Garden of Lies

Garden of LiesUrsula Kern owns Kern Secretarial Agency with a couple of employees. When one of her employee ends up dead and Ursula knows it wasn’t suicide. She will go in search of answers from Anne’s last employment, she will find help from Slater Roxton her last employer. She will quickly learn that darker things were happening in the house.

Slater Roxton had been trapped on an island for one year which changed his life. Getting back to his normal routine was not going to happen so Slater changed his ways. Instead of fitting in with society he became an oddity. When Ursula comes into his life he knows that he doesn’t want to part from her, which leads him on a quest to help find her employees murderer.

Garden of Lies is a novel by Amanda Quick. I really loved this book. Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz has been a favorite of mine for many years. The plot immediately intrigued me and I was pulled right into the story.

Ursula’s character was a woman who had a career and worked hard at it. I liked Ursula’s conviction to do the right thing. She was a strong woman who wanted to do the right thing but she was also someone who acted first, thought second. With Ursula’s character she is hiding something which of course will come out though more towards the middle. Slater’s character was an oddity but that was what I liked about him. He was quiet and thoughtful but could be ruthless if needed to be.

The villain was clear in my mind but then things got twisted. That usually happens in an Amanda Quick novel. I thought she wrote the twist well.

Cordina’s Crown Jewel by Nora Roberts

This is the fourth book of the Cordina’s Royal Family.  I decided to try out the series, the last book of the series, and I liked it.  It was short and to the point.

The Plot of Cordina’s Crown Jewel:

For a few blessed weeks, Her Royal Highness Camilla de Cordina could be just plain Camilla MacGee.  And working for Delaney Caine in Vermont’s backwoods offered a perfect refuge from the press.  But as her irritation toward the cantankerous archaeologist grew into fascination-then desire-the royal runaway knew she’d soon have to reveal herself.

Del had never needed anyone, and at first he accepted Camilla’s presence only grudgingly.  But, as the remarkable beauty insinuated herself into Del’s self-sufficient life, he found that she filled an emptiness he’d never know was there.  Only, what was Camilla hiding?

I liked this story Nora Roberts and it has intrigued me to go in search for the first three but it wasn’t thrilling as many of her books are.  It was just another book but with some really great parts and some humor involved.

This story was cute and charming, a little slow but was enjoyable to read.  I liked the characters and the surprise that all the characters were not who they were supposed to be.