BabycakesKit Bellamy had to start over from scratch thanks to her brother in law and sister as they took the family owned pie shop. Kit moved to a small town and will encounter more than she hoped with new friends, a new way to live and a relationship she didn’t think would happen.

Morgan Westlake was prepared to be an uncle but not a parent of his niece as hers were gone. Morgan will move to a small town where Lilly’s maternal grandmother lived in hopes to give his niece a new way of living away from his stuck up family. Morgan will find his niece growing out of her shell and will also find himself giving into a relationship that will have him falling in love.

Babycakes is the third book from the Cupcake Club series by Donna Kauffman. This is another cute book from the series that is very sweet and full of second chances.

Kit is an enduring character that makes you want to cheer for her to have that happy ending she desires. Her background story is interesting with the betrayal of her sister and her brother in law. Its a slimy move but Kit becomes stronger when she moves to Sugarberry and finds what she was missing. Now Morgan comes from wealth but he does not live with it. I liked that he did not take his family’s money and did not work for them, he went on his own way as a lawyer that did good and not just for money.

The chemistry between the two characters does sizzle as like all of Kauffman’s characters. Things do not heat up until they can trust each other and having Lilly around helps bring them closer a lot quicker.

The fourth book is Honey Pie. I am not sure if this is the last book of the series but it is the last one that is available.

Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait

Lady Jenny's Christmas PortraitLady Jenny Windham craves to paint. It has been her passion for many years and she is now having the chance to go to Paris to give her craft a chance. She will get the chance to practice her art with another artist who is being commissioned to paint her family’s portraits.

Elijah Harrison has been a painter his whole life and his next job was to paint the children of this large family. Elijah will encounter Lady Jenny and notice her artistic ability. He will help develop her skill while becoming closer and finding more with her.

Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait is the fifth book to the Windham Sisters series. This is the first book I have tried from Grace Burrowes. I was told she is a very good writer and thought to give this one a try. This one was chosen due to the upcoming holiday. I don’t read a lot of Christmas books with romance. I have to say this one was worth reading. I felt there was a lot of back story that was before this story but you certainly could read this book on its own because Burrowes goes into this family and recaps with some history.

I think what I loved about this story was that it was written well and realistic of that time with also being just romantic. Lady Jenny would not be free to actually have a job as an artist because she was supposed to stay at home and have children and oversee her household. I liked that Jenny fought for what she wanted that she didn’t back down when her family was not as supportive as she would have wanted. Then there is Elijah who is a working artist. I liked his interaction with Jenny as they worked together on their art as it was sensual and enduring at times. They learned from each other.

After reading a book from Grace Burrowes I am definitely coming back to read more from the author.

Eloquent Silence

Lauri is dedicated at her job as a teacher of the deaf as her sister is deaf Lauri respects the language and does her best to continue to educate others. Lauri gets a job with a wonderful little girl, Jennifer, who is hearing-impaired but the father is less to be desired. As he is an actor Lauri wants to stay away from him due to her previous marriage. But Lauri will be drawn in by Drake and his daughter Jennifer.

Sandra Brown creates a heart wrenching story in Eloquent Silence.  You will be drawn in to the story right away and wonder about the past of Lauri and Drake. You will also be swept away by the little girl who you can’t help but love to read about. The trio will leave you frustrated and full of hope to when they will become a true family.

Eloquent Silence is a novel you will want to read.

One Summer by Nora Roberts

I read the first book, Second Nature, and I wasn’t too thrilled with the story but I took the chance on the sequel which is One Summer.

Bryan Mitchell is an extrodinary photographer. She is determined and always gets her picture. Shade Colby is a cynical photojournalist who is as well determined. Together they are being thrown together to gets shots around the country of what summer is all about. Both have said they don’t want to get involved. One kiss changes everything. They will be on the road capturing moments of summer and finding love in the process.

From the first book to the second I liked reading this one. There was a sense of drama and just a strong story being told. I liked that both were teamed together to capture those summer moments but finding something else along the way.

I liked how Roberts creates Bryan and Shade to be both strong characters and a simple plot.

The Art of Deception

“Supposedly he had come to her father’s estate looking for respite.  But was handsome Adam Haines the man he was pretending to be?  Or was Kirby Fairchild in danger of falling hard for a stranger who was even more practiced in th eart of deception than she was.”

The name of the book, The Art of Deception, is true to it’s name.  Nora Roberts gives a fantastic plot of deception, mystery, suspense and thrills with The Art of Deception.

When I first started the book I wasn’t sure what I was really expecting but I was pleasantly surprised.  The characters of the Fairchild’s were amazingly crazy.  Their outburst of artistic creativity was strange to read and interesting at the same time.  Adam was an interesting character as well but he was more than he appeared.

Actually all of the characters were more than you thought they were which is great to read because it kept you guessing over and over with what is going on with this plot.  And you did not know the truth of everything until the very end when it all unravled.