Darius: Lord of Pleasures (Lonely Lords, #1)Darius Lindsey has been asked to play stud to Lord William Longstreet’s wife. Darius will accept the offer and accept the money. He will find himself falling for Lady Vivian but knows that it would never work as she is married. He will have to be indifferent and distance himself especially as he will have two women who could cause a lot of harm to his sister and to Vivian.

Lady Vivian does not want to be unfaithful to her husband but he was telling to do so. This was all to produce an heir. Vivian did not want to feel passion but it was something that she could not help when it came to Darius. She will be confused and torn when it was all over as feelings for Darius grew but he now only acted indifferent towards her.

Darius is the first book from the series Lonely Lords by Grace Burrowes. So this series has been on my list for a while. I haven’t gotten to it just for the reason I have had too many others to read. I am trying out this first book and I will say that it is okay. I wasn’t blown away by the plot. The way that Burrowes writes is very good so that is not in question. I like her writing as it is entertaining and the characters have a lot of traits that make them believable. I just wasn’t that into the book as I would have liked.

I didn’t like Darius for how he was treated. How he treated himself and how he was treated by others, especially the two vipers that were the women who attached themselves to Darius. Darius was a good man just in a troubled situation and with him playing stud it only gets worse. Vivian was a dutiful wife who wanted to please her husband. At first I thought she was too soft but she was just a kind person and naive about her life she was living. Having them in that situation a happy ending was almost unthinkable. It does of course happen but it will take some time.

The Woman He Knows

Darcy Gordon has worked as a waitress for three years but the owners are more like brothers to her. But she is not being all that honest with them. Darcy is not who she says she is and now could be in danger.

Patrick Devereux is here to help his brother run the restaurant due to his accident. Patrick will take the task on to find out what happened along with the task of running the restaurant and gazing at Darcy.

The Woman He KnowsThe Woman He Knows is a Harlequin romance novel by Margaret Watson and the second book to the series Devereux Family Trilogy. I liked the book. I felt through most of it there was already a story that had been told with the sister. When I started the book I didn’t know it was part of a series. The book is easy to follow as Watson gives background on things that have happened.

I felt that this was a very quick paced book and it had a lifetime movie feeling to it, a good lifetime movie. There is no big surprise with the plot but it was well written with the characters who seemed real. I would be interested to finish this trilogy to see how it started and finishes.


Keely Branscom was always a wild child from her small town especially as she posed in a centerfold. Leaving the guy she loved who never noticed truly wanted her Keely left her small town for LA. Ten years later she runs into the man she loved only to find that the feelings are not dead only were suppressed.

Noah Garfield wanted Keely at sixteen but as the responsible one he didn’t take advantage of her. She walked out of his life and ten years later he finds her by a strip joint in Reno. Wanting to save Keely from her wild life he takes her to stay with him. Never knowing that Keely has a job and its not in the stripping department. The two will be thrown together for the weekend and find out what was missing but when feelings are not truly confirmed heartache will follow.

Vicki Lewis Thompson delivers Nortoious which is the second book of the series Garfield. I rechecked out the book noticing that after reading from the series Son’s of Chance another story followed (which is why the same cover for Cowboys Like Us is being used). The plot of the story was funny with the two characters and what they encounter for the weekend in Vegas. I found myself laughing and wanting more as Thompson really engages the reader.  In the story there is also a lot and a lot of sex. It doesn’t happen right away but when it comes down to it the two characters heat up the pages. There are some very erotic scenes Thompson writes which will leave the writer wanting more.

If you want something steamy check out Notorious.

Pregnancy and Passion

So I decided I would venture on to another series by Maya Banks. Seeing that all four books of the series were available to check out I grabbed them. As they were all fairly short novels (under two hundred pages) they would be pretty quick to read.

Enticed By His Forgotten Lover

Amnesia was a hard thing to swallow for Bryony Morgan. The father of her child had walked away at least that’s what she thought. Then he gives her the story he was in a plane accident and lost those weeks. Bryony wanted to forgive him but there was a part of her that feared he wouldn’t remember or love her anymore. She was going to help him remember.

Rafael de Luca was a hard man and it killed him not to remember weeks of his life but he had to move on that was until he came upon a pregnant lover. He knew she was not his type but the passion they shared proved his body remembered her. Rafael will learn to love but then his memory will come back proving that he was not the knight in shinning armor Bryony painted him to be.

Wanted By His Lost Love

Ryan Beardsley knew betrayal as he looked into his fiance eyes hearing lies about his brother. Ryan felt hurt, lost to know she slept with his little brother. Dumping her quickly he cut the ties that held them together. Now months later Ryan is concerned that she had not cashed the check he gave her. He went in search only to find out that she was pregnant. Instead of throwing insults Ryan wanted a second chance no matter whose baby it was.

Kelly Christian felt the betrayal of her fiance not believing her. She needed his most when she was assaulted but he believed in the worst. Heartbroken Kelly ran. Now months later becoming bigger than a house with her pregnancy Kelly sees Ryan. He is controlling her life now giving her orders to keep healthy. Kelly wants to believe he wants another chance but as he still doesn’t believe her she can’t let him back in all the way.

Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss

Devon Carter was on a verge of a big deal there was only one catch. He had to marry the mans daughter to get the contract. Devon didn’t want too but he agreed. Sooner than later he found himself married to a very vibrant woman but that will crash when the truth will rear its ugly head. Devon will soon find himself missing her energy as it is replaced with a boring woman.

Ashley Copeland loves life. Loves chaos and now loves her husband but it all falls apart on her wedding night. She finds she was bought and paid for by her father. She was a business deal. She doesn’t want a divorce as she loves Devon. She wants his love in return. Her plan is to change to get him to love her. But the change destroys the person she was and leaves her heartbroken and pregnant.

Undone By Her Tender Touch

Pippa Laingley wanted sex for the night. She got and lots of it from Cameron but there was a problem. With the tear of a condom all her plans changed and not for the better. She soon finds out that having a baby is the last thing Cameron wanted. Pippa knows to cut him out of their lives but it is hard when you are in love with the man.

Cameron Hollingsworth had lost his family and didn’t want it to happen again. He thought pushing Pippa away would work but he couldn’t stay away. He kept helping her bringing her closer but he could not open up his heart to her. It was only when he thought he lost her did he realize what he let slip through his fingers. He had to fight back to gain her trust and love.

The series Pregnancy & Passion certainly holds up to the category of romance novels in the Harlequin family. All the stories had romance mixed with sex and of course betrayal that will tug at your heart strings. The series started with a bang in the first book and stayed that way all the way into the last book of the series.

I found that the themes through all of the books was find the right woman, screw up and figure it out hoping its not too late. That was the formula for all the stories but nevertheless I was engaged in each story as they were all a little different. I liked the amnesia mixed into the story of the first book. The assault on Kelly in the second story will break your heart but you will feel triumph with what Ryan does. While Banks gave us a marriage of convenience in the third book which is never a good idea but will find its way of working out. The last book I liked that Banks gave Cam the problems of trust. It was he who had to be healed.

Banks will make each of the woman strong in their own way. A woman who could leave the man they loved to safe themselves and their babies. They all had backbone and the men all had to pay for their behavior but not with money. They had to get on their knees to beg for forgiveness.

Pregnancy & Passion is a fun, engaging and fast paced series to read.

Forbidden Fantasies

Reading already a little on Forbidden Fantasies series, a series which is a collection of various authors, I knew what to expect from Cara Summers, especially since this is part of Harlequin Romance. Since I had started with the last last and friend of family I went to the first two with Naomi and Jillian which had me intrigued to find out how things had started.

The first one of the stories that started with the Haworth House is Led Into Temptation.

Naomi Brightman is the oldest sister and one that needs to protect them but now she is in need of someone protecting her. With her ex-fiances in trouble with the law people start looking at her. Naomi leaves only to be followed around by a priest. Of course Dane MacFarland is anything but a priest and thanks to a little help from a ghost he and Naomi will fulfill a fantasy and keep away from danger.

Taken Beyond Temptation is the second book which stars Jillian as the next sister to take the challenge of the fantasy box.

Jillian is now ready to make a big real estate deal but will find out it is not everything she dreamed it would be. She will be out of luck but soon that will change. She will find herself bumping into the same mysterious man. Jillian starts to want him as he would be the perfect man to fulfill the fantasy as all she wants is to be swept away.

The first two stories kept me wanting more and pulling me to read their stories which I liked. The addition of the ghosts was a little something different especially as it was a matchmaking ghost, so I kept going with the series. I picked up Sexy Silent Nights thinking that it was a continuation. Of course this story is a continuation but from the series as a whole.

A one night stand was supposed to be one night but now Cilla Michael’s must help out Jonah Stone. Cilla is a security specialist and does her job well and will not get distracted by Jonah, but that is a lie she tells herself. Protecting Jonah will be her task but it will get clouded by the sight of him and how feelings are still very much present.

The last story didn’t not keep me as invested as the other two did. Sexy Silent Nights was still steamy and interesting but after reading the other two with the ghost I guess I felt there was something missing. Then you get a little more into the story and you find yourself liking both characters and hoping for a happy ending.

With all three stories Summers delivers romance and steamy scenes from her funny and intriguing characters. Forbidden Fantasies series has me interested in searching out beyond Cara Summers to others who contributed to the series, to find out what other types of fantasies other authors have in store for the reader.

Cowboy Up

The six book, Cowboy Up, of the series Sons of Chance is another steamy story delivered by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Emily Sterling has been a California girl her whole life even though her father is a cowboy. All Emily ever heard from both her parents is don’t get involved with a cowboy. Well Emily is back for her father’s birthday and knows that ranching is something she loves, it doesn’t hurt a certain cowboy is captured her attention.

Clay Whitaker has lived on the ranch for some time know. This has been the most stable home he has but now Emily is back once again. At eighteen he fell for her but she wanted nothing to do with him. Now at twenty eight he still can’t get her out of his head. He wants to dislike her for how she treats her father but all is not as it appears, and he will soon find the real Emily.

As another book to the series I liked it. Again very steamy with the scenes and Thompson writes the relationships in the story well. I liked that there was more to Emily than she appeared and had a good head on her shoulders. Clay was the ultimate cowboy who you wanted to lust after but he was also the type to guard himself from deep feelings like love. Thompson got you cheering for them to have that happy ending.

Should’ve Been a Cowbow

Tyler O’Connelli is back for the week visiting her now very pregnant sister. Tyler is excited about seeing her sister, but there is something that is worrying her and that is seeing Alex again. She was caught off guard with his appearance. Feelings are brought back to surface of their one night stand. She doesn’t want to love Alex as she likes her life on the cruise but she knows it is possible.

Alex Keller is over his ex wife and is struck with feelings still for Tyler. After a one night stand his feelings were still strong with just one look at her. He wants something from her but is a little timid to let his heart get involved as he knows she wants much more.

The fifth book, Should’ve Been A Cowboy, is another for the series Son of Chance. I find myself drawn to the series from Vicki Lewis Thompson and its not just the very steamy scenes, which Thompson writes well. There are the characters which you love to love.

Once again the plot is simple but nevertheless it is a fun series to read. Start at the being so you get to know the Chance brothers.