Confessions at Midnight

Confessions at MidnightCarolyn Turner, Viscountess Wingate, was never going to love or marry again, but thanks to a book she was ready for passion. The man who would show her that passion was none other than Lord Surbrooke.

Daniel Sutton, Lord Surbrooke, had wanted Carolyn for too long and will see his chance to get her in his bed. Daniel will have to work hard to seduce the woman as she does not fall at his feet like so many others. As Daniel sets out to seduce he will also play white knight as someone is after Carolyn.

Confessions at Midnight is the second book to Mayhem in Mayfair series by Jacquie D’Alessandro. I was excited to read Carolyn’s story after reading the first book. I wanted to know more about her and hope that she opened up and found some love. I really liked this book. D’Alessandro writes her character to be entertaining and I really like this group of friends. They are all a little different whether it is social class or in appearance but they are the best of friends.

Carolyn was getting back into the world but she was scared and didn’t want to dishonor her beloved late husband. I liked that she found that great love but I loved it when she became stronger and started to live again. Daniel is a womanizer but he is a considerate one. He does not harm anyone and is considered a very good seducer yet when it comes to Carolyn, which is kind of funny. He does make it his job to get Carolyn and he wouldn’t have to wait too long.

The passion that was between Carolyn and Daniel was explosive and it kept going which will lead to love. It was clear that Daniel loved her, he just didn’t want to admit it. Carolyn took a little more time to get it in her head.

The accidents that happened were looking to be aimed at Carolyn. The murders that happened were making Daniel look very suspicious. The villain is trying hard to ruin some lives but with Daniel and Carolyn they are hard to bring down.

I am rereading the third book, Seduced at Midnight, but then I will be going to the fourth and final book, Tempted at Midnight.

All The Queen’s Men

All the Queen's MenCIA Black Ops John Medina is a legend among those in the field and has a new mission he must complete. To get close to his target he has to enlist the help of Niema Burdock who he worked beside five years ago. Not leaving on the best terms John will have to work hard to get her to agree to the mission.

Niema Burdock had stopped living her life once her husband was killed on a mission. She has recovered but was not prepared to have John Medina back in her life. She will be tempted and agreed to come back to the life, but she will be tempted in a new way when working close to John.

All the Queen’s Men is the second book to Linda Howard’s series CIA’s Spies. Linda Howard is a storyteller and a very good one at that. I was captivated with the story. I was quickly brought into this book with the tragic beginning which gave a quick insight to the two main characters and after that I only wanted more.

Reading the first book I knew that I would want to read the second for the sole reason of John Medina. I wanted to know more about this man who was an enigma. He was a hard man and one who has been trained to survive on these missions that are almost impossible. In the beginning of the book I found John a hard man but one of compassion. As the book continues he is still that hard man but he has some humor and a lot of sex appeal when he is squaring off with Niema. Now Niema’s character was one I instantly gravitated towards. She was a strong woman but very weak in parts of the field that she needed to survive. She grows stronger when facing this new mission which also gave back her life in a way. She has been like a ghost just walking the earth since her husband was killed, now she has a chance to live once again.

The bad guy is stated in the book but I didn’t necessarily hate him even though he was an arms dealer. I kind of liked him especially when Howard shows his soft side which is also his liability.

To finish off the series I picked up the third and final book, Kiss Me While I Sleep which I will be reading next.

Born Wild

Born Wild (Black Knights Inc., #5)Eve Edens knew that her accidents weren’t just accidents but no one believed her at the police station. She will go to the one group that she knew could help her even though seeing Billy always breaks her heart. She still loves him even with twelve years between the last time they had been together.

Billy “Wild Bill” Reichert could not help be angry with the woman who had broken his heart but to see her in danger he could not just stand by. He will help her find out who is the person harassing Eve and get closer to her than he had in twelve years which will make him realize how much he still wants her.

Born Wild is the fifth book to the Black Knights Inc series by Julie Ann Walker. I was waiting for their story because I knew it was coming and although this story was predictable with certain parts of the, especially with how Eve and Billy were separated, I enjoyed the book.

Eve has been a character in the series but mostly on the side as Becky’s friend and something else when it came to Billy. I liked that Eve had progressed throughout the series and she became stronger and could stand up to those who were manipulating her. Billy was a wild card but a good guy and one who could hold a grudge. I liked that he was someone you could count on and was good at his job. Now in the midst of it all there is that sexual tension which had been there all along will explode as danger comes closer. There will be fireworks when Eve and Billy finally get to be together again after twelve years.

As I said above it was predictable with who was doing the manipulation to keep Eve and Billy apart but I was surprised with who the person was behind the attack on Eve. Walker does a good job at keeping us focused on the most likely suspect while the actual one was able to be undetected until the very end.

Well as I have now gone through five books from Julie Ann Walker I am going to take a break from the author let the books build up.

When She Said I Do

When She Said I DoMiss Calliope Worthington will stumble upon a large house, walk in and help herself to some jewelry. She wasn’t going to take it as she just wanted to try it on. She will be caught by the master of the house and she will be shocked by what he demands.

Mr. Ren Porter caught a woman red handed and instead of kicking her out of his house he tells her to pay him back she would have to spend one night per pearl on the necklace around her neck. Ren is humored by this thought but will be shocked at the next day that she agrees to his demands.

When She Said I Do is the first book to the series Worthington by Celeste Bradley. Bradley is not a new author for me as I have read her before but it has been about two years. The lapse in time is not due to Bradley’s writing as I like her as an author. The problem is I like a lot of authors and there is only so much time I have available to read. That being said I very much enjoyed this story. Think Beauty and the Beast but this is not a G rated, think more x-rated at times at least during those moments Callie and Ren are exploring their desires. It makes sense that this book was going this route as Callie had to give one night to Ren for each pearl from the pearl necklace.

What I liked about this story was that the characters of Callie and Ren were more than they appeared. Ren with his work as a spy and Callie’s view on romance which had stayed hidden from her family. Together they should have crashed but they were able work together, to find that peace as she was his light. There was also the raw desire they made each other feel which helped the situation, and because of Callie’s willingness Ren becomes stronger.

The family was not the ideal one that you would want helping. In fact they really don’t help all that much as they let Callie take the brunt of it. At the core of these family members they are good people, if not misguided, but they did annoy me at times. You wanted to shake them and stop them from anything else that could happen.

Now what would a love story be without your obstacles and villains. Obstacles were clearly Callie’s accidents that kept happening around her. It looked like she was mad but someone was clearly after her. The person after her was pretty clear but there were others that could have been dealing in this mischief that would be the downfall of Callie’s life. Now Callie was a Worthington and now Porter, and she would not go down without a fight.

Towards the end this book talked about a Liar’s Club and as I looked around I found one of Celeste Bradley’s series called Liar’s Club. The workings of spies can sometimes be a tad bit boring for me but I think with how Bradley spins her tales this would be something to try. Not to mention I will have to try out the second book to this Worthington series even though I am hesitant as this family drives me a little crazy.

The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh

The Taming of Ryder CavanaughMiss Mary Cynster is the last marriageable Cynster at least for right now so there were not going to be a lacking of suitors. Mary has her own mind set on her suitor as long as the necklace comes to life. She will be frustrated as it will but to the wrong man. Soon after Mary will find herself linked to this man and accidents start to happen to them.

Marquess of Raventhorne, Ryder Cavanaugh is the eldest brother of his half siblings which left him in charge. He will know that it is time to start looking for a wife and knew the perfect one was Mary. He will just have to convince her that he is the right man to wed which will get a little tricky as accidents keep happening to them.

The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh is the fifth and last book to the series Cynster Sisters from Stephanie Laurens. Like the previous book I liked the story. Stephanie Laurens can write well and her characters are engaging.

Mary is the last marriageable Cynster as of right now and I found it funny as that meant she was a prize to be had by suitors thanks to her family. Mary is an intelligent girl and knows her own mind with the exception of not seeing things how they are like pursuing a man who has no interest in marriage. It was kind of funny how she pursued one suitor who she thought would be perfect for her husband but her necklace did not react. It only reacted to one man who Mary had no desire to be shackled too. Ryder is the man that Mary is trying to avoid, but he is not really a bad guy. He is just a rogue who usually gets the girl and a caring one at that as he always has time for his half siblings. I liked their family unit with the siblings as it was genuine. I liked that Ryder wanted Mary not for a mistress but for a wife. He will attempt to seduce her to be his wife but there will be some things getting in his way, like the mysterious accidents that kept happening.

The act of the accidents I knew exactly who is was as it was pretty obvious right from the beginning. I wasn’t disappointed that I knew the culprit as you still did not know what kind of accidents were coming next. The villain has their own ending which will leave Mary and Ryder save from any harm.

Waking Up with a Rake

waking up with a rakeRhys Warrick has been dishonored for what happened during a battle but what the rumors were saying were not true. Rhys would do anything to restore his honor which meant he was to use his ability to seduce. His objective was to ruin a young woman who had the eye of one of the royal Princes.

Miss Olivia Symon was wanted for marriage because of her families fertility. Olivia will do what she is told but things will change when she meets Rhys who was supposed to be there from her intended. He will start to seduce her as he keeps her protected from accidents that happened around her.

Waking Up with a Rake is the first book to the series Royal Rakes from Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe. I really actually liked this book. It was a easy, fast paced and passion filled read.

I have not read too many where the man is being instructed to actually ruin a woman so he can have his reputation saved, but that is what Rhys has to do. I found him a loveable rake as he is one but he doesn’t want to actually go through with ruining her because he didn’t want her hurt. Olivia was the obedient daughter but when she is provoked her voice will come forward along with her passion when squaring off with Rhys. I thought the twist of marriage between them was humorous but there was still the accidents that kept happening around Olivia and Rhys honor to restore.

The villain was a toss up. The person that was being presented was too obvious so I figured it was not her. Now there was some who just seemed too nice but the only problem was I didn’t know why they would want Olivia hurt. The truth will come out and I was right about the person.

As I now have finished the book I immediately looked up the next two book and requested them from my library. They are both out so I will have to wait a little but I have plenty of books to keep reading.


RecklessViscount Adrian Alister Rohan wanted pleasure and was going to have it with any who was willing but his attention soon will be fixed on an innocent. Adrian will think that by taking Charlotte for the night that drive to be with her will be gone but one night becomes two and he can’t stop thinking about her. Adrian will try anyways and find that it will be hard to do as she tries to provoke him at every turn.

Charlotte Spenser had been in love with Adrian for some time but knows that it would never come to be. Then she gets her chance to be with him as he seduces her into his bed. Charlotte may have been an innocent and in someways still, but she will turn out to be the seducer to Adrian and the tables will be turned.

Reckless is the second book to the series House of Rohan by Anne Stuart and one I couldn’t put down. I had read the first book of this series a couple years back so I wanted to refresh myself with Stuarts style of writing and the story. Now the first story was about the Viscount Rohan and Elinor back in 1768. The second book takes place in 1804 and will be with the next generation of the Rohan family. I was excited to see where this story would take us. The story was similar to the first as Stuart keeps that debauchery very clear in the book and the games that are played with the Heavenly Host. With all the harsh acts and words that are displayed in the book there are good people behind the facade which is why I loved reading this book.

I rather liked Charlotte and her continual fight that she had even though she was clearly in love with this man. Now she was never truly forced to be with Adrian but he does push the boundaries with her. Charlotte does not break even though there will be tears of her heartbreaking. Adrian is almost like a villain with his cruel words and vast appetite for pleasure from anyone who would give it. I liked that this man was being taken down by a woman who was an innocent and two years older than him. Their passion will be explosive with anger and lust every time they find a moment to be together.

Now once again the story is split with Charlotte and Adrian along with Simon and Lina. Simon and Lina had their own quarrels that had to be dealt with. There was a surprise with the good vicar, Simon Piagett, that was humorous and will give Lina her own happy ending like her cousin Charlotte.

The villain was Eitenne, Adrian’s father’s cousin who was from the first book, which I didn’t really expect in a way at least how he was in the first book. Through the dialogue it is clear that he has hatred for his family. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants but as with most villains he wouldn’t get what he wants in the end.

I am starting the third book next which will be with Miranda Rohan and I will have to see if she follows the same path of her father and brother.