Hooked: A Love Story on 7th and Main

Tayla McKinnon has to make a decision. She needs to make a choice between her dream job and a relationship with Jeremy. With every date she finds herself falling for Jeremy but she is not a small town girl. Tayla loves the city and the cultural but doesn’t want to make those sacrifices her father had made.

Jeremy Allen has wanted Tayla the moment he saw her and will find out that he was going to lose her. He wanted to show her what their life could be together, but he knew that he could not force her decision. He wanted her to make the right decision for herself.

Hooked: A Love Story on 7th and Main is the second book from 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter. After reading the first book which I loved, I had pretty high expectations and this story did not disappoint. Although, I will say that I liked the first one more.

I thought that Tayla’s character was fun. She was outgoing and said what she wanted. Although, she was a little timid when it came to relationships. Throughout the story I was cheering for her and Jeremy to be together. Jeremy was pretty much the perfect man and you would think that would get annoying but it really didn’t. I really liked Jeremy and thought he was so sweet and loved that he was supportive, but on the inside the idea of Tayla leaving was tearing him apart.

The third book will be about Cary and Melissa which I can’t wait to read.


Ink: A Love Story on 7th and Main

Emmie Elliot walked back into her hometown determined to sell her grandmother’s bookstore, but she could not take that step. She decided to keep the store open and was going to take on a tenant, which was when she would be meet Miles Oxford “Ox”, who was a tattoo artist in need of space to rent. They made the rules to keep everything platonic right before they opened but those rules were meant to be broken.

Ink: A Love Story on 7th and Main is the first book to the book 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter. I was recently recommend to read this book and I am glad I did, I loved this book. It was right up my alley. I am a lover of books and have a tattoo, in fact it is a book tattoo. I loved the concept of a bookstore with a tattoo artist. By the way I really love the cover of the book.

Emmie was a great character. She seemed buttoned up, but she had a many layers and you were at times cheering for her to not give up. The attraction between them was steamy and pretty perfect. Now Ox was a pretty fantastic character although he could be dense when it came to doing the right thing with Emmie and it was those little thing which kept them from getting truly close right away.

I am looking forward to reading Hooked which is the second book to the series.

Fast Burn

Bran Berry has been after Sahara Silver since he first meet her but all she wanted was for him to join her bodyguards. Though Bran can tell she wants more, but business comes first. Then Sahara will be taken and it will be up to Bran and the other bodyguards to find Sahara.

Fast Burn is the fourth book to the series Body Armor by Lori Foster. I enjoyed going back to this series and this was a very good book. Although, there was one line that had me laughing. It was from the movie Taken. The one line that he is saying to his daughter in the second movie, “I am going to be taken”. That had me laughing out loud because it was too familiar.

I liked Bran but there were times when you wanted to punch him. He was a little controlling with the relationship but I could forgive him because he was a good guy. He wanted to do protect Sahara, he just had to admit that she was strong on her own and he does, it just takes some time. Sahara was a strong woman who knew how to kick butt, though she was a little out of her league with kidnappers. Although, she did not make it easier for those kidnappers.

There were some twists within the book that was interesting. I kind of wish there was a little more detail with the outcome but it was still good.

A Very Dare Christmas

Ian and Riley are back in this quick short story! A Very Dare Christmas is a novella, number 6.5, in the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips.

Its Christmas time and Riley is feeling overwhelmed with everything she has to do and her husband sees her exhaustion. Ian will do what any good husband would do, he will whisk his wife away for a romantic getaway to reconnect.

I really loved reading this story because it gave an insight into Ian and Riley’s lives which seemed realistic. The romance was leaving because all their attention was on their children. Getting back the romance was easy for them and very steamy. Though after reading this short story I found myself annoyed because it was like a teaser to the series. I want Carly Phillips to finish the series. I believe there are only three more siblings to write about and I just want them to be written so I know what is going on. I also hope that there is some actual justice when it comes to their cheating father.

I am looking forward to reading more from the series. Please Carly Phillips finish these novels!

Definitely Not Mr. Darcy

Chloe Parker is a complete Austen fan. Most days she feels as if she is from a different time period as she longs for those easy days of Austen’s. Chloe will have her chance to live the life with a documentary that will have several women dressing, acting and living the part of the Victorian lady. What Chloe did not know was this was not a documentary but a dating show to find who will win the heart of an English lord.

My cousin lent me the book giving rave reviews as we are both women who love the Victorian time period. Ironically I had seen this book before. The cover intrigued me and I had put it on my list of books but never went to find the book again.

The character of Chloe was wonderful. She was not the youngest heroine but a mature woman playing a game full of girls. Personally I thought all the characters were very intriguing to read about and how they interacted in this mock Victorian time period. The brothers were interesting when you read this book you will find out which one you like the most and I had my favorite. I liked Henry right from the beginning with his quiet ways but he had sarcasm down perfectly.

I had my suspicions with this story on what would happen. You read enough romances and you will have the clues to lead you. I had found out early or at least suspected but the journey was well worth the ride. I am a complete Jane Austen fan and this book was perfect. After reading this book I now know there would be a few things I would miss if I were truly back into the Regency time period.

At the end I had hoped for more but the ending gave you hope and a way back. This was a wonderful first book for the author Karen Doornebos and for those who love Jane Austen.

“The Stranger in Her Bed”

After putting the first book down in Janet Chapman’s Logger series I anticipated what would happen now with Ethan who at the end of the book was fired by the foreman who was a woman.

“Janet Chapman introduced the Knights, an ambitious logging family whose fortunes and hearts are tied to the rugged mountains of Maine.  Now, Ethan Knight is drawn into the family business…and deep into temptation.”

In this book Ethan will be the boss of the Loon Cove Lumber because no one in his family were able to do such.  The foreman who was hit by Ethan was a girl who had to leave at age eleven.  Anna who used to be Abby Fox has for the past eighteen years lived in Canda but when her grandfather is killed his will gives everything to her.  Anna inherites Fox Mill but no one in the town in supposed to know who she really is.

A love hate relationship starts to build between Ethan and Anna, more on the love side for Anna because he was her childhood crush.  Ethan was the boy who saved her those eighteen years ago.

This book is a great read bringing back all the characters in the first one and adding new ones.  Paul the womanaizer will be getting a surprise his previous girlfriend and will not be at all mad about it.  Grady is still the protective father.  Alex and Sarah very much in love with each other and their children.

But I think the thing that kept getting me to turn those pages were the fact that I wanted to know what happened to her those eighteen years.  I had many thoughts going through my head but all I kept thinking was “what happened in her past that was so tragic?”  Also “was Samuel murdered or was it just an accident?”

Luckily those questions were answered or I would have been a little angry.  Of course everything worked out in the end and left me smiling as I closed the book, which is always a nice feeling.

Starting a New

While I wait for my requested books to be delivered to my library I decided to start on a new author, Janet Chapman.  Picking a new author is sometimes hard, but choosing a new book can be even harder.  So to do this I look at titles.  I came across the title “The Seduction of his Wife”.

Immediately I knew that this book was going to be interesting.  I mean think of it this way if she is already your wife why would the husband need to seduce her?  So naturally I wanted to find out.  Instantly I was intrigued with the first page as Alex Knight the main character is coming back from a tortuous journey of being beaten and almost killed.  He is coming home to what he thinks is his home, his father, brothers and children.  Instead he finds himself facing a woman named Sarah Knight who was claiming she was Alex Knights wife, even though Alex was most definitely not married.

Sarah was a housekeeper who had nothing but her newly adopted children, Alex’s children.  Between the two of them neither wanted to feel anything but it was there laying underneath the surface.   Of course Alex ruins his plans of getting rid of Sarah as he stumps into her bed, drunk and falls asleep, but then they each wake as they begin making love as they slept.  Alex wakes immediately as he finds out something about her that eight years of marriage should have taken care of.  Thrown from this new scenario Alex kicks Sarah out at three in the morning.

Grady, Alex’s dad, comes in the morning and tells him to beg forgiveness.  Throughout the rest of the story Alex wants to help Sarah with anything.  To make up for his behavior and to win her heart.

As the rest of the story plays out Grady, Paul and Ethan who are Alex’s brother, all play a role in their lives.  The men all live together without any female influence except for Delaney, Alex’s daughter who was ten years old.  Tucker also was Alex’s son who was seven years old.  I thought it was entertaining that all four of them were bringing up these two children since Charlotte, Alex’s ex was gone from their lives.

The book was a fun read with a lot of interesting characters and scenarios that kept you entertained.  I seemed to finish the book rather quickly.  I just kept turning the pages as I read wanting to know the answers to my questions that floated as I read.

Lori Foster’s “The Christmas Present”

When I put down the book “Never Too Much” I really wanted to start to read the next book.  I liked the brothers and didn’t know what else would happen in the third.  So I picked up this book, “The Christmas Present” I found out it was only a hundred pages long, so it was a very quick read.

This book concentrates on Beth Monroe who is Kent’s only daughter.  She was mentioned in “Never Too Much” as Kent told Brooke.

“When Beth Monroe catches her fiance fooling around, she’s out for revenge…and the sweetest kind comes courtesy of Levi, the cheater’s best friend.  But when their one-hour tryst stretches to an entire weekend, holiday cheer takes on a whole new meaning…”

This was a very funny quick story on Beth.  I liked the fact that all she wanted was revenge but she took it on the wrong man.  Levi follows her when she leaves.  He has been in complete love with her since Brandon and Beth got engaged.

It was funny as Beth comes storming through the hotel doors with Levi trailing behind her and causes a big scene in front of her whole family.  Ben and Noah even though not blood related wanted to protect Beth from Levi.  After everything calmed down Beth explained what happened to the women, Brooke, Grace, and Sierra.  They tried to help with telling her sex was really okay and should be enjoyed.  Levi on the other hand was with the guys and not really telling them anything.

For a short story it was funny but again some more detail would have been nice on Beth and Levi.  With more detail the book probably could have been longer than just a hundred pages, but then again books that get right to the meat of the story is also a great thing.  Leaves the reader intrigued and wanting to know more.

“Never Too Much” Lori Foster

After finishing “Too Much Temptation” I quickly started to read “Never Too Much”.  I was interested to see what type of woman would make the great Ben Baldwin settled down and that woman would be Sierra Murphy who was very independent and holding many secrets.  Ben almost fell in love with Sierra immediately.  He wanted to be with her since she was a challenge but that turned into wanting to protect her from what ever she was hiding from.  The thing she was hiding from was of course her sorted past, a past that Sierra wanted to protect Ben from.

In this book we are also introduced to Brooke, who was Ben’s mom and Kent.  Kent has taken care of Sierra since she left her ex-husband.  Brooke, 45,  and Kent, 40,  also make a connection and Kent wants Brooke.

Agatha is still in the picture trying someway to connect with her other grandson, Ben.  He wouldn’t really give her any help with reconnecting, but she will stay strong.  She will protect her family no matter what.

The brother connection is still there.  Noah and Grace are in the picture but not a whole lot until the end.  Ben and Sierra are really the main characters but there are other scenario’s going around them.

I really liked this book.  I read it quickly through, seemed to just turning the pages but I sometimes which there was more.  More background information about Kent or Brooke.  Really all the characters.  I like having more history, knowing how people became the people they are today.

“Too Much Temptation” Lori Foster

I picked up this book along with the two that follow in the series and honestly I was hooked, Lori Foster knows how to draw you in.  This book, “Too Much Temptation” is about Noah Harper who had anything but a nice childhood is accepted by this grandmother when she found him.  In turn he went to help in the family business.  Noah has everything he didn’t have but when his girlfriend is caught cheating he finds himself not completely angry.  In fact he didn’t know if he loved Kara.  He broke off the engagement not telling anyone why and his grandmother disowned him.  Getting drunk with his brother Ben that following day came his grandmothers assistant, Grace Jenkins.  She is a woman with curves and not the overly thin model type, and completely in love with Noah for three years.  One thing leading to another they find each other and start seeing each other, even though many are not happy.

I liked the story a lot with Noah’s drive to have Grace as his woman.  Even though Grace does love Noah she is too self-conscious of how she looks.  Because she has curves her thought is that she if fat and wouldn’t hold Noah’s attention, but Noah is quickly falling in love with Grace, everything about her.

The book was a great ending with everyone getting their way which is always nice and the second book will concentrate with Ben as the main character finding love.

One thing that bothered me was the fact that Kara wouldn’t come clean and put the blame on Noah even though it was she who cheated.  If you love someone else have the strength to say it,  follow through.

Also the other thing though that bothered me was Grace’s lack of self-convidence in herself.  She had such a distorted view of what she looked like.  The persecption today with weight is a horrible thing.  Thin is still seen everywhere, but this has been progressively changing, slowly.