Burnt Offerings by Laurell Hamilton

Oddly enough I still have found myself enjoying Hamilton’s work.  The characters are progressing and new ones are coming forward but something was missing in this book.  Burent Offerings didn’t really have a great plot.

In this seventh book Anita finds herself stopping the arsonist that is destroying business.  Then meeting the master of beast called Padma and she is tangling herself up with the wereleopards.  She is becoming their Queen whether she wants it or not.

So the plot was interestings with meeting the new characters but it seemed to slow considerably down with the policework.  And with Anita’s aminator job that she has.  In fact this book doesn’t not even go into that job.  But I did like the interaction with all the characters.

The introduction of the wereleopards was fascinating to read.  Nathanial is a great character because of the trials he will be going through but seeing him develop is fun to read about.

The interaction between Richard, Jean Claude and Anita is still strained but that will be so for a long time.

So Burnt Offerings was interesting to read but I miss the intense work that Anita usually has with the policework.