Smooth Talking Stranger

Jack Travis was astonished when a woman and a baby showed up at his office claiming the child was his. Jack knew he was not the father but instead of sending them away Jack helped them. He wanted to keep Ella and Luke close to him.

Ella Varner always helped her sister which was why she ended up taking care of her nephew, Luke. She was out of her depth but was determined. Ella will end up getting help from an unexpected source, Jack.

Smooth Talking Stranger is the third book to the series Travises by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. For me this series gets better and better. Hopefully the last book will keep going with the trend.

For me this was all about character development of Jack and Ella. These two characters very much had commitment phobia. Yet they were placed together and feelings towards each other started to take form. I really loved Jack. He was a dater of women but from the moment he saw Ella he wanted her, and for more than one night. I liked how he handled Ella with care and truly wanted her for her. He was very persistent. He was also very patient when helping with Luke. Ella character was a fixer. She tried to help her sister but it never really helped, though she always tried. That is why she helped take the baby Luke. She was very determined especially keeping away from Jack. I liked that she did try her best to stay away from him and didn’t just jump in his bed. Their courtship was a slow seduction that is until Jack made it clear to Ella with what he wanted.

Ella’s mother was a piece of work. She was all about herself and very manipulative especially when it came to Ella. I liked that Jack was able to handle her but it broke my heart how she couldn’t truly love her daughters. Then there was Tara’s character who started the whole mess. It wasn’t that I disliked her greatly but she did think more about herself than others. I will say that she made up for her mess at the end.

Now the mystery behind Luke’s father was very easy to figure out once the players were introduced, but I enjoyed the mystery behind it.

I am reading the last book to the series next.

Marrying Winterborne

Marrying WinterborneHelen Ravenel was a sheltered young woman who will be awakened by Rhys. He will bring out the passionate woman that is inside Helen, a passion that had been suppressed. Though Helen will find trouble in paradise when the secret she is holding could tear apart her relationship with Rhys.

Rhys Winterborne was an ambitious man who wanted more than he had grown up with. He will succeed in business but he wanted more, he wanted Helen. Rhys will do what he can to get Helen.

Marrying Winterborne is a novel by Lisa Kleypas. This is the second book to the series Ravenels. I liked the first book to this series but I loved this one. Lisa Kleypas has a formula for how her characters are and it really works. I was drawn into this book a lot quicker than the first and it really was because Helen and Rhys story was already being told in the previous story. Their interaction intrigued me and I wanted to know how they would end up together.

Helen was shy and quiet. She did not raise her voice and was often overlooked when her opinion was being addressed. I liked that Helen did not stay that way. Because of Rhys, she was able to have authority and have her opinions be heard. Rhys is a hard man and from appearances he seemed very cruel but his character surprised me. I liked that he had a soft side especially when he was dealing with Helen later on in the book.

There is a secret that Helen has carried for years that will come out. I figured I knew how everyone would react but I think Rhys reaction surprised me.

The third book will be coming out in February 2017 and I am excited to read it because it will be about Gabriel, who is the child from Evie and Sebastian in the book The Devil in Winter.

Luring Lucy

Luring LucyLucy wanted passion and she was determined to get that passion from a one night stand, then Bram stops her. She will be shocked when Bram offers her a week together where he will show her what she had missed. Lucy was hesitant but will agree because the heat between them was undeniable.

Bram was furious that Lucy wanted to have an affair with someone else. He wanted that man to be him and him alone as he had loved Lucy for years. Bram was determined to show Lucy that they could work together by giving her a week of passion.

Luring Lucy is a novella by Lori Foster. This was a good quick and steamy novella that was enjoyable to read. I liked these characters but they were certainly not drawn out a much as they could have been. Though being a novella Foster does a good job with describing the characters and their traits.

So this book is pretty much about sex. There is not a lot of deep thinking but I liked the characters which made the story enjoyable. These characters were about 40 and one had already made the leap to 40. A lot of the stories I read are with couples who are in their twenties or with the romance novels its usually debutantes and the heroes are getting closer to their thirties. I liked that the characters were more mature and it gave their second chance that much sweeter.

Tempting Mr. Townsend

Tempting Mr. TownsendAnthony Townsend was in a panic as he raced to find his missing nephew. His search brought him to Lady Fenella Deerham. He will be shocked by this woman. She seemed quiet and fragile but she was stronger than she looked. Anthony will want her right away but will wonder if he could have her.

Lady Fenella Deerham has known the love of one man and for five years she had mourned his death. Now with the encouragement of her friends she is out to live again. But her heart will not be in it until she meets Anthony Townsend. Although she will have little time to think about it as she was searching for her son and Anthony’s nephew.

Tempting Mr. Townsend is the second book to the series Dashing Widows by Anna Campbell. I really liked this story. I pretty much devoured it in one sitting which of course didn’t take long as its a novella.

I had wondered about Fenella in the previous book. I had hoped that she would get out and try to enjoy life. She was too serious and even though you understood she loved her husband it had been five years. Fenella was still young and should find another man to love. What I also liked was that Fenella was stronger than she let others see. Anthony was a man of the working class and he made a life for himself. He was a brute of a man but when it came to Fenella he was tender.

I liked the beginning with the missing child and nephew. Fenella and Anthony had to work together to find them and I liked that you got to get to know the characters before they immediately had sex. Anna Campbell then went into the scenes where of course they had steamy sex but I think the timing worked, especially with this story being a novella.

I can’t wait to read Helena and West’s story which is now available to buy.


One Night…Nine Month Scandal

One Night Nine Month ScandalKelly had felt heartbreak four years ago when the man she loved left her four years ago. Now he was back in her life when she was trying to get rid of the last reminder of the man. She will soon be swept into that life once more but this time she will have a child to think about.

Alekos had loved Kelly but he could not be with her. When he sees her four years later he finds that they still had that fire between them. He will still want her in his life but he needs to work some things out in his life.

One Night…Nine Month Scandal is a novel by Sarah Morgan. I have only read one other book from this author and loved it. I wanted to try another book from the author which led me to this book. I will say that I did not read the summary before starting the book. I just opened the book and started reading. Now from the title you can pretty much guess the plot so I knew what this plot would be basically about.

As far as the story I liked it. I thought the story pulled me in right from the beginning and I wanted to know why Alekos left Kelly to begin with. It was a question that left you guessing but Morgan will give answers and things about Kelly and Alekos’s past will be revealed.

Alekos’s character was very controlling but not in a cruel way. He was just a force to be reckoned with and one who got his way. Kelly was the sweet and somewhat naive girl who was swept away with love. She grows up in those four years and is more jaded but I liked her spunk and she was able to stand up against Alekos.

When you read the book you wondered what Kelly and Alekos have in common. It’s simple, sex. They lust after each other no matter what they are doing. Morgan will write their scenes well but you know that the couple needs more than just sex. She will write a complication which is with their past. I liked that Morgan gave the couple something they could share which was a similar past. This helped both of them heal to get their happy ending which was sweet.

A Lady Never Surrenders

A Lady Never SurrendersLady Celia Sharpe had only two months to find a husband thanks to her grandmothers stipulation. Celia had found three possible suitors but will want Bow Street Runner Jackson Pinter to check them out. Celia will find that all three suitors were not the ones she wanted but Jackson.

Jackson Pinter is a Bow Street Runner and good at him job. He is investigating the murder of the Sharpe parents which happened nineteen years ago. Though now he has a new job for Lady Celia to investigate her suitors and the more time he spends with her he wants her for himself, but he knows that he could never give her the lifestyle she is used to.

A Lady Never Surrenders is the fifth book of Hellions of Halstead Hall series by Sabrina Jeffries. I thought that the book was good and had a good mystery with this family and what happened to the parents. I felt though that this was a story already in process and I am finding out the conclusion to this mystery.

I liked Celia who was a kind person and was finding out that love just happened when you least know it. I wanted Celia and Jackson together as they were compatible even though they were different in terms of society, but they will be finding that happy ending. Jackson was a good man but had some demons to get through that were from his father. Though Jeffries gives a little twist on that story which changes things.

This whole mystery from suicide to murder of the parents was interesting and I liked how Jeffries puts in these facts that are from Lady Celia when she was a very little girl that help solve some the mystery of her parents murder. I was not shocked by the outcome and who killed the parents as it was kind of easy to figure it out especially when all the pieces came together.

I will have to try out the first book of the series to see how it all started. There are six in total and as I read the fifth book which concluded the mystery I have to wonder what the story will be about. I know it is about Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, who was mentioned in the fifth story. I will find out more when I try out the rest of the series.

Romancing the Countess

Romancing the CountessSebastian Madinger, the Earl of Wriothesly, was devastated to learn that his wife and his best friend were having an affair and seemed to be running away when they died. He will want to keep this a secret but it will be hard to do when his best friends widow is causing scandal as she is not playing the grieving widow.

Leah George had stopped loving her husband after she found him with another woman. Now that he was dead she wanted to be free and decided to shock society which will bring scandal to her name. Her antics will be stopped, or attempted, by Sebastian who wants to move on. Leah has other things on her mind, freedom from the rules of society.

Romancing the Countess is the first book from Belgrave Square Affair by Ashley March. I liked the story, wasn’t blown away by it but it was a good story to read.

Sebastian and Leah are the ones who were hurt by their spouses who were in love. I felt for Leah as she was the one that found out about the affair first hand. I wanted her to be strong but at the time it was too shocking. I was glad that she found her courage to be more outspoken even though it was unorthodox according to society’s rules. Sebastian I understood his character but I felt like I wanted to yell at him because he was forcing Leah to keep being a shell of herself. She doesn’t listen to his advice which is good as she needed a way out of her life. I liked Sebastian for the reason that he was a good dad to Henry.

The couple were on the verge of seduction at the house party but then everything chances after the house party. Romance for these two characters was something that became very quiet. It was almost nonexistent as they both had to deal with different issues that were stopping them from finding that love between them. Love will blossom between Sebastian and Leah, it just takes a while.

Someone to Watch Over Me

someone to watch over meVivien Rose Duvall was the courtesan men wanted and she took pleasure with whom she wanted. An accident will happen and she will wake up with no memories of her former life or even her own name. She will find help from Grant but as they divulge deeper more danger will be around the corner.

Grant Morgan is a Bow Street Runner and good at his job. He will be surprised that it will lead to Vivien’s body in the Thames barely alive. He will help her get better and be surprised that she had no memory. Grant will use this to his advantage but find that it will be hard to judge Vivien as she was acting like someone else.

Someone to Watch Over Me is the first book to the series Bow Street Runners from Lisa Kleypas. For me, Lisa Kleypas is becoming a favorite author to read. I really loved this book. Bow Street Runners are not always with the romance books I read so its nice for a change and with these characters as they bring in a sense of suspense and a little mystery.

Grants character as a Bow Street Runner made me want to continue the book. He was a tall man, had a sense of justice but was not always nice especially when he had a grudge against a certain courtesan. Vivien was a surprise it was like she was two people in the book. The beginning was were she was manipulative and striking with many suitors who wanted her in their bed. Then she was almost killed and she became kind and considerate and horrified at her previous actions. With what happened to Vivien and her change of attitude completely threw me when Kleypas unrevealed a twist. The twist was done perfectly and led the story into a new direction.

Kleypas keeps you on a journey through the truth with the characters and Grant will be able to solve but it wouldn’t be too easy. Grant will have to deal with a villain who is close to him that will be causing harm to the woman he loves.

I am reading the second book next from Kleypas Bow Street Runners series which is featuring Sir Ross Cannon who was introduced in the first book.

Holly Lane

Holly LaneSue Ann Simpkins thought life was perfect with her husband and child but her world will turn upside down when her husband says he loves another woman. Sue Ann is devastated as Jeff was the only man she ever loved and now he was flaunting his new relationship and trying to get out of paying alimony. Sue Ann will fight to make sure that she will be able to keep her daughter and give her a good life but it will be hard to do. She will find help with her friends and an unexpected person Adam who will start to be more all thanks to a snowstorm.

Adam Becker was always looking forward to the holidays to spend time with his boys but they were gone to Aspen for a whole month. Adam becomes surly to those around him as he is disappointed for the holidays. He will show his rude behavior to Sue Ann but that will quickly turn to passion as they start sleeping with each other. As the relationship builds Adam wants more but knows that Sue Ann is not ready, he will do all that he can think of to get her trust.

Holly Lane is the fourth book to Toni Blake’s series Destiny. This was definitely a Christmas themed book and although Christmas time has come and gone it was still  a very sweet book to read.

I liked Sue Ann okay in the previous books but as you got to know her I liked her a lot more. She became stronger on her own even though she had help from friends and from Adam. Adam was a great dad and good friend expect when you get him angry as he was like a Scrooge on Christmas. Blake adds a little humor in with Adams dreams that showed him how bad he had been acting and what would happen if he continued to be like that which was very much like a Christmas Carol. It was fun to read even though it was a little sappy at parts.

Their relationship was explosive from the start as they were together in a cabin with a snowstorm and although it was a little fast it didn’t lead them down the road to a happy ending. The happy ending waits until the last couple of pages and it only comes around once trust is earned and they admit their feelings.

Sophie was a cute addition to the story and I loved her Christmas wish of wanting a  reindeer and she will be getting her Christmas wish and more. Now there are no real villains in these stories but I will have to say that Jeff, Sue Ann’s ex-husband, acted like a villain in the book. He was being a jerk about the alimony, flaunting his new relationship and not really caring how it looked. He even could take Sophie away. I am happy to say that he does change but it takes to the very end of the book.

Willow Springs is the next/last book I have from Toni Blake.

A Summer Seduction

A Summer SeductionDamaris Howard was an illegitimate daughter and looked down upon in society especially with her own scandal she created eleven years ago. Damaris will find herself being invited to a ball but her life will soon be threatened and she will be saved and swept away by the Earl of Rowden.

Alec Stafford, Earl of Rowden, sees Damaris in trouble and he does the noble thing and protect her from harm. It was a difficult task to keep her close as she tempted him with every glance.

A Summer Seduction is the second book of the series Legend of St. Dwynwen by Candace Camp. At first I thought this book was going to be a flop. I just couldn’t get into the story but as I read further I got caught up in the story, especially the characters of Damaris and Alec. They were an unlikely pair and would never work in society. They walked in together with the attraction both knowing that it would never work. That was never said but it was an unspoken truth especially as Damaris is an illegitimate daughter of a lord. I liked that their connection was not all fire and passion. Alec enjoyed talking to Damaris and they both talked about their pasts which at times was not very pleasant.

There was some danger that was thrown into the mix of things as someone was after Damaris. Alec immediately stepped up and would be the one to protect her from any danger. Now the person who hired these thugs was a mystery but I had a feeling about a certain person thinking that they might not be out of their lives. Damaris’s kidnapper will not have a happy ending like Damaris and Alec but that is the way with most villains.

I am intrigued to begin the series from the start where Gabe and Thea’s story will be told and then finish it up with Genevieve and Myles. Candace Camp could be another author to have me searching more of her books. I will see how my thoughts are once I find the other two books and finish off the series Legend of St. Dwynwen.