Hit List

Anita Blake is back in the twentieth book of the series created by Laurell Hamilton. If you are a fan of Anita Blake series you will want to check out Hit List.

Anita is back with her US Marshal’s badge helping out fellow Marshal Ted “Edward” but they will not be alone as Bernardo and Olaf will be on the scene. The team is helping to find out what had tore apart a man but Anita soon finds out that the Harlequin are after her still. With help of some of her men from St. Louis Anita will be protected but there will be causalities. Anita will also be running from Mother of all Darkness and this time she might be caught.

Laurell Hamilton is a hit or miss for me. I love her series at the beginning. I thought it was unique and different then it gets weird on you with all the things which happen to the character Anita. But still I want to keep reading as it intrigues me. The past couple of books were alright but I have to admit after reading Hit List I was excited about the series again. Hamilton goes back more to the roots of crime fighting and the sex was minimal. But no matter what I will always read the series to find out what will happen next. Once I start a series I will always see it out.

I really liked the crime fighting which surrounded the book. It was interesting to read about Edward, Anita, Bernardo, and Olaf all working together again. I also liked how Hamilton concentrated on hunting the killers which of course are the Harlequin. Hamilton will get Anita in a very tight situation which will be solved only with the help of her men which is interesting because she is still not all powerful and needs support.

At the end of Hit List Hamilton sets up her character Olaf to go through some changes which will effect Anita first and foremost. I liked how Hamilton also is keeping Edward in the picture. He is one of my favorite characters and I love how he is changing and growing into someone else. I am looking forward to when Hamilton will include Donna, Becca and Peter again.

Skin Trade by Laurell Hamilton

Skin Trade is the 17th book in Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series.  As usual the book was surrounding Anita Blake as she fights her enemies and her lust as her hunger grows.

At the end of Skin Trade I was happy to have it end.  The 17th book is a lot or so it seemed.  I read it once before and I think that there was just so much happening of the same that it wasn’t as great for me as her earlier books.  At a couple points it was hard for me to finish.

During the book it was hard to read as Anita keeps her men growing.  Sure it is fun to read but at times you wish she would gain control already.  The extra tigers was a different take in the story but they are just another group of men in her bed.  It is getting a little annoying.

The one thing I loved though was police work was put back into Anita’s life and characters that have not been around came back.  I like the complexity that Edward still has around him but it is becoming so much more.

Laurell Hamilton has a way though of making me still want to read her books.  I need to keep reading to find out more about Anita and her men.  Will she ever get pregnant or truly change into one of her beast?  Only time will tell.

Blood Noir by Laurell Hamilton

The sixteenth book, Blood Noir is worthwhile to read.  If you love reading about Jason this is the book for you.

Anita Blake is taking a trip with Jason to visit his dying estranged father.  All seemed very simple until they find out the Summerlands wedding is going to happen.  All will be going to hell as Jason and Anita fight to stay alive.

In the mist of it all I really liked this book.  Blood Noir has an interesting plot that gets Jason completely involved.  Out of werewolves Jason is my favorite character to read about.  I was ecstatic that the book was solely on Jason and Anita.

In the book it seemed to be less, to be tamed with all the sex which was nice because it didn’t take away from the action of and plot of Jason.  Of course in Hamilton’s book there is always that sexual desire which is created.  Anita is still feeding the ardeur but it is more controlled until the mother of all darkness gets a hold of her.

The cool part was Jason in the end became more to Anita.  He became her wolf to call.  This creates a greater tie between Anita and Jason.

Overall the book was fun to read, sensual and held a lot of action throughout the book.

The Harlequin by Laurell Hamilton

The fifteenth book, The Harlequin brings Anita Blake back to the pages to only encounter a deadly group who maybe want to see Blakes people dead.

I remember reading the book before again liked it but there is so much sex involved for Anita it can at times get annoying.  Anita keeps having to feed the ardeur and that means more men, more sex all the time.  Not going to lie it is fun to read but I have said it before I miss more of her detective work.  I like when Anita is with the cops doing work that she is good at.

The idea of the Harlequin was a new twist that was interesting to read about.  These people have not shown up so that was some new info which got you thinking.

The surprise that I liked is Edward.  He made a return to the books and is bringing Peter the now 16 year old kid.  I loved and hated the book with what happened to the children in Obsidian Butterfly. The action was great to read but the violence that happened to the children was devastating to read.  That screwed them up more so Peter.  He is now becoming a mini Edward but in a way I like that.  It shows the strength in the character.  Edward has changed as well which I thought was fascinating.  He is not the same ruthless killer in the beginning of the books.  He is different, tamed down a little.  But he will still kill the bad guy in a heart beat.

And the other thing that I find is interesting is Hamilton is slowly bringing the character of Mommy Dearest out as the characters call her.  The Mother of Darkness is slowly making herself known to Anita and her followers.

So overall The Harlequin was a good book to the Anita Blake series.

Micah by Laurell Hamilton

The thirteenth book by Hamilton was actually pretty good.  Micah was short, simple and to the point.

Micah is about Anita needing to fly over to raise a zombie for a judge and some lawyers.  Micah needs to come along to help when Anita feeds the ardeur.  Unexpected people show up that Anita and Micah both know.

This book went back to the beginning almost because Anita was doing her job with zombie raising.  It was short and fast to read.

I liked how you got to know more about Micah.  Since he as has been the perfect mate but you get to know him a little more.  I liked that Hamilton compiled that information in this short of a book.

The ardeur is still there but it wasn’t overwhelming the story with Anita and Micah which was nice.

Overall I really liked reading Micah.

Incubus Dreams by Laurell Hamilton

With every book in the Anita Blake series the plot is more aimed to Anita and what is happening in the supernatural world.  Slowly cop work is being forgotten about or it is being diluted into very little.

It is a sad thing that the police work is not a forerunner for the plot.  I find the crime investigation interesting to read.

The plot for Incubus Dreams is Anita is the best man at Larry’s wedding but trouble starts when a killer starts making bodies appear.  Anita is asked to help find the killer that is going after strip clubs which inhabit wereanimals.  But in life Anita is finding more problems with the men in her life and trying to maintain power.

So as I said there is police work but it is not forth coming with many scenes.  Hamilton is concentrating on Anita and her men.

One new thing is Anita is finally with Nathanial in every way.  By doing this Anita brings another man in her bed but also becomes stronger with the bond that Nathanial and Damien share with Anita.

Power is overflowing Anita as well.  Hamilton is getting to the point that Anita is uncontrolable if she delays feeding the ardeur which again can be fed through sex and blood.

The one thing I liked that really dealt with the sexual theme was her and Nathanial because that was a long time coming but the continual battle of Jean Claude, Richard and herself.  They create very steamy scenes together.  But I do not mind them.  I think because they were the very first attraction for Anita.

As far as the book goes it was interesting to read.  Hamilton knows how to write but I am getting a little tired of stories which seem to be all alike.  Incubus Dreams was long and it seemed in parts to keep going but surprisingly it was not really boring.  I think though there is too much filler that are in the pages.

Cerulean Sins by Laurell Hamilton

With each book that Hamilton writes it is getting steamier and steamier.  But still Cerulean Sins which is the eleventh book is pretty tamed.

Anita Blake is back in the eleventh book and is making an impact with the 2000 year old Vampire Belle Mort.  All the while trying to figure out the power which seems to be growing stronger.

I liked this book with the fact that Belle is making her way into Anita’s life.  She is trying to control Anita but she is not winning.  I am finding I still like Anita’s life but she is becoming strong more indifferent to killing and having sex with strangers or to her friends.

It was interesting to see those of Belle’s line coming to the Circus and trying to battle for power.  With all of them combined they are stronger than Belle has imagined.

The arduer is growing stronger.  This is a control over Anita.  She must feed the arduer either by sex, blood, or sex.  The idea seems a little riducles but it is entertaining to read about as Anita is acting in a way like an animal.  Her leopard side seems to take over more her wolf side makes its appearance every now and then.

It is now that Jason finally gets his wish and Anita and him have sex.  Of course it is under the radar of the arduer but it changes things.  Jason’s character is a fun one.  He is a playboy but when he gets series he becomes that more interesting.

Jason is not the only one who will be with Anita.  Asher finally gets his wish.  Jean Claude, Anita and Asher are all together.  Like it was in the past with their former human servant.

As Anita becomes more powerful she acquires a vampire servant with Damien.  I kind of liked this that Anita is not dependent on another vampire one is dependent on her.

As always though Hamilton writes books that entertain.  I am not done with reading them again.