My Lady’s Choosing

Do you remember those amazing choose your own adventure books? I know I do and they were books which I loved when I was a kid. Well imagine my surprise years later I would read another choose your own adventure, yet this time its with a romance. My Lady’s Choosing by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris which is an interactive romance story.

Alright, now its been a while since I posted because I have just not been inspired to write. I have read some great books but I just didn’t want to write. Personally I think I was just tired about writing about books and needed a break. But when I found out about this book, My Lady’s Choosing, by a librarian friend and the moment I heard about it I had to check it out and write about it. I was so excited about reading this book I made sure to follow each adventure the book presented.

So the concept of the book is that the reader is the heroine and you will get to choose you own adventure. You might travel to Egypt and find love and adventure. You could stay as a companion and solve a mystery that surrounded the man you loved. Perhaps you might find love in the arms of a Scotsman. Or love from a broken man. With each situation there are several opportunities to go a different route.

I will say these stories are not the most amazing things I have read as they are cliche but they are fun and I love the nostalgic feeling of this book. My Lady’s Choosing was very engaging and I really hope that there will be another written by these authors as I think they did a great job with this interactive story. If no others are written I might just have to find some choose your own adventures from my childhood.

For those who want to read a fun romance story try out My Lady’s Choosing.

The Rogue You Know

The Rogue You KnowGideon Harrow needed to get a necklace which will lead him to Lady Susanna Derring. From there everything goes wrong. All he wanted was the necklace but will be blackmailed into taking Susanna on an adventure. The adventure will get interrupted as Gideon has enemies who are after him.

Lady Susanna Derring wanted to have an adventure, to know love and to be free. She will get a chance when she meets Gideon though it will be more than she had bargained for as she will find herself on the run from several bad guys.

The Rogue You Know is the second book to the Covent Garden Cubs by Shana Galen. I really liked this book. As I started the book I was immediately pulled into the story and before I knew it the story was over.

I really liked Gideon’s character. I liked him pretty much right from the start when I read the first book and I liked him more in the second book. He was a good man, it just happened that he had a lifetime of bad role models. Gideon wants more but he is too afraid to reach for what he wants. Susanna’s character was a quiet girl but that was because of her upbringing. I liked that she broke away and wanted that adventure. Of course that adventure will turn very bad as Gideon was running from men who wanted him dead and Susanna gets dragged into that mess. I liked that she didn’t back done or run away crying. She braved through the situation with Gideon.

The mother of Susanna was someone that I didn’t really like nor did I dislike. Well I thought she was a little hard on her daughter but she had her reasons. I had guessed the reason as it was predictable but I thought Galen wrote the mother’s scenes well.

I will be finishing off the series with the third book but I haven’t gotten it yet as it just came out. Though I will be getting it soon, at least I hope.

Double Dare

Double DareLouisa “Lou” Honeycut could not marry a man she didn’t love, so she ran as fast as she could. Lou will need a way to get faraway from her father as quickly as she could, which will lead her to taking an adventure.

Sam Rawlins is an adventures tour guide, his job was to make sure the people who signed up got their perfect adventure. Sam will be in over his head when dealing with Lou and her need for adventure.

Double Dare is a novel by Rhonda Nelson. I thought this book was cute. It was a simple plot, quick and fun to read. I had gotten this free from amazon. I have never tried anything from Rhonda Nelson but I always like to try new authors, so I gave her a shot.

When I was done with the book I found it interesting to read some comments about this book that I had found. A lot of people thought there were typos and the whole tour guide falling for the runaway bride was unrealistic and not interesting. Now I am not saying that this book will win any awards but I thought it was just fun to read. Its a book that is fiction. Plots don’t always have to be realistic. I will admit I do like when the books are realistic but this book is also a romance novel. Things in romance evolve quicker than real life.

So now back to my review. Well as I said above I liked the book. I thought that Lou was a young woman that needed to live a little to realize what she wanted to do. Sam was a man that needed to break the rules and have fun. I liked that together they helped each other get what they needed without them knowing what they truly needed.

Within this story there were things that were out there and on the verge of being silly but it still brought an element of fun to the book. I did think that the scandal that Lou makes is a little over the top but again its fiction and in a way it is kind of believable since gossip magazines are over the top.

Now as far as reading another book from Rhonda Nelson I would have to say that I would be up for another book by her. It will probably be much later on as the pile of books I want to read never gets any shorter.

To Catch an Heiress

To Catch an HeiressCaroline Trent was to get control of her fortune at twenty one which was only weeks away. She had to leave the home she was staying at but had no idea how. When she was whisked away by Blake Ravenscroft who thought she was a notorious spy she thought her prays were answered.

Blake Ravenscroft wanted revenge on the spy Carlotta De Leon. He thought he had grabbed her as she was sneaking out of the house but soon will find she is not a spy but an heiress.

I decided to pick up the book because I hadn’t read anything by Julia Quinn in a while and wanted to revisit the author. To Catch an Heiress was a book I had not tried before and was excited to start a new series even though there are only two books to Agents for the Crown series.

So the first book to me set the tone of these spies. They will do what they need to do in service. Blake was doing this more out of guilt and is rather on the serious side. His friend James who will be in the second book has more humor. Back to Blake, he is serious and determined to live in his own misery. He doesn’t like that he is attracted to Caroline as he doesn’t want to marry again and fail to save her if she is in danger. Caroline wasn’t looking for love either but there she was falling in love with this man. It was a battle with him but with all love stories a happy ending will happen. Of course danger does creep up on them with the enemy nipping at their heels.

I liked the first book and can’t wait to see how James will be in his own book, How to Marry a Marquis.

On A Wild Night

On a Wild NightAmanda Cynster is going to find the right kind of man to have as a husband, not the boring men she has seen over and over the years in the ballroom. She will find the perfect man but knows that she can not be obvious in her pursuit. She will entice him to want to spend time together with her many outings that are not for the innocent woman.

Martin “Dexter” Fulbridge left society ten years ago but he was never really gone. He will play knight in shinning armor when he rescues an innocent woman at a table of cards. He will be confused by her desire to have excitement but can not leave her side so she can find another fool to be her chaperon.

On A Wild Night is the ninth book of the Cynster series from Stephanie Laurens. I go back and fourth with these books. The last one I liked, this one I loved. It was on the long side reaching over four hundred pages but I could not stop reading this book. The plot is simple with Amanda setting her sights on Dexter but it was their interaction that got me hooked. Amanda was a little silly at first which worried me about the book but quickly I found that was not how she was going to be. She was smart, had drive, and was not a weakling when standing up for what she believed. I loved that she stood her ground when it came to giving into marriage with Dexter, she kept him waiting so he understood the marriage should not be out of duty. Dexter was on the quiet side but that was just how he acted. He was easily a seducer especially when he found that being with Amanda was something he wanted.

There is the mystery that follows Dexter which is the scandal that drove him out of society ten years ago. The mystery is there in the book but it really progressed towards the end of the book when Amanda started to play detective. I loved the drive she had to solve this mystery and thus freeing Dexter from the gossip. I thought Laurens did a good job with the mystery but felt it was a little rushed, still well done. I also liked how she wrote Amanda and Dexter’s scenes together for when they were creating the lists of suspects who looked like Dexter.

Amelia’s story is up next with On A Wicked Dawn which I plan to start right away.

Sin and Sensibility

Lady Eleanor Griffin wants freedom away from her brothers who restrain her every move. They want her wed and pregnant. Nell wants to explore what life has to offer. She will in list the help of her brothers friends Valentine Corbett to help form her education of freedom. Nell though will soon find herself in way over her head as she starts to feel things for Valentine and she knows that if a word of scandal follows her name she will be married off to a suitor of her brothers choosing.

Valentine Corbett, Marquis of Deverill has been friends with the Griffins since his time at school. He has treated Sebastian like family but he was horrified at the notion to watch over Sebastian’s sister, Nell. Valentine will be blackmailed into the task but once he sees the new Nell in a different light Valentine wouldn’t think this as a task anymore. He will help Nell’s need for freedom and showing her how to sin.

Sin and SensibilityI loved Sin and Sensibility from Suzanne Enoch. I have read only several books from her and each time you are pulled into the story. Enoch designs the plot surrounding the Griffin family but mainly their little sister Eleanor. Enoch like many authors have used a siblings or large families to make a series. She does that with the series Griffin Family which ensures four books, each sibling their own story. This kind of series always brings me back to Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons which I loved.

So for me what made the book was of course the sensuality of the two characters but it was also Nell’s need for freedom. She is a loving sister to her brothers but wants space. I love how the brothers are over protective. Now because of this new freedom she gets into a tight spot with the villain which I hoped he would get what was coming to him, and he does. She is a character you wanted to win a type of freedom she thrived for. Valentine was the rogue you wanted. Enoch describes him well and he acts on his roguish ways. I liked that she puts a conscious on the rogue. He will save Nell more than one time in the book and you get to hear his side, his thoughts through the book which makes you love his character.

The brothers were fantastic. I can’t wait to read more about them and what trouble they will get into. There is the eldest, Sebastian, who is the one in charge and then there are Zach and Shay. I think all of the brothers are interesting but I am interested to read about Sebastian especially as there was a little surprise at the end involving him and matchmaking his sister, and that he has a daughter nicknamed Peep.

Wicked Nights with a Lover

Finishing up the series Penwich School for Virtuous Girls was with Sophie Jordan’s last book Wicked Nights with a Lover.

Marguerite Laurent feels like she has been kicked in the gut. She is to die within a year if the fortune teller is right. Marguerite plans to travel and find that passion she longs to have with a lover. She doesn’t expect to be kidnapped and forced to wed by Ash. But with heated kisses she will find herself wanting more even though she knows it will not last.

Ash Courtland has been deceived by his partner now he wants revenge. He is going to abduct his partners daughter and marry her. Ash is caught off guard when he finds himself with Marguerite. Ash will soon find that the beauty is getting into his heart as she keeps him on his toes as she runs from him.

While reading this book I noticed that the name Marguerite was familiar. She is the half sister to Grier and Cleo who are in another series Forgotten Princesses.

Marguerite is fun to read about as she wants to now live life to the fullest but on her terms. She is strong and you hope that the fortune teller is wrong. Ash is corrupt but with Marguerite he will find what he has been missing. I like that he reforms but he still has his rakish ways.

Sophie Jordan doesn’t disappoint as this story is as well sizzling with all the passion the two characters carry on throughout the book. What was a little strange was in the book went a little paranormal especially in the end. Technically it was there in the book with the fortune teller but Jordan will give a little twist that will have you more on the paranormal side. Nevertheless the ending of the series was really very good and enjoyable.

The Missing Grooms by Cindy Holbrook

Regency romances are usually dramatic, a little corny and predictable, but The Missing Grooms was one of the exceptions.  Cindy Holbrook brings humor to the pages of the regency romances.

The Plot of The Missing Grooms:

Lovely Lady Julia Wexton must wed six months-or control of her fortune goes to her father’s ward, incorrigible ladies’ man, Garth Tolton.  With her dotty Aunt Clare’s help, Julia creates a master list of every acceptable suitor in the ton, and finds that each is willing to propose.  Her problems seem over…until one by one her suitors vanish!

Garth Tolton, Earl of Sanderson, had forgotten how pretty Julia is.  And now she is in terrible trouble-and so is he!  The ton is calling Julia a curse, and she’s calling Garth the cad behind the outrage.  So he’s making a proposal, too…that they join forces to solve the mystery of the missing me, not knowing that it may lead them to danger, or perhaps into the deeper mystery called love…

I really, really liked this book.  It was fast pace, the characters were irresistible and couldn’t help but love them and most of all it was fun to read.  The book was clever and humorous.  It was hilarious with the outcome of the missing grooms, when you find out the truth.

The characters are fantastic.  Aunt Clare is a riot with her words and her kitties.  Garth and Julia are the perfect team.

This book, The Missing Grooms, brings witty characters together tangled in a humorous adventure.

Hot Ice by Nora Roberts

“Even jaded Whitney MacAllister is taken by surprise when a stranger in black leather hijacks her Mercedes-just before the bullets start flying. But this is not ordinary kidnapping attempt and the wounded man is no common criminal. Without warning, Whitney is thrust into a partnership with an enigmatic stranger to stay one step ahead of death itself. Ahead of them is a last chance at redemption. Behind them is a pack of merciless killers who coolly eliminate anyone in their way. For both Whitney and the stranger, it’s an exotic quest for meaning that will take them to sultry wilds of Madagascar. There the game will be played out to its terrifying conclusion, one that may have no winners or losers. Or survivors.”

I am finding with each book of Nora Roberts she really knows how to work in a dynamic romance plot filled with adventure and really intriguing characters, some with too much attitude or not enough.  But whichever one she chooses they are enjoyable.

Sometimes I often wonder about some of the books as they start, will I like them and as soon as that pops in my head the scene goes from a little dull to quick fast pace that pulls you into the story.

In Hot Ice the characters are exactly like the title.  The business woman is very much like ice on the exterior.  The thief is hot on the outside.  A perfect match for disaster and mayhem but they pull it together.

I liked the plot of their adventure with sabotage, betrayal and all around adventure.  A fast paced romance adventure novel.

6th Target by James Patterson

In the sixth book of James Patterson I was again blown away.  6th Target will get you out of your seat and wonder what will happen.

The Plot of 6th Target:

“A horrifying burst of gunfire on a crowded ferry leaves several people dead-and one woman fighting for her life.  That victim is a member of the Women’s Murder Club, four friends who join forces on their toughest cases when traditional methods get them nowhere.  Inspector Lindsay Boxer pursues one tantalizing lead after another in her attempt to bring in the man who tried to kill her friend.  But nothing makes sense in the most twisted, frightening case the Women’s Murder Club has ever faced.

While Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano prepares to prosecute the toughest trial of her life, the city is in the grip of a chilling crime spree.  Children of well-to-do families are being abducted, together with their nannies.  But the kidnaping are followed by devastating silence-no message from the kidnappers, no demand for ransom.  Parents everywhere fear the worst.  Working frantically with her new partner, Lindsay Boxer struggles to find the connection that will help them make sense of these horrific crimes.”

I was amazed by the amount of action that are in these books.  The books are always filled with lots of action that I seem to zoom through.  With all that is happening I need to know what is going to happen.  Also I wanted to make sure the killer gets it in the end.  Then there was the sexual tension between Lindsay and Rich her partner.  I like Joe but he has got to get his act together.

So overall this is just another great book of the Women’s Murder Club.