A Midnight Clear

A Midnight ClearTroy Davenport had left his family and the family business to pursue art which had been his calling. His art will lead him to many places and to his next muse, Miranda Granger. He will want more than anything to paint her but Troy had to convince her.

Miranda Granger had been ruined nine years ago only no one knew that fact. Miranda keeps herself distant from any man that might want more from her. She will be very weary when it came to Troy but she found he was bringing back emotions that had long ago buried.

A Midnight Clear is the first book to the series Edwardian Nights by Kristina Cook. I really loved this novel. Kristina Cook writes so that you love the characters, so that you connect with them through the good and bad things that happen to them.

I liked Miranda’s characters as she felt real. She had made a mistake and for the past 10 years she was not allowed to really forget that. She is almost like a doormat but underneath there is a woman with fire and courage to live again. It takes a charming painter to bring that out of her. Troy was that charming painter. He was a rogue but not in a villainous way or one that flaunted his affairs. If anything Troy almost lived under the radar which made sense as he wanted to be known as Troy the painter and not be connected to his wealthy family.

So within this novel there are no real enemies but I will say that I really disliked Gertie. I thought at first she was just immature. Well she is that but she is also vengeful when it comes to her older sister. I really didn’t like that Kristina Cook didn’t give us some conclusion with Gertie getting into trouble. I did like how Cook ended the book but I wanted to know that Gertie wouldn’t get away with what she had done.

Well I am done with reading Kristina Cook’s at least for now. I hope that she will continue with this series and maybe the next person will be with Caroline.

Rapture Becomes Her

Rapture Becomes HerEmily Townsend took it upon herself to save her family from ruin and she started smuggling goods where she was the leader. She will find herself entering dangerous waters especially when her men bring back a man who appeared to have almost drowned.

Barnaby, the new Viscount Joslyn, had been almost killed by drowning. He will do whatever he can to find out who had tried to kill him. He will find help from the woman who had helped save him. Together they will find out the villains.

Rapture Becomes Her is the fifth book to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. Throughout reading this series I have liked these books and I will say that I liked the book but it wasn’t my favorite among the others. There was nothing wrong with the book. The writing was well done and I liked the characters of Emily and Barnaby. I thought the idea of the smuggling ring was interesting plot especially with how Emily played into the smuggling.

This story had several villains that drifted around the book that were some for Emily and some for Barnaby. Well needless to say our hero’s were able to get rid of their villains with the help of each other and others around them.

I will be reading the sixth book next which is the last book of the series.

The Truth About Lord Stoneville

The Truth About Lord StonevilleMarquess of Stoneville, Oliver Sharpe, had lived with scandal for the last nineteen years since his parents death when he was sixteen years old. Now as a man he has a new problem that starts with his grandmother who threatens to disown him and his siblings if they do not find a spouse in the next year. Oliver will play his grandmothers bluff and blackmail Maria Butterfield but will find that he will not be immune to her as he would have liked.

Miss Maria Butterfield was in London to find her fiance who had not been heard from for the last three months. She will find herself in trouble when she is claimed to be a thief and will be blackmailed into pretending to be Oliver Sharpe’s fiance and will help her find her real one. Maria did not know that by agreeing she will start to fall for the man.

The Truth About Lord Stonville is the first book to the series Hellions of Halstead Hall by Sabrina Jeffries. I really loved this book. Previously I have read the fifth book of the series and thought it was great but it was a story in process. I wished I had started with this book but oh well it doesn’t always happen. Thanks to reading it out of order I know some of the secrets but with starting at the beginning I will be able to read how those secrets had come to be. I also enjoyed reading about Celia and Pinter, who are the main characters in the fifth book, and how they interact with each other.

Oliver was a troubled man who was living with plenty of guilt since he was sixteen years old. I liked learning the mystery with what had happened with the parents and how it had started with what happened with Oliver. Maria was a determined woman to find the man who was her fiance. I liked her backbone as she did not just give into to what Oliver wanted. I thought the interaction between them was at times sweet but mostly it was steamy as Oliver was making it his mission to seduce this woman.

The family I really loved. All of the siblings played a part in the book and all had their individual voices. I really can’t wait to read their stories and I was able to get all six books from the series. I have already read the fifth book but I will be re-reading it anyways to go through the entire series.

A Hellion in Her Bed is the second book which I will be reading next.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days

How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysStuart, Duke of Margrave, had a brush with death and knows he needs to come back home to his wife. He wants to make his marriage real but he will have to convince Edie. That will be a hard task as his wife will resist him but when he gives her a wager that will either keep them together or split them up forever. All he will need to do is convince his wife to kiss him.

Edie, Duchess of Margrave, has lived five years without her husband as he was off in Africa. The situation was perfect for Edie but that will all change when Stuart will come home. Edie needs to run away as her husband has set out to seduce her and want her in his life which is the one thing she can’t do. With the wager in place Edie will have ten days to stay away from her husband as a kiss is the only way she will lose. But with every day she spends with him she is healed more and more.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days is the second book to the series American Heiress in London by Laura Lee Guhrke. I loved this book and love this author. Really with every book that I get of Guhrke I fall into a nice rhythm where sit down and just read the book enjoying every page.

This is a book full of charm and flows very easily as the story was just a really good one to read. Edie and Stuart were doomed from the start when they walked into the relationship. Edie wasn’t ready for what Stuart might have wanted and Stuart was not ready for more at least at this time. Then five years happen and even though Edie is still broken she is opened for more, she just didn’t know it. Stuart came home because of a brush with death which had him thinking. He wanted more out of life which meant his wife. I liked that he only had 10 days to convince Edie to kiss him, to give him a chance.

Now even though there were characters that I loved there was a darker part to the book with what happened to Edie. With what happened to her I knew it was bad and pretty much knew what it would be but it was not confirmed until about half way through the book. How Stuart handled this new situation was the right way of doing things. I hated that her character went through this trauma but she grows stronger through the book and once she opens up it gets easier. Now the villain gets what he deserves and I was happy with the outcome as it gives Edie a piece of mind.

A Tale for the Time Being

A Tale fro the Time BeingA Tale for the Time Being is a novel by Ruth Ozeki which was selected for my March book club. I will say that this was a book that I would never have selected for myself like most of the books I have read for by book club. I would have walked right past the book and gone onto a romance that I wanted.

So the idea of this book was that a sixteen year Japanese girl, Nao, who grew up in California had to move back to Japan at 15 years old because her father was laid off. Once they move back the family goes through a crisis but they all deal with it on their own. Mainly it is suicide that is happening. The father has tried and going to try again and Nao is telling us that by the end of her story she will take the plunge as well. We know what is going on through Nao diary that she is writing. The interesting part is that we know about the diary as it is washed up along the shore of Canada and this woman Ruth picks it up and starts to read.

First off this was a very good book and I am happy to have read it. Now saying all that there are things that disturbed me which were all that was happening to Nao. She was tortured by these bullies in her school and I mean every single person. I don’t know how she didn’t flee from school after a week of that torment. It is unbelievable how the whole school attacked her and even the substitute teacher. You wanted all those people to be punished but if the adults are in on it who do you turn too? Her mother was no real help and her father was too far gone to really do anything. I will say that the father did try to help at one point but even then it wasn’t enough.

Then there is the character of Ruth, our author, who reads the diary and feels that she needs to save Nao even though rationally we know that these things in the diary have happened but then there are the dreams. My favorite is when Ruth will meet and Nao’s father in her dream and change what he was going to do and Nao’s path. This will lead them to have a chance to live.

Another amazing part of the book was the character Jiko, the great grandmother, who was a feminist nun and a Buddhist whose words were inspiring. When she spent time with her great granddaughter it made all the difference. There were still those bullies for Nao but she was a little stronger to a point. There are so many other parts to the book that I haven’t even mentioned as it is a story that can keep you discussing parts to the book over and over as new things will keep popping up.

Now from how the ending happened you are still left in the dark of what happened to Nao and her family. There is a letter from Nao’s father that tells the read what has happened and they are all good things, so I figured that is what I am going to believe as I want this family to have a happy ending.

A Tale for the Time Being was worth reading.

To Tame a Duke

Lily Hawthorne is a spy for her country. She is proud to do something that helps America and her brother and her fiance. But now she is in trouble. Lily along with her little brother Michael will be taken by an Englishman as he thinks she caused his brothers death. Lily will fight the entire time but feelings of longing for her abductor will have her questioning what she wants.

James Armstrong, fourteenth Duke of Kinross is bent on having his revenge for his brother who was killed by the Gilded Lily. James will be shocked to find that the spy is a woman but nevertheless he will take her and have a new type of revenge on her. The same action will cause James to find himself not so immune to this woman.

To Tame a Duke is the last book of the Duke’s Trilogy series. I thought it was interesting that in the second book you hear about the married couple James and Lily but in the third book they are having their own story. For me this was great as Patricia Grasso keeps her characters and plot interesting with betrayals that only hurt each other. So I knew the outcome for the characters making it easier to read as there would be a happy ending.

I do like that Grasso makes her characters usually at odds but with strong passions that always lead to love with a few hurtles to jump over, this was the same for To Tame a Duke. I did think it was inventive for Lily to be a spy using her unique abilities to remember. James was gallant at times but mostly being a jackass as he wanted to break Lily down.

Now finishing the series I am contemplating which one to go for next. To prolong Patricia Grasso I might even take a small break from her. I suppose only time will tell which one I will choose and when as its the library I will be waiting on to receive the books from other libraries.

The Naked Duke

After I had finished the last book of the Naked Nobility series I decided it was time to go and read the very first book which started it all. The Naked Duke starts the series which Sally MacKenzie created.

Miss Sarah Hamilton lost the last of her family and had promised to find her uncle. Sarah travels from the colonies to London only to encounter more problems. Her uncle no longer lives and she has a cousin but worst is when she winds up naked in a bed who is also naked.

James, The Duke of Alvord, should have known Robbie would bring a whore to him but for some reason James did not kick her out. Waking up naked to a naked woman stirred James but quickly he found she was not who he thought. James is thrilled at the prospect of marrying this fiery red head but problems will occur when the girl does not feel the same except her action tell a different story.

I was impressed with the plot of the story and the hidden secret which the Duke carried. It was a twist that you wouldn’t think was possible with all the available women which were out there.

Sarah’s character you will love as she is the fish out of water in this society and you fall in love with James when he finds passion with her.

The villain of Richard was dark and disturbed which made the book all more appealing. And of course from reading the books before hand I got to see where characters came from.

The Naked Duke is an excellent novel to begin with the Naked Nobility series and I recommend reading this humorous series.

The Duchess is getting a lot more than expected

Reading a couple books from Jude Deveraux I hesitate picking up her books not because I wouldn’t like them because I do but they are filled with characters who fight tooth and nail and make it hard to finish. You wonder if Deveraux is going to end it more tragic. She hasn’t so far just given the characters a different path to take instead of the one which had been set for them. This book, The Duchess, from the series Montgomery. One of the previous books was with Angus McCairn as a stepfather. It was fun to read about Angus in a different context.

Claire Willoughby is a modern american girl and knows she has to marry for man reasons. She would like to marry for love which is why she was lucky to meet Harry Montgomery who happens to be a Duke. Her parents excepted it with glee and Claire was happy enough that she would be a Duchess and provide for her sister and control her money.

Harry Montgomery is not all he is known to be. He is handsome and a Montgomery but not the true duke which is his brother who has returned from the dead. But there is more turmoil as it stems from the mother of the Montgomery children. Claire will be engaged to Harry but soon will find herself in love with the brother who she doesn’t know to be the real duke, Trevelyan. But Claire will be overcome with the betrayal which Trevelyan continually adds to her life. Claire must choose the man to live with or choose neither.

Deveraux will have you biting your nails to the very end to find out who Claire will end up with. She handles intrigue with her characters and entices the reader. The Duchess is tenth book of the series Montgomery.


Taking a second novel from the many selections of Jude Deveraux I was thrilled to read Temptation. Jude Deveraux delivers a fiery pair of characters who are less than thrilled to be played with.

Temperance O’Neil was not a woman to mess around with. In the 1900’s she was a force to be reckened with. She gave speeches and helped those woman get a second chance. But then everything changes as her mother remarries and they are forced to move to Scotland. Temperance is horrified but is blackmailed to do her new stepfather’s bidding. His thought of a woman is to be meek and sit with the children. He sees that in Temperance’s mother.

Temperance has an out as Angus her stepfather makes her become a housekeeper for his nephew. He wants Temperance to find James McCairn a wife and then she may go back to New York. Temperance agrees as it is a means to leave but once she settles into James manor she finds it hard to leave.

I was surprised that this novel was really entertaining to read. It was entertaining to read as the characters all hid a part of themselves and were revealed slowly through the book.

Temperance was all fire and stubbornness which was needed as Deveraux creates James to be just the same. I disliked the relationship that Temperance had with her mother but Deveraux fixes the situation.

I liked how the author gives the happy ending but in a different way which you didn’t think would happen. You are left to keep guessing until the very end as a happy ending finally appears.

Overall a fantastic story full of family dynamics and growing friendships which blossom to love.

Cordina’s Royal Family by Nora Roberts

This is the collection of the first three books about the Royal Family of Cordina. I took the chance on these three stories after I picked up the fourth and final book. I liked the fourth okay, but I went to look at these three.  It was fantastic.  Within this series Nora Roberts creates this whimsical, adventures, enduring, romantic characters and plot. Makes you sigh and jump for joy as love conquers all for those royal siblings.

Affaire Royale

Recently kidnapped Princess Gabriella has amnesia, but in the arms of bodyguard Reeve MacGee she finds a passion that’s unforgettable.

Since I read the last book first I found out about their daughter before I read about the parents. I loved this story as the beginning. It was cute, entertaining, and enduring. I loved seeing how Camille’s parents met. The Royal family is a delight.

Command Performance

Though His Royal Highness Alexander is destined to rule Cordina, it’s regal-and elusive-Eve Hamilton who rules his heart.

The second was so sweet and romantic. Both wanted each other but never went for it. Then fate gives them their chance only to have it more obstacles put in the way but not forever. It was funny, completely romantic story between them.

The Playboy Prince

Why is reserved Hannah Rothchild so intriguing to dedicated ladies man Prince Bennett? Is it her secret mission-or the fascinating lady herself?

The last story was lovely. I loved how reserved Hannah was and able to get the playboy Prince on his bend and knee for her. You knew there would be a happy ending but there were some bumps in the road.

The series of Cordina’s Royal Family was a delight to read.