The Hunter

The HunterChristopher Argent was an assassin to higher but he would never kill children. He never misses but Christopher will miss this time. He will not kill Millie but save her from the man who had hired him. Christopher will have to find out the true person behind the contract while he keeps Millie and her son safe.

Millicent LeCour “Millie” was an actress and one who was very talented. She will be known to all the gentleman as unattainable but there will be one, Christopher, who will make her want more. Millie will have to think about her son but will quickly realize that she will need Christopher in order to keep her son alive.

The Hunter is the second book to the series Victorian Rebels by Kerrigan Byrne. I really liked this book. Like the first one it was darker, not the romantic story where the couple have no big issues. Byrne writes about assassins, actresses, and murder.

As said the story is darker and that is mainly because of Christopher’s character. He was severally traumatized which made him into a fighter then killer. Christopher is not so damaged that he can’t be saved even if he thinks it is too late. I liked Christopher because he spoke the truth, it might have been cruel but that was his way. I also liked that he struggled. When he was going to hurt Millie he had to stop because he knew it was wrong. Millie’s character was predictable with her story line but I didn’t mind it that much because I wanted to read about her. Millie had a mask of emotion that she wore and unless she was with her son or even Christopher it was always guarded. I liked that Christopher made her feel safe even though he was the assassin coming to end her life.

The bad guys were plenty and the ultimate one that was behind it all was a surprise but it made sense. The next story is with Mena, who is mentioned in this book, and that book came out this August which I will be reading next.

Last Hit

Last HitNikolai was a trained assassin since he was a young boy. He has killed many. When Nikolai meets Daisy he will want her instantly but he has to be careful as he has enemies who will be after him, and Daisy.

Daisy needed freedom from the life she had lived and she takes that chance. She will move out and be on her own for the first time. It is then that she meets Nikolai and everything in her life will change.

Last Hit is the first book to the series Hitman by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick. First off I did like the book but it took some time to truly get into it. Don’t get me wrong, there was intrigue and I wanted to know what the heck was going on, but it took some time for me to really like the novel. A part of the reason I think was it was just so different from her other series. Though once I was into the story I was in it for the whole book.

Daisy’s character was a sweet, naive girl who was in way over her head. I liked her character for the most part but she was a little too trusting, and that was too unbelievable. Though I did like that she gave Nikolai a chance because you knew that she would find what she needed with him. Now Nikolai is a dangerous man. He has been a trained assassin for many years. He will be watching Daisy, which I will say is a little creepy. Although that is is job. I found myself liking Nikolai. He was a man stuck in a job that he was trained to do, not something he loved. I liked that he was starting to change thanks to Daisy.

So there is some definite danger that surrounds the book. You would think something would happen because this book was about an assassin. I was surprised with how the situation turned bad, but after thinking about it you knew something would happened.

I am going to be continuing the series and will be reading Last Breath next.

Death Angel

Death AngelDrea Rousseau was living a life she knew would end so she prepared herself. She took enough money that would keep her alive but she was not prepared for the assassin who Rafael Salinas put on her trail.

Death Angel is a novel by Linda Howard. This book was really good and it was more than it appeared to be. At first it was a survival book with Drea having to run for her life. Then a tragedy happens and a little supernatural comes into play. I thought the supernatural aspect was done well, it was just unexpected.

When I first started the book I was wondering who she would be with. I knew that this was a suspense romance so there was going to be someone Drea was going to be with. At first I thought maybe Rafael did love her but that was clearly not the case. I then thought maybe an FBI agent but instead her attention was with the assassin, well to a point. The assassin, Simon, was more than he appeared to be. You liked him but he was a bad man, then something inside him changes. I liked the change but he was still that ruthless killing machine.

I was pretty much on board throughout the entire book as it was engaging. I am on the lookout for more Linda Howard books and I am actually going to be reading another one next which is Shadow Woman.


ShamelessLady Elizabeth “Beth” Banning had made her own scandal when she left two suitors at the alter. She was going to make her third scandal with another suitor but was helped by a man coming through the windows. She will soon learn that he was not your average gentleman.

Neil Severin was on a mission coming to the Duke’s house but was sidetracked by a young woman who seemed to have knocked out a man who was attacking her. He knew that he should kill her for he had to stay hidden but he couldn’t. Neil will let her live knowing that he could use her in his plot but the tables will turn as they will need each other to survive.

Shameless is the third and final book to the Banning Sisters series from Karen Robards which was a fantastic read. Once action, adventure, mystery, romance and danger all packed together in one punch.

I will say that this one was a little darker with the man Neil. He was not a man who was a spy but an assassin and would do his job no matter what. He was cold hearted but you soon found out that there was a good man buried deep, very deep. I liked that Robards gave a little more with Neil by having more of a darker side and having Beth be the one to help him. Beth has so far been always the child in the book. Now that she is grown she is taking her time in society only making a lot of mistakes with leaving her suitors at the alter. Beth had a secret with being afraid and Neil will show her that there is nothing to be afraid of. I liked that he played protector of Beth and she of him. There were some lighthearted moments that had you smiling especially when Neil had to play hero to all the girls that fled with Beth. You would not think that a trained assassin would put up with all of this drama.

Our villain is one of many. You could even say that Neil is a villain especially as he was contemplating killing Beth or using her for kidnapping. Neil, happily, was not the real villain but someone who helped stop them with a little help. Neil had to have a redeeming quality as he was our misguided hero.

So overall this was a fantastic series to read and a great finish for the Banning sisters.

To Charm a Prince Revisited

I decided to revisit the story To Charm a Prince. It had been two years since reading the second book of Patricia Grasso’s series but as I have placed the quest of reading all of Grasso’s books I got the book.

Going back to the book I certainly remember the character of Samantha Douglas and Prince Rudolf. They are pretty unforgettable characters along with the sisters and their aunt who is a little of a charlatan. The one thing I did not miss was the tormented pages that came within this book. You endure the cruel words spoken and the heart of Samantha breaking. Grasso does give a happy ending but it was touch and go.

Now finishing the second book once more I found the third book of the series and can’t wait to see how Victoria will fair in the arms of her intended.

To Tempt an Angel

Continuing on with Patricia Grasso I have found my way to the series Douglas Trilogy. A couple of years ago I read the second book to this series but I was never able to read the rest. Now with To Tempt an Angel in my hands I get to know Angelica and Robert.

Angelica Douglas needs to feed her family which is why she carries loaded dice. Angelica uses her dice to cheat men out of their money but she does not want just anyone’s money. She wants revenge on a select few who ruined her family and left them to poverty. Angelica will find help in the form of Robert Roy but she will find it hard to trust a man who has only lied to her from the very start.

Robert Campbell, Marquess of Argyll has seen an angel. He follows her and assists her not knowing at first of the resentment she holds for his father. Robert will find a way seducing her and helping her with the revenge plot only hoping to make her his mistress but all is not to be as the situation becomes chaotic with his father intervening and assassin attempts.

Personally when starting out in To Tempt an Angel I was immediately confused. Not because of the plot as Grasso delivers it perfectly but to the character of Robert. I remembered reading about the Campbell’s who resided in Scotland in the Devereux series. I knew I didn’t remember Magnus having a son named Robert. Quickly I found what I was looking for, the year these novels were being written about. There is a three hundred difference between the two series which now made sense. Grasso is continuing the line of these families but bringing them to the 1800’s instead of the 1500’s. Once that was solved I was quickly immersed into the story. Angelica was a angel to be sure but one that had a little bite to her thanks to how she had to survive. Robert was a man who was haunted by his past but chose most times to ignore it.

The pages sizzle between the two but there is also laughter and betrayal that comes when the two meet on the page. Along with the Grasso’s main characters she gives the other two sisters to make a name for themselves so the reader will know who they are. Samantha and Victoria will be in the second and third book. For the older generation we had the older Duke Magnus and Aunt Roxie of the girls who only added flavor to the book.

With most historical romances a villain will start to make their way known to the main characters. Grasso will create several villain and rivals throughout the story. You are left guessing why and who the true villains are at least until the end. Grasso gives us a twist at the end with a supposed villain which will certainly set the next book up and possibly follow through to the third.

Fire and Ice

Reading now my third novel from Anne Stuart I have come to realize that she writes romances but they have a tendency to be dark, as a thriller and mystery should be. Now I don’t know if this follows all her books but it seems certain this is the case in the series Ice and others like the House of Rohan.

Jilly Lovitz is a typical California girl except she is a genius, done with high school and college by eighteen. Jilly has a weakness though and he has bright red hair, tattoos and dangerous if crossed. Reno was her crush as an adolescent but nothing has changed. Now with danger breaking down the door he will be the only one to save her.

Reno is a dangerous man and a has a new mission, protect Jilly at all costs. He doesn’t want to be around her as she makes him forget she is off limits. When he first saw her he was intrigued but was told to stay away. Now he is all that is left to protect her from the thugs who are after her.

Fire and Ice is the fifth book to the series Ice. This book held no quiet moment for the characters as there was nothing but gun fire or brutal attacks. For me the plot was one you wanted to keep reading even if there was a lot of violence and cruelty in the book. The character Reno held the most cruelty at times which made you want to hate him but as Stuart gives him a voice through the book you understand his motive.

I was intrigued right away with Fire and Ice but felt I had missed a little interaction that was in previous books. For me the story was already in process but you still could understand the story and characters. I am interested in going back to the beginning to find out more of the committee.