Dash of Peril

Dash of PerilLieutenant Margaret “Margo” Peterson was working undercover to stop an abduction ring who were taking girls and abusing them while they recorded the encounter. Margo was sickened by this and wanted it to be stopped. She knows that she is getting closer when she is being threatened personally by these thugs.

Dashiel “Dash” Riske was helping out Margo with undercover work but things will get dicey when she is being threatened. Dash will do all that he can to protect her and help stop these men and he will find himself in direct contact with these thugs.

Dash of Peril is the fourth book to the series Love Undercover by Lori Foster. From the moment I picked it up I knew that I would like it because Lori Foster had written it. She is one of my go to authors and one I can count on for a good book. She didn’t disappoint me with this book.

So these characters are pretty much complete opposites in pretty much everything but with that sexual tension that Foster writes so well they are wanting each other whenever they are near. Margo is a woman who is used to be in charge and has to be tough as nails. I liked that she stayed defiant especially to her family who didn’t treat her right. They were too harsh on her and showed no real love. Now Dash had that growing up and was given what he wanted. But Dash is now in a tough situation by wanting to protect Margo and stepping back for her to take charge as it is her job and her preference. He lets her be who she was and was not intimidated by her strength of character.

So the villains are known certainly in the book and Foster gives us a good plot that makes us wonder what they will be doing next to get to Margo. Now there will be another villain who is in the background. I didn’t see this person coming and I liked that as he made Margo’s life a little more difficult they were brought to justice along with the other villains.

It seems that the series is over and I thought Foster wrapped it up nicely. Now to me Cannon seemed like a character who had more to tell with his own story especially when she brings in the SBC fighters whom he will be joining with. I liked the reference to the SBC Fighters series. Once I finished up this novel I looked on her website and found this series is over but Cannon will be staring in his own series called No Limits which is also the title of the book. Well needless to say I will be reading that book.

Against the Fire

Against the FireGabriel Raines is watching the fires that are being set to the places he helped build. He has to find a way to stop them and will get tangled up with Mattie Baker who will be getting involved in the search.

Mattie Bakers wanted to help a local teen and and will find herself being thrown in an all too dangerous situation as she stays by Gabe’s side. Mattie will feel over her head but she has to keep going.

Against the Fire is the second book to Kat Martin’s series Raines of Wind Canyon. So far this series is very fast paced letting me read their stories quickly. I really loved Gabe’s character. I love so far how Martin has created each brother. They are all a little different but still very much the same. They all have that same pull of masculinity which pulls you into the story and instantly liking them.

The co-star is Mattie who leads with her heart when helping others but reserves it for those who she finds attractive. She has been brokenhearted and can’t seem to trust. Of course she will learn again especially as she is paired off with Gabe.

The brothers are all in the book which lets you get to know them more but what I liked were some of the side characters who are being featured and having their own story being told along side of Gabe and Mattie, you get more from the story.

Now with a novel like this and all the suspense there was of course a spin on the arson that was happening and who it was connected too.

Against the Fire was easy to get into and fun to read. The third book will be all about Dev the last of the Raines brothers.

Charmed by His Love

Charmed by His LoveDuncan MacKeage has been charged with the task for watching out for Peg and her children. He has no desire to tangle himself with this group but Duncan will find himself falling for the widow.

Peg Thompson does not want charity from her friends. She works hard and earns her own way in the world. She will be infuriated with Duncan who is barging in, but will simmer down and soon let him in. But with letting him in her children will start to fall for him as she is but she has to worry about her family curse and a different kind of magic altogether.

As the series of Spellbound Falls continues I find myself liking it more and more. In Charmed by His Love you are getting to know the characters more and knowing more about their past. I loved Peg and her stubbornness as well as the curse. It was unexpected thing to read especially as she is mortal.  What I found adorable was the heathens (Peg’s four children). They were all strong characters as a family and added humor to the story. As this story is surrounded by magic and time traveling highlanders it was an interesting twist with Peg’s own curse. The story is heartwarming as our hero Duncan will not back down once and sooner than later he will be hooked with Peg and her children.

Born To Bite

Lucky thirteen book goes to Armand the man who has had the worst luck when it comes to wives.

Armand Argeneau has loved one woman but unfortuantly she met an untimely death after their son was born. Armand had not been lucky to find another lifemate but married two more times as a pregnancy occurred and soon after another untimely death. Armand has kept himself locked up away from his family to avoid anymore deaths. Now he is faced with another lifemate and accidents start up again as the investigation if brought forward.

Eshe d’Aureus is an enforcer and is good at her job. She had the chance at a lifemate and spent many years with each other. Now he is gone and Eshe was surprised to find herself connecting with another. The problem was he was someone she was investigating. Eshe made it her duty to prove that Armand had nothing to do with the murders. She will search for her answer but the closer she gets the closer she is to her own death as accidents keep coming her way.

I found myself really liking the characters of Eshe and Armand in Born To Bite. It seemed simple how they connected as they each already had a lifemate. I loved Eshe’s brazen and carefree attitude but wouldn’t take any b.s. Then Armand with his simple ways and his quiet passion until of course it is released by his lifemate.

Lynsay Sands wrote this story well when it came time for suspense in the book. I had a feeling I knew the person doing the attacking but it did not make sense with the rest of the woman who were killed. Of course nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Sands will weave in several twists within the story only to give a conclusion to the person behind the murders, Nicholas his freedom and Armand some peace.

I found that after this book I am drawing closer to the end of the series well at least the end of what Sands has written and available for the public. But I wonder when Justin Bricker will have his shoot at a lifemate. I like his character and can’t help but want him to find that happiness that is surrounding everyone else.

Now the next book, Hungry For You, will star Alexandra Willan who is  Sam’s sister and maybe we will have Sam making the decision to change once her sisters have now found their lifemates.

Firestorm by Iris Johansen

Now Kerry works as an arson investigator with her evidence-sniffing dog, Sam.  Together they’re a great team, but only Kerry knows the real reason that they’re so good at what they do-only Kerry and someone from a past she thought she’d put far behind her…

But all that is about to change in the time it takes to strike a match.  Suddenly the flames are back, sweeping through her life, and this time Kerry may not be able to put them out.  And now, from out of the ashes of another tragedy, a stranger appears.  Who is Silver?  And why does this mysterious man need her help?  Even more distrubing, now does he already know so much about her?  All Kerry is certain of is that he’s come to enlist her in the hunt for a psychopath who has left a trail of guresome, fiery deaths in his charred wake-a human monster determined to bring his own private vision of hell to earth.

But the killer Kerry is supposed to find has already found her-and in his twisted thoughts and burning obsessions, the nightmare of her own past threatens to ignite and destroy her.  When tragedy strikes, Kerry’s one hope is Silver: a man who seems to have no alliance to anyone and no authority to answer to-a dangerous man who seems to know Kerry’s mind almost as well as she does herself.

But even together, Kerry and Silver may have met their match in a killer as coldhearted as his method is red-hot.  And to save themselves and the innocents whose lives art at stake, Kerry may have to reach deep into the very past once already nearly destroyed her-to do what she hoped she’d never have to do: fight fire with fire.

There were times that I was confused and horrified hoping it was not who I thought it was. It was a thrilling read to pick up.

Iris Johansen leads the reader through a dangerous road in Firestorm that will have you guessing at what will happen next and how.