to be her one job was to rattle him. But when he is faced with his matchmaking mother he will be surprised when Brenna pretends to be his girlfriend. He will be even more surprised by the passion that flares between them. He will want more with Brenna but he will find that she is not willing to give her heart to him.

The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild is the third book to Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. I liked the book as Jessica Clare writes steamy, yes, but also characters who can be lighthearted, funny, serious and troubled. I was pulled into the book right away as Brenna was going about doing her job with destroying certain parts so Colt’s dad would have something to fix. It was a fun beginning and Jessica Clare keeps it going throughout the rest of the book.

I liked Brenna as she was truly a free spirit but her loose way of living was starting to drive me crazy in the book. She was getting too out of control and I didn’t like what that was doing to Grant. Then you get to know why Brenna is the way she is and it all makes sense. She is still a little too flighty but combined with Grant’s control they do make a good match. Okay now the character of Grant who is the opposite of Brenna in most everything. He is and will always be in control but with Brenna the control slips through his fingers. It is good for him to loosen up but when you find out what he had gone through it does make sense for his behavior. With these secrets they carried they were actually perfect for each other as these secrets defined who they didn’t want to be.

This is one passion filled, lots of sizzle kind of book because basically Grant and Brenna are having sex and lots of sex on many pages of this book. So this is not a new theme in the series as the previous books had a lot of sex between them. I am going to assume that trend will continue with the fourth book, which stars Elise and obviously Rome, that came out this June. I want to read their story but will let the series grow a little more first.

Lady Sophia’s Lover

lady sophia's loverLady Sophia wanted to get close to the man, Sir Ross Cannon, as he was responsible for taking the last thing in her life she loved. Sophia would resort to seduction but will find herself falling in love.

Sir Ross Cannon was used to finding criminals and putting them away, and living a solitude life. That will all change when he hires Sophia as his assistant. He will fight the attraction but not hard as he will be leading her to his bed. Ross will however know that she is not being truthful and will be in search to find what she is hiding.

Lady Sophia’s Lover is the second book to Bow Street Runners series from Lisa Kleypas. I had to wait a day to read this book as my book clubs choice had to come first since I was going there to discuss but now I am back with Lisa Kleypas and this story like the first was a book I loved reading.

Sir Ross Cannon who is in charge of the runners will have his chance in the spotlight and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed his story. He was a man who followed by the rules and seemed cold almost voided of emotion. It was because of his first wives death but Sophia will awaken what had been sleeping inside him. He might have been a little rough around the edges at times but it never seemed that way with Sophia. He treated her with respect, lust and of course love. Though it was hard because she kept things from him. Sophia hid her revenge from Ross as she was out to get him, to hurt him. Now there will be that turning point that has Sophia changing her mind about all that she thought about her revenge and what was true. It will certainly help that between them a passion comes alive.

I enjoyed the twists that Kleypas placed in the book. Incidentally they both related to Sophia. One about her need for revenge which I didn’t really see coming until she uncovered her hatred. That comes forward pretty quickly in the book so it wasn’t a big twist but it certainly changed things. Now the other big one is someone who will be uncovered. They will come forward and reveal their identity that was surprising but secretly I was hoping this plot twist would happen.

I have one more book to get through for the Bow Street Runners series then I am off to another one of her series.

The Tycoon’s Secret Affair

Maya Banks ends the Anetakis Tycoon’s series with the last book, The Tycoon’s Secret Affair,¬†featuring Piers.

Jewel Henley needs this job to survive a little longer but what she hadn’t meant to do was sleep with her boss the night before. She hoped it would not cause problems but before she knew it she was fired. Alone and with no money Jewel leaves but she doesn’t expect to be pregnant.

Peirs Anetakis makes it his business not to be close to females emotionally. His one night stand created a problem and he solved it but he didn’t mean for her to get fired. Five months later Piers looked for Jewel and will be surprised to find her in the hospital and pregnant. He wouldn’t trust Jewel or that the baby is his but soon his shield will break but will it be fast enough?

I honestly love how Maya Banks creates the women to be strong and able to leave on their own and do what they had to do. But what is frustrating is that the Anetakis men are hot headed idiots at time. But I did like that Piers had to make the big aplogize to get back what he lost. I also liked how Banks did not leave the test as a negative but with a happy ending.

The Anetakis Tycoon’s series was fun and fast to read and you will enjoy the carefree women and hot headed Greek Tycoons.