An Honorable Man

An Honorable ManLieutenant Colonel Hamilton Wulf was on leave to see Liv to give her bad news but he was also there to bring her something more. It will take everything that Ham has to convince Liv to take a chance on them.

Liv Avery wanted a life outside of the military, but it was difficult with her father and the man she loved were in the air force. When bad news comes her way Liv will have to put trust in the man she loved and take a chance.

An Honorable Man is part of a collection called Men of Courage. I decided after reading Outrageous I wanted to find another book from Lori Foster that I have not read. I didn’t have any doubt that I wouldn’t like the book as I do like most of her novels. Well I really liked this book. It was short but had that emotional pull that you wanted.

I liked that Liv was doing what she wanted and trying to move on. She was tired of playing second to the career of the man that she wanted. Your heart hurts for Liv as it was clear she had been hurt by the men in her life, emotional hurt. I liked that Foster wrote Ham to be aware of the struggles Liv was having. I instantly liked Ham because he was different from her father. He wanted a wife, kids and the military and he was determined to make it work.

I think that the story could have been flushed out more but I felt satisfied with how it was written.

Secrets of Bella Terra

Christina Dodd’s stories I have found are always tough to read, not hard to understand but there is never an easy way with the characters in the books. In Bella Terra Deception series first book, Secrets of Bella Terra, Dodd packs a wallop in the very first scene and immediately you are drawn into learn about the secrets Bella Terra has to offer.

Rafe Di Lucca is the middle brother of his siblings and has been away for a time but now is back due to his grandmother. Seeing her in the hospital was not something he wanted to see. He knew he would find the killer but Rafe didn’t expect to find help from the girl he had loved back in high school. For Rafe finding the attacker was number one priority but it was hard to do when all he wanted to do was kiss her.

Brooke Petersson is good at her job. She loves her home, her mom and the people around her. When she saw Rafe walk through the hospital her heart skipped at beat. She knew feelings were still there for her but couldn’t tell on his part. She knew lust was still there but she wanted more, the love they once had. But love would have to wait as a murder was walking around and accidents were happening left and right at the resort.

With the first book you find out all about the Di Lucca and the dysfunction they call a family. That alone made the plot interesting but with the attacks Dodd gives intrigue in the plot.

Her characters are all harden to a point with how life had treated them. Both Rafe and Brooke are two strong willed people who will not bend for one another in fears of being rejected. I liked that there was a struggle for the true feelings to appear and really shine. Of course for Rafe half the time I wanted someone to hit him as he was bull headed and didn’t understand what he said to upset Brooke.

Now for the first book of this series there was a lot of intrigue and mystery surrounding the happening in Bella Terra that made you want to flip the pages. The stubborn grandmother who was attacked helped you want to stay involve as she was matriarch of the family and was an entertaining character.

Aside from the struggling love story I really liked the plot of betrayal and sabotage that was interwoven within the pages. You knew the bad guys but not to the extent of who would really be doing this and why. Dodd leaves that to the end to give a solid ending for Rafe and Brooke.

With one brother down it will be Eli who will be in the next one with Revenge at Bella Terra.