Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire

Crouching Tiger Forbidden VampireRussell’s main goal was revenge. Since turning into a vampire he had wanted to kill Master Han who had held him prisoner for thirty nine years. Russell will be getting unwanted help from a weretiger, Jia.

Jia was a princess weretiger whose quest was to get revenge. She needed to kill Master Han who had butchered her family. She will find the chance with the vampire, Russell, who will not be happy with her tagging along.

Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire is the sixteenth and final book of the series Love at Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks. Over the years I have enjoyed the series and think overall this was a great vampire series. The sixteenth book was a great finish to the series.

The character of Russell I wasn’t sure about. You knew a little about him but it was only little pieces and within this last book you get to know his character a lot more. I found him to be very honorable and a good man though lonely. He finds some fire when he is with Jia whom I loved. Jia was a great weretiger. She was a little naive in life but fierce with her conviction of justice for her family. These two were destined to not be together but Sparks will make sure that another vampire and wereanimal will find happiness together.

The surprise of Master Han threw me. I did not figure out the mystery of Master Han until the secret was revealed. I liked that Sparks had Russell keep to his path of revenge even though there was a twist that made him rethink everything.

Sparks has the ending wrapping up everything for all of the characters which will have you smile and know that all your favorite characters are having their happy ending.

Vampire Mine

Almost immediately after finishing the ninth book of the series Love at Stake I went and got Vampire Mine . Though I couldn’t read it until I was finished with the ones due beforehand needless to say I made sure to read the other books quickly.

Connor Buchanan has been a vampire for almost five hundred years and is a hard man. With his past he keeps himself closed off and only doing his job but when he finds a woman in pain Connor can’t deny helping her. When he finds out that she is an angel he knows that she is forbidden, but sparks are going to fly between them.

Marielle was a banished angel as she could not help but disobey the heavenly fathers commands. She never did anything bad just listened to the pleas of the humans. But now she is banished. Marielle’s goal is to get back into heaven but knows it is almost impossible. Then she meets Connor who has saved her and she knows that if she can heal him she could get a place back in heaven. The question she will have to ask herself is does she want to?

After the book was finished there were a lot of things that had finished for the vampires, enemies destroyed, loved ones will face death, new vampires, past revealed, and new enemies. This book was one you will want to read but I do recommend to start at the beginning so you can really get into the characters of this series.

The characters of Marielle and Connor worked perfectly. I liked how Sparks intertwined Marielle to have made an impact in the lives of selected characters from the series. The fact that she was an angel banished from heaven gave the book a different spin from just vampires and shifters. And the choice/burden she had to go through gave the book a lot of depth.

Connor’s story I had been waiting for and you are not disappointed as you finally know what had happened to Connor. You will end up feeling for the vampire and want him to be healed and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

The series is a fun one to get into and keeps things light with the quirky writing which Sparks gives. You are drawn into the story and want to continue, and by the way she is going the series can keep going.

The next book is going to be all about Gregori in Sexiest Vampire Alive.