Unguarded by Tracy Wolff

Unguarded¬†was actually a surprise to read. Tracy Wolff’s summary on the back cover was very general but as you start to read there is something not right with the main character and then you find out…

Rhiannon Jenkins plans events and is getting better as she is in the job but now there is a problem. A man who is ten years younger is needing her help for a party but he is stiring something inside of her.

Shawn Emerson is known for his graphic novels and has made his fortune that way. He dates but stays uncomplicated until he gets a look at his events planner. He wants her so he flirts but there is not a lot of emotion he is getting from her and he wants to know why.

Tracy Wolff is creative in the sense she does not out right tell you what is wrong with Rhiannon but lets it slowly unfold. This story is really about a woman’s emotional battle to let a man back into her life after three years of not being intimate with a man because of her rape.

The story hits to the heart and you feel invested in the character and caught off guard how the story will impact you as it is read.