Rumor Has It

Rumor Has ItGriffin Reid was back in his hometown once again for his sisters wedding. He will soon find himself staring at his sisters best friend Katie. He knew she was off limit but he went for it. It was supposed to be a one night stand but soon he will find he can’t stop thinking about her.

Kate Evans is a second grade teacher in her hometown. She has the chance to leave home for a year but can’t seem to accept because of fear with leaving her family alone. Kate will soon find another thing stopping her when she sees her childhood crush Griffin is back and her feelings have never changed.

Rumor Has It is the fourth book to Jill Shalvis’s series Animal Magnetism. The nice thing about these books are you can read them easily on their own. A little background is given and you wouldn’t get lost if you just picked up the book. Out of all four books that I have read I have to say I really like this one. They were all good but there was something about Kate and Griffin that had me wanting to read more and more. Kate had a unique situation with taking care of her family which she used as an excuse for not leaving. I liked that she grew stronger in the book and took charge even though it was not easy. Griffin was a war hero and it felt he was in a rut the entire book that is when he wasn’t with Kate. They each fought the attraction but could not keep apart especially as they each took that first step forward.

There is a little surprise that happens at the end that causes a little turmoil but Shalvis makes sure that the situation does not cause permanent damage. There is a perfect happy ending that left me smiling for Kate and Griffin.

There is a girl named Olivia in the book that is mentioned. I wonder if she will be the next one in the series or if Jill Shalvis will end it with the fourth book? Only time will tell but I will keep looking out for book from Shalvis maybe trying out another series other than Lucky Harbor series.

Rescue My Heart

Rescue My HeartWhen going through my library I found the third book of the series Animal Magnetism. I was excited to pick up the book Rescue My Heart but I was a little rusty with who the characters were as I couldn’t remember Holly Reid. Once I started to read the book all memory lapse were erased as these characters were alive again.

Adam Connelly is back and wants rest from his duty on the national guard. He will soon though find himself with another job as he faces the one woman who had gotten in his heart years before.

Holly Reid doesn’t like that her father was not answering his cell phone and is starting to worry for his safety. She sets out to find him with the help of one person. She doesn’t want to go to Adam but he is the only one that she could count on. Together they will search for her father and she will discover that she is not over her first love.

I love Jill Shalvis’s characters. There is so much charm and wit that fills the pages along with the sizzle between the characters. The two characters you wanted them to have that second chance at finding happiness with each other. I liked reading more on Holly as I thought she was an interesting character with her tough exterior only to crumble with Adam. Another fantastic book to the Animal Magnetism series.

Now from reading this book two characters were talked about often which leads me to believe that Kate and Grif will have their story next in the series.

Animal Attraction

Soon after reading the first book I went out in search of the second book from Animal Magnetism. I was happy to find out that Jill Shalvis wrote about Dell and Jade in Animal Attraction. 

Dell Connelly was the local vet along with his brother in the small town. He had his pick of any woman and usually did that is except for one and now she was leaving. He couldn’t understand what was stopping Jade but as news about local robberies of pet clinics started happening he started to realize. Dell found a way to help Jade and keep her close.

Jade Bennett had been a wounded animal at least that is what she told herself. After a string of pet clinic robberies she found herself scared. She was leaving soon but she wanted to get ready and Dell would be her answer.

I liked the continual theme Shalvis is going with in the series Animal Magnetism and that is healing. One or both of the characters from the books have need healing and are are helped throughout the story. The second book stays true to that theme.

Finishing up the book I wanted to know more with what will happen to the characters afterwards of course that will be found out later in the following stories.

Now as I read I absolutely fell in love with Jade and Dell’s character. Jade was described perfectly by Shalvis especially due to her past. I liked her story line as sad as it was. Dell was also one that had a sad past but it worked for him. I liked that Shalvis made him a playboy who never really got too close except of course with Jade who was unattainable.

Animals followed along in the story line as well as the last one and once again it was a sweet addition. The animals mirrored their masters who also needed help.

I can’t wait for the next story in Animal Magnetism series but sadly it has not come out yet. I hope soon.

Animal Magnetism

Growing up in a small town of Sunshine, Idaho Lilah Young had a routine and it did not have her crashing into a truck. Or meeting a hunk that she can’t stop staring at. Lilah will soon be bumping into Brady more and more as he stays to help his two friends. She will find that she needs to have more from Brady and will end up taking more, but not opening her heart.

Brady Miller is a pilot for hire and likes his life but things are about to change. Getting rear ended was a new experience but not as strange as seeing a duck on a leash. Brady is stunned by Lilah who helps these animals. His first instinct is to run as he is one for leaving but soon he finds it harder and harder to leave.

Animal Magnetism is the first book of Jill Shalvis’s new series Animal Magnetism. With Shalvis you know what to expect with steamy, funny scenes and a plot you just can’t get enough.

First thought of the series was I wanted more! Shalvis is usually an author I want to read and after reading this book it confirmed it once again. Shalvis creates a fantastic bunch of characters who I could easily see each having their own book contributed to the series, which she is making it happen.

The character of Lilah was a breath of fresh air. She was outspoken and hurt at the same time. I liked that she was emotional when it came to the animals. She took them in and gave them a home.

I loved Brady, the hard loving man/pilot who doesn’t care about anyone (except his foster brothers even if he doesn’t want to admit it). He will fall hard for Lilah but it wouldn’t be overnight.

Having the animals in the story made it sweeter and added humor to the characters lives. What I did not expect to find was the surprise relationship that Brady already had in this small town (his foster brothers Adam and Dell). That surprise kept you involved in the story and closer to his character as you got to know more about him.

After reading Animal Magnetism I couldn’t wait to find out who would be the next one to find that pull. Would it be Dell, Adam, Jade, or Holly?