How I Married a Marquess

How I Married a MarquessJosephine Carlisle is the adopted daughter a baron and because of that circumstance her suitors were limited. Josie cared little for that until she spots a man that has her stopping in her tracks.

Thomas Matteson, Marquess of Chesney, was a spy for the War Office but he had been forced to retire after an attack. Thomas wanted nothing more than to get back to being a spy, and he might get that chance by doing a job. Thomas will jump at the chance but he will find problems with the job especially when it leads him to Josie.

How I Married a Marquess is the third book to the series The Secret Life of Scoundrels by Anna Harrington. I really liked this book. For me I think this one was my favorite and it is mainly because of Josie.

Josie’s character was a surprise. First off she is the adopted daughter of a baron which is a situation I don’t read too much in historical romances. I liked Josie’s spirit. She was independent, knew her own mind, and was determined to do what needed to be done. Now Josie has a secret that leads her into trouble but she does what she needs to do so she can help others. Thomas’s character was broken. He was a spy but that was taken from him when he was injured. I liked that he felt a peace with Josie. Now Thomas is anything but perfect. He does a lot of wrong things before he does the right thing especially when it comes to Josie.

Harringotn will give an epilogue which for me ended the the story perfectly.


Until There Was You

Until there was youPosey Osterhagen’s life was about to change when the boy she had loved at sixteen came back to her home town. She will find herself falling once again for him but know that in the end he would break her heart.

Liam Murphy was moving back to be closer to his daughters grandparents. His main focus was to his daughter and to create a life for them in this town. He will be surprised when he finds himself being drawn towards Posey.

Until There Was You is a novel by Kristan Higgins. I absolutely loved this book. I think I can read pretty much anything from this author and love her work. Higgins is a storyteller that will have you believing these characters are real. There will be that happy ending you thrive for but it is a struggle to get there, though no matter what it is heartwarming.

Alright now the character of Posey was sweet and naive. I felt that she had no backbone at times but she does get stronger when she is forced to confront certain facts. Her time in high school reminded me of some days in my own high school where you just felt invisible. Her story is heartbreaking and you really hope that she can get that love she had been searching for. Then there is Liam. I liked this reformed bad boy but he makes some mistakes when it comes to knowing what he wants. There was a part of me that didn’t like him for his part in Posey’s unhappiness at prom. Well there is a little twist towards the end that will have you back to liking Liam completely. Now with Liam as a dad I loved him. He was the way overprotective father who was in over his head but you couldn’t hate him for that.

Now Posey’s family is interesting. You kinda of resent the parents for not really listening to Posey when Gretchen is around, who was another character I wasn’t a big fan of. I like that Higgins gives the family a chance with a heart to heart towards the end. It made me like the mother and father a lot more.

Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the WolfBella, a Red werewolf, was raised as a gray which was her adoptive pack. She will last a while with the pack that is until the pack leader will start to do anything to get her. She will runaway from the pack as she can not protect herself against the leader. For a while she will be safe but after 150 years of running she will come face to face with Devlyn who will be taking her back to the pack. She had been in love with Devlyn but knows that they can’t be as their leader would kill him.

Devlyn follows his pack as it is his family and he knows no way else which leads him to follow orders. But Devlyn will break the rules this time to help Bella, the woman he has always loved. He will do all that he can to protect her from the Red werewolves who wanted her as a mate and his own pack leader who wanted her.

Heart of the Wolf is the first book to Terry Spear’s series Heart of the Wolf. This author was recommended to me by my mom. She has been reading this series and keeps talking about it to me, so I figured I would have to try the first book. So my first thought was I liked the book. It grabbed me at the beginning and it moved along pretty well. There were no real slow parts that stopped you from reading the book.

Bella is a strong werewolf but is no match for her alpha which is why she had to runaway from him especially as she loves another. Devlyn has loved Bella from a far and knew that he couldn’t have her. I kind of wanted him to just get over this follow the orders of his alpha, who was a villain, and go for the woman he loved. Well that didn’t happen quite as quick as I would have liked but then there wouldn’t be a story to be told. Needless to say they do find a way to be with each other but danger will be very much in their path. There is the threat of these Red werewolves and also the Gray pack whose pack leader, Volan, wants nothing but Bella. There is a lot of violence in the book but that would be expected as it is about werewolves and I thought Spear wrote it well. There was a lot sex that is between Bella and Devlyn but once again that is expected as this is about werewolves and lust happens when there are two that mated and when the full moon comes.

As far as werewolf books go this one was good and it was interesting with these two packs, the Red and Gray. You don’t always read about the laws that are followed in the packs so I liked that part in the book. It was kind of horrible how easy it was for the Alpha leaders to claim their mates especially if they don’t want to be claimed like Bella. But she is not without resources and chooses her own mate not the villain Volan.

I wouldn’t mind trying another of her books from this series to see where it will be going. I looked at the list of books in this series and there are plenty to read.

Blackmail is never good the second time around

Caleb Ventures is a man who prides himself in making the right decisions. He has avoided all trials of being a burden to his family and to stay above scandals which would haunt him like the past which follows him. But when it comes to Serenity he takes a step back while taking two steps forward. He is in over his head but something is telling him to believe in her and forgive his past. To stand up for the woman who gave birth to him.

Serenity Makepeace is her towns only child born directly in town. She has no real parents but many friends who had taught her through the years. Serenity wants to help her town and that means to get the business to grow. She finds help from Caleb but problems start happening when she is blackmailed.

Jayne Ann Krentz is a favorite of mine but I have to say¬†Hidden Talents had me stuck at the beginning. I liked the plot and characters but it wasn’t flowing for me as well. Then you get into the story and the plot holds you and wouldn’t let go. I wanted to know who was the blackmailer and would our two characters find that happiness.

I liked that the blackmail came up again from the past to now a new person which kept it real for this family to get over with. The blackmailer is of course the same person which was another link but Krentz will try to mislead the reader.

The villain/blackmailer I had a feeling but until the end you know for sure. I liked the outcome as it was not easy love story. There were bumps and mystery that kept the book from an easy going novel and kept you involved.