When A Duke Says I Do

When a Duke Says I DoMiss Elsie Stanhope was destined to be married to a duke as a contact was drawn up years ago. Elisa will honor the agreement but wanted to just once live a little and find love. She will soon being finding that exact thing in an apprentice painter Alexander.

When A Duke Says I Do is a novel by the author Jane Goodger. Alright now I don’t know if I was just in a mood not to read or what but I found that this was not really pulling me to read the story. I knew right away who Alexander really was so there was no mystery to who he really was.  There was his story that was interesting as Goodger did provide an interesting and tragic background for Alex who had to survive through it. The character of Elisa was a little too silly for me and even Alexander at times. Their love was blown up on the pages and it was at times a little too cute.

I was happy that they did eventually have a happy ending but I couldn’t say I was totally invested in this book. I will still try another novel by Jane Goodger so I am not just judging my experience from one of her books.

Dark Summer by Iris Johansen

A working veterinarian, a lone man and his dog are about to be tangled in a very complicated web.

“Devon Brady is a devoted veterinarian working in a makeshift hospital on a remote search and rescue mission.  When a man arrives with his wounded black lab, Ned, she has no idea that she is about to be plunged into a whirlwind of terror and destruction.

Jude Marrock is out for revenge and has no choice but to involve Devon in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game with an escalating body count.  She doesn’t trust him one bit, but when the shots start flying and her friends start falling, she finds herself with nowhere else to run.  And there are innocent lives, both human and animal, at stake, including those of Ned and his mysterious pack.  Is Jude Devon’s salvation or her damnation?  Are the secrets he’s protecting worth killing for…or dying for?”

The story dialogue kept you turning the page in this fact pace thriller that Iris Johansen brought to text.  The characters in “Dark Summer” will amaze you and kept you entertained as you turn the pages.

Devon Brady is a veterinarian and has many animals that she has rescued in her life.  She has some good friends and a horrible ex husband but everything gets very complicated when she meets Jude and his dog Ned.  I love the fact that Devon is an animal lover and is able to rescue them.  I am a big animal lover, especially of dogs.

Now the great thing about Ned is that he is not your avenge dog.  He is being hunted because Ned is special.  He has the ability to heal and live longer.  Because of this trait anyone around him will be hunted.  Jude is the owner of Ned and protects Ned with his life and now Devon is going to be thrown into the middle of the warfare.

Jude Marrok is a very strong character that you want to succeed in his endeavors.  He takes Devon to help protect all the dogs with the special abilities but gets her tangled up with the villains who are after him and Ned.

The two characters, Devon and Jude are perfect together with their fierce protectiveness towards the animals and towards those they love.  The friends and people who work for them are entertaining and you sometimes do not know what side they are really on.

The end will surprise and excite you.  It was something that I didn’t exactly expect.

I have read most if not all books of Iris Johansen.  She is one of the authors I started a couple years ago.  I found one of her books and just started reading everyone I could get my hands on.  Reading her books I am always impressed by her dialogue, plots, characters and all the action which was intertwined within the pages of the book.