Scandal in Spring

Scandal in SpringDaisy Bowman is being forced to wed in two months to a titled gentleman otherwise her father will make her marry is protege, Matthew Swift. Daisy has no desire to marry Matthew who was just like her father. Though as she spends time with him she will find that he is not the overbearing man she thought.

Matthew Swift has wanted Daisy Bowman since he began working with her father. He knew that she would never be his which is why he never tried to pursue her, though that will change. He will take that step towards Daisy but is still afraid his past will find him.

Scandal in Spring is the fourth book to the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas which was another fantastic book. The story is simple but the characters are entertaining which is what I always look for in books. I like my characters to have some life in them.

Daisy was probably the nicest member of the wallflowers which made me want to cheer for her all the more to find the perfect man. I was happy to read that she would be finding that man, it just happened to be in an unexpected person, Matthew. Now Matthew’s character was one of a very good man. I liked that he was not at all sinister like the sisters described him to be, instead he was a good man who was kind, had some humor and was in love with Daisy. I liked their banter back and fourth which was little but memorable especially when they played a game together. What they had going for each other, other than strong feelings, was the attraction which sizzled between them though at the same time it was sweet.

Alright now the mystery of Matthew’s past was something that was hinted about but nothing was never revealed until that moment at the end. I was wondering what was so bad in Matthew’s past that he was afraid of it coming out. When it was revealed I thought it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I was happy that the secret did not reveal that Matthew was a bad person.

I am finishing off the series with the last book, A Wallflower Christmas, which I am reading next.

Charlotte Collins

Charlotte CollinsCharlotte Collins is now a widow after seven years of marriage to Mr. Collins. She is wondering how she will live her life but that will be pushed to the side when she has her sister come join her at the cottage. She will help Maria find a suitor and love at the same time but problems will occur when Charlotte’s reputation will be in danger.

Reading Pride and Prejudice is always a joy no matter what time of day it is or how I am feeling because it takes you to that time period. Jennifer Becton continues from Pride and Prejudice with her own story following Charlotte in Charlotte Collins. With anything Austen I am always up to read it whether I like it is another question. Becton’s continuation of Charlotte left no doubt in my mind as this was a wonderfully written book once again bringing me back into that time period, into the world that Austen created. It was a fresh outlook on the classic story and characters. I was able to get lost in the book as it held similar wit along with the charm. There was of course the giggling of school girls looking for suitors and the flirtation in the ballrooms.

Charlotte was always the plain girl in the book but now in her widowhood she is blossoming and becoming the woman she was meant to be. She was still very proper but living a little more dangerously with letting herself take a chance. Mr. Basford I had thought would be the villain but he is our hero as everything he does is to help Charlotte. I loved that he was an American who cared little for fashion and only wanted to help.

Charlotte Collins will makes you smile that Charlotte will have her own happy ending. Becton has another book written on Caroline Bingely who was never a favorite but I would be interested to find out where her story will go.