The Last Boyfriend

The Last BoyfriendOwen Montgomery was the one that organized but with all that was happening at the Inn he had very few places to work in an orderly matter. He will spend time at Avery’s for peace and quiet and in those moments he will start to see Avery in a new light and take their relationship to the next level.

Avery MacTavish owned the pizza restaurant across from the Inn which let her watch all that was happening even though she had little time to do so. She will find the time when she and Owen start to date but she will have to decide to let him in and trust him with her heart.

The Last Boyfriend is the second book to the series Inn Boonsboro Trilogy from Nora Roberts. Like the first Roberts tells the tale of the Montgomery family restoring this historic Inn this time the story is focusing in on Own and Avery. I will say that this story focused more on the couple and not some big problem like the stalker Clare had. I would have liked a little more on that but I thought Avery and Owen’s story was sweet.

Owen and Avery dated before and then broke up. I wondered how this would effect their relationship but then I found out the break up was when Avery was five. I figured with this relationship they were having now would not be too effected with what happened in the past. For Avery it will deepen her love for Owen from the one she had as a child. There was something holding Avery back some I thought and that had to be her mother who left when she was a kid. Of course the mother does make an appearance and brings her own set of turmoil. I think that the mother was the villain of sorts as she did not do the best she could for her daughter and took the easy way out. I felt a little sorry for her but ultimately I would have sided with Avery and her father. Now through all that, Owen will be there for Avery that is once she opens up and lets him know. I do like Owen as he is the organizational one and everything in his life had an order. With Avery it all turned upside down but he survived it.

The ghost, Elizabeth, will be now known towards the end of the book but the mystery of her beloved Billy will be up for debate as they search for more information. What comes of this search will be a little twist with Hope as she is connected to this ghost and it looks like she will have a bigger part in the book than I realized, which will be expanded on in the third and final book, the one I am starting next.