Lie By Moonlight by Amanda Quick

The last and fourth book of the Vanza series was an absolute delight to read.

Hired to tutor four orphan girls to remote, ramshackle Aldwick Castle, Miss Concordia Glade is pleased to find her pupils both eager and bright.  Indeed, they are bright enough to have noticed some oddities about their situation.  Provided for by an unseen benefactor, they are surrounded at all times by hard-eyed guards in the guise of gardners and their previous tutor, she learns, disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Stepping into this uncertain atmosphere, Concordia sees at once what must be done.  The plan is daring in scope and execution, but with the help of her four students, the great escape stands a good chance of success.  Of course, even the best laid plans can go awry…and even the most independent, strong-minded lady must occasionally accept an offer of help.

During an investigation into a woman’s death, private inquiry agent Ambrose Wells finds himself on the castle grounds  and in the middle of chaos.  The building is in flames.  People are dead.  And a woman and four girls are fleeing on horseback.  A confirmed loner, Ambrose nevertheless finds himself taking Concordia and her students under his wing.  His past has made him eminently suitable to protect them from the person behind the events at Aldwick Castle: a notorious London crime Lord who will stop at nothing to destroy those who know his secrets.

Their lives at risk, Concordia and the girls must remain safely in hiding until Ambrose is able to unravel the dark conspiracy.  But if the girls have learned anything from Miss Glade, it is the value of curiosity a quality their teacher possess in great abundance.  She has never been one to sit back quietly and let others take care of her.  As the danger circles ever closer, Ambrose adn Concordia must work together to discover a way out of the darkness.  In the process, they will learn a few lessons themselves about stubbornness, courage, and love.

The last book of the series was wonderful to read.  There was intrigue, excitement and entertainment.  I loved the plot of a teacher who takes four of the girls and manages an escape.

The characters were creative and enduring while the plot was entertaining.  I love each trait of the characters as they worked their way through the plot, each were unforgettable.

Quick leaves you with a smile at the end where everyone is moving toward the future.

With this Ring by Amanda Quick

Beatrice Poole may be a vicar’s daughter, but that doesn’t mean she’s a stranger to the darker passions.  Indeed, she knows enough about gothic terrors to have carved out a highly successful career penning “horrid novels.”  But now the talented authoress finds herself in the midst of an ominous adventure that rivals anything she’s ever written.

Her beloved Uncle Reggie is dead, his house has been ransacked, and Beatrice suspects that he was murdered-all because of his keen interest in a fabled treasure that may not even exist.  Rumors abound that the Forbidden Rings of Aphrodite, said to give their possesor the most unnatural powers, have surfaced in London.  Yet Beatrice needs more than rumors to uncover the truth.  That’s why she’s braved the wilds of Devon to seek out a leading authority of antiquities and ancient legends: the famously eccentric, unquestionably reclusive, possibly dangerous Earl of Monkcrest, a man believed to dabble in the supernatural.

But bearding the Mad Monk of Monkcrest in his den and dangling the possibility of uncovering a fabulous artifact before him may be the biggest mistake of Beatrice’s life.  For suddenly she finds herself joined in an uneasy alliance with a man who is every bit as fascinating as one of the heros in her novel.

Five minutes in her company-that’s all it takes for Leo Drake to realize that never has he met a woman more stubborn, more infuriating…or more likely to rescue him from boredom than the alluring Beatrice Poole.  So when the daring widow insists upon haring off after a mythic treasure that has no doubt lured any number of  men to their doom, Leo refuses to let her go alone.  Yet keeping Beatrice out of mischief-and in his arms-won’t necessarily keep her safe.  For somewhere in the netherworld of London, a villain lurks, waiting for the loves to unearth the Forbidden Rings-knowing that when they do, that day will be their last.

This is one of the books in the Vanza series by Quick.  They are addicting to read.

I liked the characters.  Beatrice is indeed a widow not playing one but is passionate with her writing of horrid novels which is fantastic.  Leo is fascinating with his new view on life as Beatrice shows up.  He is still a man who does what he wants but now he wants to help Beatrice.

I love their passion which is thrown into the book at the very beginning and how it escalates as the situations because more dangerous.

It is intriguing how the rings are the main mystery behind the book.  Interesting to find out the mystery at the end and to see what was causing all the problems.

Quick delivers With This Ring with her normal style of writing, witty characters, intriguing plot, danger, passion and a little mystery.

Mistress by Amanda Quick

Quick is always one to make me become invested within her books.  She has a way that lets you into the characters lives and go through what they are feeling which is why I keep reading her books.

When Iphiginia Bright discovered that her beloved aunt Zoe had fallen victim to a sinister blackmailer, she jumped at the chance to help.  And her plan-to lure the villain into the open by posing as the latest paramour of the notorious Earl of Masters, a man rumored to have disappeared at the hands osf the blackmailer-was nothing short of inspired.  But in the midst of the glittering ball, surrounded by ardent admires, the newly transformed Iphiginia would suddenly come face to face with the last man she ever expected to meet: the darkly sensual Earl of Masters himself.  And now, the intrepid poseur is in even more danger, as she battles the blackmailer and a totally unexpected threat to her heart…for Marcus Cloud is not devastatingly seductive-he’s determined to make this beautiful deceiver his own.

I was impressed when I read the book.  I guess it was the sheer fact that her character, Iphiginia, was able to do what she needed to be.  Romances are now getting to the point that the women are strong.  A man is good but to survive is not always the need.  It’s nice to read at times but really I like most romances no matter who thinks they are in charge.

Mistress was actually humorous which was a nice addition for Quick.  Her books hold wit but not real comedy.  This one had some of those moments that were a little comical.

The men are all strong willed men who do not like to show weakness.  Masters does that.  He shows his weakness by having those rules which ensure that he wouldn’t be miserable.  Iphiginia of course shows that he is miserable especially without her.

Intrigue, navieeness, seduction, mystery, romance, and adventure all combined creates an enjoyable novel.

Mischief by Amanda Quick

Imogen Waterstone had always prided herself on being a thoroughly independent young woman.  But now she needed a man, and not just any man: one with an implacable will and nerves of iron.  That’s why she invited Matthias Marshall, the infamous Earl of Colchester, to her home in Upper Stickleford.  For who better than the legendary explorer to help her lay the perfect trap.

Her scheme was simple, really:  She planned to let it be known that when she inherited her uncle’s collection of antiquities, she also inherited a map of a fabulous ancient treasure.  She was certain that her enemy would risk financial ruin in pursuit of the mythical artifact.  And to make doubly sure the scoundrel took the bait, the strong-minded beauty expected Colchester to set himself up as the ruthless lord’s rival and pretend that he was out to seduce Imogen so that he, too, could get his hands on her map.

Yet in all of her plotting, Imogen never anticipated Colchester’s violent reaction to her request…or her own electrifying reaction to him.  With his powerful build and the swath of silver in his midnight dark hair, Matthias was more than magnificent.  And as he entered into her charade, acting out the part of spellbound suitor for all the world to see, Imogen found herself in the thrall of true passion at last.

But to Colchester it was no act.  Indeed, to the formidable earl’s surprise, he found himself succumbing to the charms of the most amazingly forceful, opinionated, stubborn woman it had ever been his misfortune to meet.  Yet just as he decides the time is ripe to reveal his own motives for going along with Imogen’s scheme, there emerges from the labyrinth of London society an undreamed-of threat-sinister enough to endanger the one woman a man like Colchester could ever love.

Quick is true to her titles.  This book was very mischievous and I loved it.  There was mystery, sinister motives, adventure, and suspense.

I liked the fact that you didn’t really know the bad guy until the very end.  Of course I had suspects but they did not pan out.  They were not who you thought they were.

The main character Imogen is a priceless character.  She is very naive which gives an advantage for her.  The naivete is clever.   Colchester is an interesting man as well, an enigma in his own way.  The two should not get along but it happens.  I like how they are complete opposites and manage to get along through their partnership and sleeping arrangements.

Quick delivers Mischief with an entertaining plot and fascinating characters.

Deception by Amanda Quick

Quick is and will always be my go to romance author for the Victorian time period.  She creates that stage of intrigue which draws you into the novel.

Once Olympia Wingfield had been free to devote all her time to her true passion: the study of ancient legends and long-lost treasure.  But now, with three hellion nephews to raise, the absentminded beauty has very little time for research.  Which makes it seem all the more serendipitous when a handsome stranger strides into Olympia’s library unannounced and proceeds to set her world to rights…

Tall and dark, with long, windswept black hair, Jared Chillhurst is the embodiment of Olympia’s most exotic dreams…a daring pirate, masquerading in teachers grab, whose plundering kisses and traveler’s tales quickly win her heart.  Yet all too soon innocent Olympia will discover that the enigmatic and wickedly sensual Mr. Chillhurst is no lowly tutor but a future earl with a wealth of secrets the kind that will lead them both on a perilous quest for a hidden fortune and a love worth more than gold.

This was a light hearted story that was very sweet.  The main characters of Olympia is enduring because her of child like ideals in life but she is a wonderful person.  Chillhurst is a menacing man who looks like a pirate but he is playing the role of a tutor yet he is anything but that.  I like that you know who he really is and get to see how Olympia will discover the truth.

The addition of the wild nephews added fun to the novel.  They were spirited and created an opportunity to let each character show a side of themselves.

Amanda Quick brings intriguing characters and creates an enjoyable novel to read.

Wicked Widow by Amanda Quick

Madeline Deveridge is all too aware of the whispers behind her back, the rumors that she dispatched her husband to the next world and concealed her crime.  But Madeline has a far more pressing problem than being called the Wicked Widow.  She fears that she and her beloved aunt are being haunted!  And all the evidence points to one improbable culprit: the ghost of the her late husband.  Of course it is impossible but Madeline cannot take chances.  So she dares summon the only person with the power to help her uncover the truth-Artemis Hunt.

Brilliant, relentless, reclusive, Artemis has made it his business to keep much of his private life hidden.  No one knows that he’s the owner of the Dream Pavilions, London’s favorite pleasure garden, or that he’s a master of an arcane society.  Curiosity brings him out on a fog-shrouded night to meet the infamous Wicked Widow, but his amusement quickly flees when he realizes that Madeline has learned enough about his affairs to wreak havoc on his carefully ordered existence.  He must secure her guarantee never to divulge his secrets to anyone, even if it means helping her track down a phantom.

As soon as the bargain is struck, Artemis and Madeline find their arrangement complicated by a searing desire, and the frightening realization that the ghost poses a very real danger.  Now they must plunge into a world of intrigue and ancient mysteries, where a tantalizing passion-and a calculating killer-will not be denied.

With every book Amanda Quick delivers I have to find and read.  I love her style of witting.  That cool witty, interesting characters with mystery and passion thrown all into the mix.

Her character of Madeline and Artemis were perfect together as they make their way into this mystery.  I like the passion that they created within the book.  And the intrigue of once again the Vanza is captivating.

Wicked Widow the third novel of the series Vanza by Amanda Quick is fun to read and entertaining as Madeline and Artemis have to find a way to get help each other and tangle themselves into a passionate web of mystery and lust.

I Thee Wed by Amanda Quick

The Vanza Series which starts out with a bang, adultery, murder and seduction the only way to go with Amanda Quick.

It isn’t easy making a living as a lady’s companion when one possesses a sharp tongue and an orignial mind.  That’s why Emma Greyson has gone through three such positions in six monthes.  But penning her own refrence and hiding her spirited nature behind a pair of spectacles won’t keep her out of trouble for long.

Her latest post requires her presence at a tiresome country house party, where the cream of London society has assembled, and where it’s downright impossible to avoid the advances of lecherous gentlemen.  On one particular night, Emma has no choice but to duck inside a wardrobe to hide.  Shockingly, the space is already occupied-by none other than the legendary Edison Strokes!

Strokes may rule his business empire with a steely hand, but he doesn’t have the heart to deny the desperate request of an old friend.  That plea has sent him on the trail of an anonymous thief who has stolen an ancient book of arcane potions.  He suspects his quarry is among the party’s guests-and he knows the villain is on the lookout for a highly intuitive woman on whom to test a certain elixir.  A woman like Emma.

Aware that she’s in danger, Edison resolves to keep an eye on her by employing her as his assistant.  But he soon discovers what several previous employers have learned the hard way.  Hiring Emma is one thing, getting her to follow orders is quite another!

For Emma, the new post brings exciting challenges, including unexpected passion and chilling danger.  But when murder strikes, she realizes the awful truth.  Unless she and Edison devise a scheme to outwit the merciless killer, she could forever lose the man of her dreams-and even her very life…

The first book of the series left me wanting more.  I thought it was intriguing with the idea of Vanza.  This idea follows through with Quick’s or Krentz books with the paranormal.

I seem to be drawn to these type of books.  Quick brings the victorian period and then mixes it with paranormal concepts or adventure and even suspense.  Every book I get of hers I am drawn too.

I Thee Wed comes to the pages and introduces the eclusive group of the Vanza.

The series is a combination of four books.