Against the Storm

Against the StormMaggie O’Connell had a problem with a stalker who kept leaving her notes. The police did not believe her because of what she did when she was sixteen years old. She will find help from Trace Rawlins who will go on the case and find the stalker who started to become even more persistent.

Trace Rawlins knew that Maggie O’Connell would be trouble especially because she was a red head, but he took the chance anyways. Trace will find that Maggie was not lying and a stalker was finding their way to her. He would do everything he could to stop that from happening.

Against the Storm is the fourth book of Kat Martin’s Raines of Wind Canyon. This is the first book where the Raines brothers are not being featured, they are mentioned of course but are given the backseat with this novel. I really loved finding out more on Trace. Before he was a character you knew a little about but Martin goes further into his character and I loved that he had a problem with red heads except when it came to Maggie. I really liked Maggie’s character as well. She was tough on the outside but crumbling almost as the stress of this stalker was getting to her. Trace truly was the knight in shinning armor to help her.

The side story which was being told by Martin was of Ashley and Jason. Their story was cute to read as it was completely young love. I liked how their story blended well into Maggie and Trace’s.

Now the stalker was interesting as there were little surprises and you didn’t exactly know who it was going to be. Martin gives a little misdirection on who the person could be with a couple suspects.

Against the Night is next.

Summer in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz is an author that will drive you to read her books once you got one in your system.  Summer in Eclipse Bay is the third book to the series Eclipse Bay.

Word gets around fast in Eclipse Bay.  Nick Harte should know-his family’s legendary feud with the Madisons fueled the local gossip mill for years before finally cooling off.  But people are still talking-and rumor has it Nick’s involved with someone new…Art gallery owner Octavia Brightwell doesn’t take chances-especially on handsome, charming men.  But that’s only part of the reason she turned Nick down six times before finally agreeing to a date.  Octavia’s related to the woman who sparked the long-running family feud-and fears that falling hard for Nick would only ignite the flames again.  Octavia knows her family’s past is best kept hidden.  But her secret isn’t safe in Eclipse Bay…

The third edition to the Eclipse Bay left me smiling.  Krentz is a master at telling stories and giving the characters witty banter back and fourth.

The story of the two main characters lets the reader find the love that is starting to blosum but also to end the mystery of the Harte, Madison feud.

The characters were fun to read and the addition of Carson was nice to read about.  It was enjoyable to read about all the family on both sides.  Each brought their own unique humor to the pages.

Krentz brings a charming, enjoyable and entertaining novel in the final book of Eclipse Bay.

The Art of Deception

“Supposedly he had come to her father’s estate looking for respite.  But was handsome Adam Haines the man he was pretending to be?  Or was Kirby Fairchild in danger of falling hard for a stranger who was even more practiced in th eart of deception than she was.”

The name of the book, The Art of Deception, is true to it’s name.  Nora Roberts gives a fantastic plot of deception, mystery, suspense and thrills with The Art of Deception.

When I first started the book I wasn’t sure what I was really expecting but I was pleasantly surprised.  The characters of the Fairchild’s were amazingly crazy.  Their outburst of artistic creativity was strange to read and interesting at the same time.  Adam was an interesting character as well but he was more than he appeared.

Actually all of the characters were more than you thought they were which is great to read because it kept you guessing over and over with what is going on with this plot.  And you did not know the truth of everything until the very end when it all unravled.

Concannon Sister Trilogy by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts brings Ireland back to the pages with the three novels, Born in Fire, Born in Ice, and Born in Shame in the series of the Concannon Sister Trilogy.

Born in Fire

Maggie was a loner, liked it that way unless she was with people she loved.  Like her father who she loved more than life it’s self.  Or her sister Brianna.  Maggie tolerated her mother to the best she could but there was no love lost on either side.  When Maggie started to sell a few items of her glass tragedy hit Brianna and Maggie.  Their father died while Maggie was with him.  But he left a small mystery behind him, who was Amanda?

Maggie and her sister continued to live their lives.  Brianna setting up a B and B and Maggie with her glass which was now making more interest as Rogan Sweeney came into the picture.

Rogan Sweeney, art dealer, already got hold of some of her pieces wanted to make Maggie famous.  He wanted her work, it intrigued him.  He comes to her with an offer but Maggie doesn’t agree at first.  She doesn’t trust him but she finally gives in.  Of course that is not the only thing that Rogan wants, he wants Maggie.

Maggie is overwhelmed with the new life that was being given to her but she didn’t want it all.  She liked certain aspects but wanted to be at home to do her art.  Maggie’s heart only had room for her art and family but now it was making room for other possibilities with Rogan.

Born in Ice

Brianna owns a small cottage that is a B and B.  She is loved by her sister Maggie and her brother-in-law Rogan who are now expecting their first child.  Brianna was not happy but content with her life because there was no other option.  She was at ends with her mother and now she had lost her beloved father.  Life had just been moving along until the Ireland storm brought in her expected guest Grayson Thane a few days earlier.

Grayson Thane “Gray” is a big time mystery writer, who is writing his next book set in Ireland.  The moment he gets to the cottage he is overwhelmed by Brianna.  For a while Gray doesn’t do anything to intimidate but then he can’t take it anymore, he goes after her.  He seduces her to his bed.  Brianna doesn’t except his pursuit at first but finally she gives into what she had been missing all this time.  Brianna knows Gray will not stay forever but that doesn’t stop her from loving him.

Through the book Brianna will live a new life but the past is creeping up behind her as she finds that her father lived a loveless marriage and fathered another child to a woman, Amanda, that was his true love.  Maggie and Brianna are determined to find their half sibling and the woman their father loved.

Born in Shame

A happy life was all Shannon knew, now her life was turned upside down when her mother told her the truth about her father.  Colin who was her father was not her true father.  Tom Concannon from Ireland was Shannon’s true father.  Her mother, Amanda, told all that happened between herself and the two men that she loved.  Hearing the news of her mothers lies Shannon was furious with her but couldn’t really express all her anger and hurt towards her dying mother.   As Amanda closed her eyes she never woke up.  Amanda slipped into a coma and died soon afterwards.

A few days after the funeral she meet a man who was commissioned to track her down.  Her sisters wanted to meet.  At first Shannon declined and pushed the man away then a letter came from Brianna.  Shannon decided to take the journey to Ireland to find this new family but more importantly to find herself.

Shannon gets to Ireland and is overwhelmed by everything there but especially this new family.  As she meets them and finds herself living with Brianna in the inn she doesn’t know what to do.  Brianna wants to befriend her, Maggie doesn’t trust her completely and but finds a way to understand.

Shannon seemed to come to some understanding with her sisters and their mother but the thing that was confusing was the amount of attention which Murphy would pay towards her.  Murphy saw her and knew that she was the one that he had been searching for now the only thing to do was to make her understand this.  Shannon was pulled  into the journey of finding family, love and herself.

Reading these books were fun and entertaining.  They were all very charming with the characters and the plots.  There was a nice flow to the books when each girl had her chance in the story but in each one they overlapped.  You never forgot about the characters.  Each sister was unforgettable and I loved how even though they were all different there was a relationship that couldn’t be broken even for their half-sister.

Nora Roberts showed a wonderful modern day style of romance set in Ireland.

“Jude’s Law” by Lori Foster

So this book was another that went by very quickly.  I loved reading about how Jude and May.  These two characters were funny, interesting and real.  The story line is that Jude Jamison is a celebrity living now in Ohio trying to get out of the lime light of Hollywood, but not just for his celebrity status.  Jude is hiding out because he was called a murderer.  A young starlet, Blair was killed by a bomb while in Jude’s limo.  Jude left a few moments before the bomb went off.  So he is hiding out in Ohio and finding interest in other things, May Price.

May Price owns the local art gallery that Jude buys from.  Although May is fascinated by Jude she doesn’t show it.  She is too self conscious of herself.  This is due to her self image.  She has curves so what!  That is not a bad thing but to May it is.  Also her family doesn’t help matters.  Of course Jude finally lets her know that he has real interest in her.

Their romance is enhanced as trouble comes to Tim, May’s brother, who owes a lot of money to a loan shark.  Jude is then mixed into this problem as a victim to be killed by Tim instead of Tim owing money.

Okay so this book was really good.  The characters were fantastic.  I was drawn into all of their lives.  May and Jude were my favorite but Denny and Ashely were absolutely fantastic.  Ashley was the best thing for May.  She was like a sister or something more.  I liked the excerpt of Quinton Murphy and his interaction with Ashley.  I am interested in seeing how that blossoms in the next book.

But there were characters I didn’t like.  Of course there was Elton but he was the bad guy.  The ones I didn’t like were May’s family, her parents and Tim.  Tim I could handle as he changed his attitude and ways, but he was just too spoiled and ungrateful to May it made me mad.  Though her parents were the worst.  While I read about them I wanted to have them thrown on their butts  and out of May’s life.  I think that a book that can get me frustrated while reading is great to read.