Dirty Sexy Sinner

Jackson Stone had found out some life changing news, his whole life had been a lie. Jackson will find three brothers he never knew, one of them was his twin. He will try to make a relationship with them even as they were weary, though he will get some help from Tara.

Tara Kent had finally completed her business degree and had gotten a promotion at work. Her world will change once again when she meets Jackson, Clay’s twin.

Dirty Sexy Sinner is the fourth book to the series Dirty Sexy by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. This last book was enjoyable and a good ending to this steamy series.

Jackson’s character was not the rich kid his brothers had thought him to be. He had his own crappy childhood that had not been filled with love. I wanted to give Jackson a hug when his brothers rejected him, but that was only at the beginning. These Kincaid brothers were not easily trusting. It was interesting that Jackson was Clay’s twin and pretty tragic with how Jackson had been taken away from his twin. Despite it all he turned out well adjusted, just like his brothers. Tara’s character was a young woman who had her tragedy early on in her life. She rose above her own tragedy and was able to make something of her life. I loved Tara’s spunk but she was still very insecure, Jackson will help with that insecurity.

The ending was very sappy but I loved it. The authors gave a conclusion to these brothers and their wives.

Until There Was You

Until there was youPosey Osterhagen’s life was about to change when the boy she had loved at sixteen came back to her home town. She will find herself falling once again for him but know that in the end he would break her heart.

Liam Murphy was moving back to be closer to his daughters grandparents. His main focus was to his daughter and to create a life for them in this town. He will be surprised when he finds himself being drawn towards Posey.

Until There Was You is a novel by Kristan Higgins. I absolutely loved this book. I think I can read pretty much anything from this author and love her work. Higgins is a storyteller that will have you believing these characters are real. There will be that happy ending you thrive for but it is a struggle to get there, though no matter what it is heartwarming.

Alright now the character of Posey was sweet and naive. I felt that she had no backbone at times but she does get stronger when she is forced to confront certain facts. Her time in high school reminded me of some days in my own high school where you just felt invisible. Her story is heartbreaking and you really hope that she can get that love she had been searching for. Then there is Liam. I liked this reformed bad boy but he makes some mistakes when it comes to knowing what he wants. There was a part of me that didn’t like him for his part in Posey’s unhappiness at prom. Well there is a little twist towards the end that will have you back to liking Liam completely. Now with Liam as a dad I loved him. He was the way overprotective father who was in over his head but you couldn’t hate him for that.

Now Posey’s family is interesting. You kinda of resent the parents for not really listening to Posey when Gretchen is around, who was another character I wasn’t a big fan of. I like that Higgins gives the family a chance with a heart to heart towards the end. It made me like the mother and father a lot more.

The Mechanic and The Architect

Going through the first book of Tumble Creek I wanted to read the next one once I found it. Start Me Up was another witty book that continued Victoria Dahl’s series perfectly. The scenes are steamy along with humor thrown in but there is that degree of betrayal and sabotage which found its way into the book.

Lori wanted to get out of Tumble Creek but things did not run that course when her father was in an accident and she took over his garage. Lori was frustrated and needed more. After reading Molly’s novel’s she knows now she wants to experience more sex. She wants a fling. And the only man that is interesting her is Quinn Jennings.

Quinn Jennings is a brilliant architect and is often not paying attention to those around him but he gets attentive when he hears Lori’s confession. Quinn finds himself very interested and is willing to let her know.

Lori’s and Quinn’s character were hot and cold which gave more realism to the book and humor. I liked how Victoria Dahl brings in the sabotage and betrayal that you weren’t sure was really happening from that person. So the twist was good as you didn’t know until the end.

Dahl keeps you interested and wanting more throughout the novel that I already looked up the third and final book of Tumble Creek series, which is Lead Me On. I am excited about the third book as Dahl brings in the character Jane to the forefront who is introduced in the second book Start Me Up.

So far Tumble Creek series is one to read.

A Man For Amanda by Nora Roberts

There is something easy to Nora Roberts books. The second book of the series Calhoun Women is A Man For Amanda. The second book was a fantastic continuation of the series.

Amanda Calhoun is the practical sister who is the assistant manager at the hotel in town. Sloan is the new architect who is going to help transform the Towers into a functioning hotel. The two automatically butt heads right from the beginning but they will find each other through their own stubbornness and a sneaky new character who wants more than Amanda’s companionship.

The second book of Calhoun Women was a blast to read. There was romance, wit, and humor that drifted through the characters.

I liked that the plot was only a few weeks apart from the first book. It kept the reader in the story and the lives of the sisters. I loved that it was Amanda’s time to find love according to her Aunt and it was in the form of Sloan.

The two characters were a blast to read. There stubborn streak kept the book filled with wit.

I liked that the plot had a little suspense to it. A sneaky character was trying to find the emeralds that had been leaked to the papers. He is not someone you think would do that but very quickly you know his desire. I actually liked that you knew who the bad guy was in this book but you didn’t know his strategy which left you to enjoy the book and to read on to find out his plan.

A Man For Amanda is a delight to read for romance readers. You will fall in love with the Calhoun women.

Tidings of Great Joy by Sandra Brown

Ria Lavender is the last woman in the world to be swept away by a smooth line and a seductive smile.  Talented, sophisticated, and determined, she’s carved out a place for herself in the most prestigious architectural firm in the city.  And she’s just beginning to savor the fruits of her success when she meets a man who will change everything.

Mayor-Elect Taylor MacKenzie is handsome, charming, and charismatic.  Still, Ria never imagines that she’ll leave a Christmas party with him, or that, caught up in the magic of a snowfall and a bottle of champagne, she’ll give in to desire.  But the next morning she faces the stunning truth: she’s slept with a man she barely knows.  And that’s not the only surprise in store: eight weeks later, Ria Knows she’s carrying Taylor MacKensie’s child.

Desperate to spare her baby the pain and stigma of illegitimacy, Ria makes the only decision she can.  Somehow she must persuade Taylor MacKensie to agree to a temporary marriage.  Yet how do you propose marriage to a relative stranger?  How do you react when he meets your news with anger and disbelief?

Within hours, Taylor’s outrage cools and he insists that they marry immediately.  Suddenly Ria is sharing his house, his name, and something infinitely more dangerous to her  heart…a tenderness she never expected, a passion she can’t seem to control.  But afraid that Taylor’s motives have more to do with protecting his career-and his baby-than with his feelings for her, Ria will try her best to keep her distance…until the day tragedy strikes and teaches them both a lesson in miracles-and love.

Sandra Brown created a quaint story on two people who were not looking for love  found it in the mist of it all.  The characters are  unforgettable filled with passion and warmth.

A heartwarming story filled with mistakes, tragedy, blessings and an enduring love. Just right for the holiday season.

Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

The second book, “Bed of Roses”  in the series Bride Quartet was a delight to read with the characters of Emma, Mac, Parker, and Laurel are resurfaced.  But this time it is Emma’s turn in this quirky story of four best friends.

Childhood friends have been obsessed with the wedding business since there pretended their own wedding as children and now they function their own wedding business.  Emma is the florist and caters to the needs of the brides, even if it is a little crazy.  Of course this leaves life a little hectic to handle especially with a man in her life.  Right now she is concentrating on doing her work, until feelings are uncovered again for her friend Jack Cooke.  She always had a thing for him but never could touch him because you did not mess around with friends ex’s, of course he really wasn’t but Emma didn’t know this.  So Emma is there talking to Jack and he turns her around and plants a kiss on Emma’s lips and quickly Emma participates.

Jack couldn’t believe what he was doing when he kissed her but he was thinking about it for so long.  Of course since she was his friend and like a sister to Del he couldn’t be with her.  But Jack in this case took a chance.  After a week of neither one talking Emma came over and demanded why he didn’t do anything.  After the shock wore off the two of them hit it off.  Emma was happy, Jack was happy, the girls were and even Del came around but threatened to hurt Jack if he hurt Emma.

All was going well until Emma found that she wanted more and was afraid that Jack wouldn’t.  Secretly Jack loved Emma but he wasn’t there yet to tell her.

The second book was fun to read and I really liked how the women worked in their job and stayed so busy, very realistic when working in the wedding business.  I also liked how Nora Roberts set up the next two books and who Laurel and Parker could possibly end up with.

Loving Jack by Nora Roberts

“Loving Jack” is the first book in the series Jack’s History by Nora Roberts.  In the beginning I didn’t know this was a series, I just randomly picked up the book to read.  That is my strategy when picking up books.

So this book is about Jacqueline “Jackie or Jack” MacNamara who is a woman that floats around.  She tries many things that interest her and at this point it is writing.  She rents out the house her cousin Fred told her about, this rental would be for three months.  Jack was thrilled at the house but things got interesting when the owner came back early.

The owner, Nathan Powell was coming back from Germany and looking forward to sleeping in his bed not finding a woman occupying his house.  At the very immediate meeting Jack was blown away with Nathan and knew that she was going to fall in love with him but Nathan was not opened for her.  The task for Jack was to open Nathan up to love.

The character of Jack was very well thought out.  I loved her quirkiness and stubborn streak to help Nathan is fantastic.  I also love that she is a writer and her main character is a man named Jack.  I really like Nathan’s character and love to see how his sheltered shell is steadily breaking down, which is Jack’s man goal.