In the Barrister’s Chambers

In the Barrister's ChambersLady Evelyn Darlington needed help clearing her almost betrothed of the charges that were brought against him. She knew there was only one man she could trust for the task, Barrister Jack Harding. She will trust him to clear Randolph of murder, but as they work closely together the feelings she felt as a girl resurface and Evelyn will be shocked to finding herself falling love.

Mr. Jack Harding is a Barrister and is good at his job. He stops at nothing from giving a fair trial. He will be given the task to help Evelyn who was his mentor’s daughter. He will feel the need to help due to  honor but other feelings for the daughter will rise and soon will be pursuing her for much more.

In the Barrister’s Chambers is the first book to the Regency Barrister series from Tina Gabrielle. Overall I liked the book as it kept me reading from beginning to the end. I wasn’t sure if I would like it as the first scene is having the reader step into the court room and waiting for a sentence that is about to happen. That kind of plot doesn’t always get me interested, of course the court room is not where the main plot of the story lies as you are quickly brought into a story of an actress being murdered and a man running away claiming innocence. So there was that intrigue which will keep you with the book.

The hero and heroine, Jack and Evelyn, were both strong characters and had strong convictions when they needed to do something. Nothing will deviate them from their path of clearing Randolph’s name from the murder charge. Then again when lust overwhelms them and they will give into temptation that had always been there from the beginning. I liked that Evelyn and Jack didn’t give right into temptation as she was almost engaged and that would make him biased on the case, but they will not wait forever.

The villain I had a feeling of at the very beginning. Not because they were being sneaky or anything, just that I guessed the person you wouldn’t see as the murderer. Now why they went ahead and killed the actress that was a guessing game as well because there are many reasons why a person would commit murder. Tina Gabrielle does not leave her readers in suspense as the villain will confess all towards the end.

I am interested in reading the sequel book to the series to find out more about these barristers.


Against the Night

Against the NightJohnnie Riggs is on assignment when he finds a dancer he wants. Exotic dancers were never his thing but this woman pulled him in with begin confident on stage and almost shy on the floor. He will find that Amy is not all she seems to be and in way over her head.

Amy Brewer took her sisters job in hopes to find a way to locate her sister who disappeared. Amy will be out of her element when dancing and investigating but will find help with Johnnie. They will keep going with the clues they find even with danger breathing down their necks.

Against the Night is the fifth book to Kat Martin’s series Raines of Wind Canyon. I keep going with the series and with every book Martin keeps the action, romance and the adventure continuing with those tough guys you love to read about. Johnnie was no exception to the rule. He was a tough man who knew what he wanted and that included the woman Angel or really Amy. Now Amy’s character is a contradiction and really fun to read about. She has fire and naivete all in one.

Now for me I think this had a little more violence in this one but there was a good plot and good characters. There was also a good amount of sex but the action of the situation kicks up and the plot becomes intense. There are some very intense scenes that will have you biting your nails and wonder what will happen next. The scenes become gritter when it comes down to the sister, Rachel. You weren’t sure throughout the book what would happen and if she was alive. You find out half way through the book and what happened to the sister is horrific but there will be justice seen for the villain of the story. Against the Night will be next.

Wicked Surrender

Scher Martin has dreams she hopes to fulfill one day. A day where she can be wed to a respectable man, have children and a home. These are not big dreams but as an actress they seem almost impossible that is until a young suitor proposes marriage. Scher will see her dreams being fulfilled but with that she will tear away the passion she feels for another.

Brandon Cates, Viscount Blackthorn was told by his family that Scher Martin was unsuitable for his cousin Kit. Brandon was to seduce this woman but it was he who was seduced. He will find that he cannot live without Scher but it will take everything to get Scher to change her mind about him.

Wicked SurrenderWicked Surrender is filled with passion, lust, betrayal and love all great traits for a romance story. I have never tried Jade Lee so I was excited to try a new author. Wicked Surrender is the first book to the two book series Wicked and it certainly does live up to its name.

Now starting her book I was intrigued by this man of Brandon but quickly wanted to dislike him for almost hurting Scher. Brandon does grace us with his better side of personality and you grow to like him and love his character with the flaws as you learned where they came from. Scher was also a intrigue with who the real woman was behind it all. I liked her control and desire to be part of the world which would shun her. She was a well developed character I thought. I wasn’t sure I would like the plot as it was Scher being torn apart between two men who would give her a future but it is a common one.

The villains were simply the family and all the people around Scher who were part of crowd with money. She was given the direct cut at every turn and the family made sure of it. Lee does a great job making you hate the family and their schemes. At the end I wasn’t thrilled to find out what happened with Kit but there is a twist that I didn’t see coming. I will have to check out the second book to the series Wicked to see how it all plays out as well as going after some of her other books.

Under Disguise Is A Challenge

Lady In Disguise was a short novel with plenty of characterization and an interesting plot. This was not a favorite but it pulls enough intrigue to keep you reading on how the characters will fare in the novel. From this one novel I am not put off from the author because you always have to try a second round.

Lady Victoria Courtney is in love with Richard but her chances of actually being with him is very slim as he doesn’t care or notice her. When Victoria happens to pass an actress a plan is vised as Victoria will take the actresses part and become the mistress of Henry. This will get her closer to Richard.

Richard, Marquis of Lansdon had a pack which his mother made and he would in no ways fulfill. He would pick which ever girl and it seemed clear it was Charlotte but all is questioned as he encounters Henry’s mistress which he has to watch over.

All fared well towards the end but it was a struggle and Diamond does give a sweet ending even though it was not thought to happen.

My Wife’s Affair

Reading the back cover I was not sure of this book. It sounded interesting but from what I am used to reading it did not seem to be my style. But I wanted to try the book as I was going to hear the author have an interview. I had never gone to an interview with an author and I have to say it was fun. The interview she gave was about publishing which is always a need to know when trying to break into the business.

Before the interview I was able to find and read the book because I wanted to see the type of work she did and after reading I was surprised.

Georgie and Peter have been married for a while with three wonderful children. Moving to London was Peter’s idea and Georgie took that opportunity to try and find an acting role again. And she did for the role of Dora Jordan. Georgie becomes involved with the character and her marriage is threatened as events soon to spiral out of control leaving more than one character in pain.

The story invoked such a feeling of frustration through the entire book but in a way that was amazing because the book gave me such a response. The story was from the husbands point of view which was unexpected and unique I have to say.

I liked to read about the historical part which was intertwined I think Woodruff did a very good job combining the past and present.

Through the entire story I was dreading the end because I had a feeling I knew to a point what was coming. I have to say the wife I was not a fan of. She seemed too self but I like stories that have the happy ending. This book does not but it ended really well to keep the reader invested and to feel for the characters. From that one story I was very surprised at my reaction and I believe if an author can invoke any emotion (frustration, love, desire, passion, happiness, sadness) for the reader they have reached their goal.

I am interested in what Nancy Woodruff will have next coming. In her interview she is going towards nonfiction for her next book so we will have to see. She has one other book out called, Someone Else’s Child.

Dual Image by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts for me is an author that I can usually always like and find her books intriguing. Dual Image is another book that will set you up for a romantic ride.

Ariel and Booth are two people who couldn’t be more opposites. They are both in the same field of entertaining but emotionally they are complete opposites. Ariel is fun loving and doesn’t want to hold grudges while Booth holds nothing but grudges.

They get the chance to work with each other and fireworks are ignited. Passion is overwhelming on both sides but will that be enough for Ariel to hold on to Booth and to heal him.

The moment that I started to read I was drawn into the story of this woman Amanda who you find out is really just a character Ariel plays in a soap opera. Needless to say I was excited to read the book.

I like how the characters are completely opposite of each other. Each are tough in their own ways but finally that exterior is cracked especially on Booth’s side. That action alone gives a romantic connection to the characters.

Overall Dual Image is a cute plot with entertaining characters.

Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann

Having books being recommended to me seems to be a 50/50 chance on whether the book is good or not.  Most that have been I have found them to be entertaining.  Valley of the Dolls was an example of this.  It was entertaining to read.  Gave you a sense of reality that is usually behind closed doors.

Anne Wells: the icy New England beauty who melted for the wrong Mr. Right…and Adonis famour for his infideltiy.

Neely O’Hara: the lovable kid from vaudeville who became a star and a monster.

Jennifer North: the blonde goddess who survived every betrayal committed against her magnificent body except the last.

Each of them was bred in the Babylons of Broadway and Hollywood.  Each of them learned about making love, making money, and making believe.  Each of them rode the crest of the wave.  And each of them finally to the Valley of the Dolls.

Before you read any further I will have some spoilers so stop now if you do not want to read them.

This book gave an interesting take on what the Hollywood people were like and perhaps like even to this day.  I loved and hated the book.  Valley of the Dolls shows that all people have their own problems in life.

For all three women there is heart ache with every step that they take.  Each get into the pills called “dolls”.  The pills make them grogy and unaware which most of them want.

The detail was amazing and so was the story but the thing I hated was the fact that Ann was never happy.  I liked her character the best.  She loved someone all her life and finally ends with him, has a baby but he still is a cheating bastard.  At the end he is with her best friend which I hated until she became too clingy.  Anne doesn’t say anything just goes along with it.  I wanted her to pick up and leave with her daughter but that was not going to happen.  At the very end Neely is booted out of the agency and out of Lyons life, Anne’s husband, only to find another woman.  Lyon picks up the latest star singer and starts his next affair.  Anne knows and is okay with her daughter and the love that Lyon sometimes gives her.

So the ending really was depressing for Anne and it left me feeling sad about the book.  But when you think about it the book gave a message about how people will do anything for the ones they love.

Jacqueline Susann is a storyteller that will grab at your emotions.