Almost an Angel

Almost an AngelCarolly Hanson is a angel in training. She must help others to redeem her past life and move to become an angel. So far her experiences have not worked out as well as she hoped, but when she meets James, the Earl of Traynern, Carolly is determined to earn her wings. She will help James find love, she just has to make sure not to fall in love with him.

James Oscar Henry Northram, Earl of Traynern, was riding his horse when he will stumble upon a woman who had been beaten. James will take it upon himself to help this woman but he will quickly find that she is not all that she appears.

Almost an Angel is the second book to the series Regency Rags to Riches by Jade Lee. I liked this story. It was completely different from the first book as that one had spies. This one was on the verge of supernatural with Carolly who was an angel, well an angel in training.

I liked the character of Carolly for the most part. She was training to be angel because in her past life she was a little too selfish. I liked that she was all in with helping, but I felt that her past life was still very relevant. She was still a little selfish and acted out at times, but for the majority of the book she is mending her ways. James character wants to help Carolly but to help her understand that she is not an angel. I liked that although he didn’t believe in Carolly he believed that she was a good person and was falling for her. With everyday that James was by Carolly he was starting to change and so was his niece and household, for the better.

The idea of Carolly being an angel in training was interesting. I liked that she had to work to be an angel. It wasn’t that she was bad in her previous life, just a little too selfish. It was interesting when she starts a new life that she doesn’t always remember her other missions or her original life. Pieces of those past come back to her but it gets scrambled.

Jade Lee will give several surprises that happen more towards the end. There will be a couple surprises that will show how bad one character was but the other surprises bring a happy ending to the story.

I am reading the third and final book to the series next.

Lover Reborn

Lover RebornTohrment otherwise known as Tohr has been mourning the loss of his mate since her untimely death. He has become a shell of himself. Tohr will have to move on when he is told that his beloved is stuck and in order for her to move on to the Fade Tohr has to find love again.

Lover Reborn is the tenth book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. This was a very good book. I thought that this story was well written with how much heartache there was with Tohr. You believed that he was in pain over the loss of his mate.

Tohr had disappeared for several books because of that pain and when he had come back to the Brotherhood he was not the same. I was drawn to Tohr’s story. I wanted him to find that happiness which is exactly what he had to do to save the mate he had lost. That was a horrible thing that Tohr had to try but as many know that with every death you have to move on. Tohr gets some help from an angel who is definitely not the typical kind of angel. I found Autumn an enduring character. She was a victim that was staying a victim in her own torment. Though I don’t think she was ruining everything that could make her happy. For some of those moments she was trying to spare Tohr some heartbreak.

The villain in this book was Xcor whose mission is to kill the King. They will get ruthless but they are still not the Lessers who are the ultimate enemy with the Omega as their leader.

So the situation with Tohr’s mate is that she is in the “In Between” which is like purgatory and she is fading. If she doesn’t go into the Fade then she will just disappear. It was a heartbreaking situation as Tohr was losing his mate all over again. Well don’t worry everything will work out how it will need to be.

I am reading the eleventh book next.

Violets in the Snow

Two years ago I had discovered some of Patricia Grasso’s novels due to my mom and her bookshelves. I went over a few of them liking Grasso’s style with the damsel in distress who has a little bite to her and the block headed man who is the seducer and always too cocky. I decided that as with most books it was time to start over with the author as even though I remember enjoying the books with all the frustration that went with it I can’t remember full specific details. I’m making it a project of mine to go back through all her books to refresh my mind of her stories.

I ordered several books of two series from my library and have received three books for the Duke’s Trilogy series.¬†The Duke’s Trilogy was one I had not tried before and was excited to start Violets in the Snow.

Isabelle Montgomery never had a true friend except for her guardian angel. Isabella knows that a dark prince will someday find her and marry her but she did not think it would be John her guardian while her brother is away. Isabella knows she should not let her heart get involved but it is hard to do with every stolen kiss he gives her.

John Saint Germain did not want to marry again as once was enough but one look at Isabella and his first thought was he wanted her. Helping Miles, Isabella’s brother, might not be a chore after all. Soon John is trapped to be married to Isabella but life with her doesn’t seem too bad. Of course life is never easy especially as someone is trying to kill him, Isabella talking to her guardian angel and his daughter he never knew is shoved into his house.

I have to say going back to a favorite author is always a pleasure. With a good author you get lost in their words, the characters and plot. Going back to Patricia Grasso I was reminded why I wanted to read her books once again even if her books at times are a struggle and they are never quite the perfect romance.

Isabella and John’s story I will have to say had a few road blocks in the novel but nothing quite sever if I remember correctly how Grasso creates her plot. I really liked how she kept it simple and problematic especially when a little girl was thrown into the plot. Lily was a cute addition and gave the story more heart.

Grasso surprised me with a guardian angel as a character in the book. To me that made Violets in the Snow fall more into the paranormal romance category. This was not a bad surprise especially as the angel plays a big part to bringing the characters together.

John was your usual rogue with his woman but I liked how Grasso created him to have a big heart or open to love especially when you find he is not so oblivious to the guardian angel.

Isabella was a sweet naive girl who you couldn’t help but love to read about. I liked that she grew bolder though as I would hate for her to be quiet and weak minded throughout the story.

The villain was known pretty quickly but there are always hidden ones but they will only be revealed at the end and their motives.

No Decent Gentleman will be the second book in the Duke’s Trilogy series.

The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires by Katie MacAlister

The sixth book to the series is funny as an angel and a virtue have to find a way to work together in The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires by Katie MacAlister.

Portia and Sarah were out to enjoy England but before they could a man tries to strangle Portia. Of course right away he realizes his mistakes and apologizes. But things are never that easy. The man, Theo soon realizes that he needs Portia as she will need him. Though Portia would like to rebut that idea but soon she will give into him.

I was surprised to start reading the book to find out there was no dark one at present. Only an angel and a virtue that was finding conflict with each other. But I liked how MacAlister created the angel into a dark one and of course only his Beloved is able to save him.

The characters were fun to read about and the plot was comical as Portia tries to handle these new powers she seemed to have acquire.

The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires is a great book in the series Dark One.