Some Like It Wicked

Some Like It WickedCatriona Kincaid has thought of Simon Wescott as a hero as a young woman and when she needs help she will turn to him five years later. She needs someone to escort her to Scotland to find her brother, who is believed dead and for her to claim her land.

Sir Simon Wescott was not the hero that Catriona thought and he was determined to prove that point. The problem was that he was starting to feel things for his wife but he was still not brave enough to show it.

Some Like It Wicked is the first book to the series Kincaid Highland. This was an engaging story that was really fast paced and I can’t wait to read the next installation which happens to be the last book of the series.

I love Catriona’s character. She is a brave woman who was a little naive but was not a weak woman. She believed in what was right and saw the good in other people. Catriona is just a very likeable character. Now Simon is not a villain in any sense. He is also a good man and is a hero in his own right especially when he will do what he can to help Catriona. It might have started with a bargain but Simon will find more and want more. I was happy when Simon got it together and the ending was very sweet between these characters.

Medeiros follows up with an epilogue that will show how life is for Catriona and Simon. They are extremely happily married with a growing family but then a letter comes and you will find out that Connor who was thought to be dead was really alive, at least for the time being. I will be reading the second/final book of the series next.

The Final Chapter of the MacKade Brothers

The first three books of the series MacKade Brothers were fantastic.  The last book, The Fall of Shane MacKade by Nora Roberts was finishing up with the youngest brother.  The brother that had told many he didn’t want to marry.  Also one that is not telling all, he holds a secret.  But this secret is shared with one woman, Rebecca Knight.

“The youngest MacKade, Shane, was a man of the land, so the last woman he expected to catch his eye was a Ph.D. toting academic.  But Rebecca Knight had caught much more than that.  One beautiful lady didn’t mean the fall of Shane MacKade from bachlorhood was a sure thing.  But it was definitely a possibility…”

The story had all the of the MacKade’s along with the spouses and new children.  Shane was the last brother who has not found love.  He has been having a fantastic time with many other women.  That is until Rebecca Knight makes an appearance in his life.  From the moment he saw her at the airport he was baffled.

Rebecca Knight was a bright woman who never had a normal life.  Only academic, nothing else except now.  She was drawn to this place through dreams that she had been having for several years now.  Rebecca has little to no real friends, except Regan but now there was Shane.  She decided to let herself go and enjoy.  Enjoy in the arms of Shane who was trying his best to seduce.

I love the fact that Shane does seduce her but Rebecca is still a little resistant.  She is logical and does not ask or act like a normal women.  This fact drives Shane crazy because he does not know what to do, and before he knows it Shane will be stuck on Rebecca.  But is he brave enough to tell her everything?

I am not sure which book I liked more so I will say all were wonderful to read.  The brothers are an example of brotherly love through ups and downs.  Nora Roberts knows how to write a romance novel that is charming, seductive and a little twist of the supernatural element.

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