A Small Town Sheriff Meets Hollywood

Reading Nora Roberts you always come up with a new plot and characters in each story she writes. In The Law is a Lady the small town sheriff will get a sight of Hollywood.

Victoria Ashton is the new sheriff as her father has passed away. She does her job the best she can but is this were she wants to be for the rest of her life? Victoria though will have a new challenge in her life when a out-of-towner comes into her small town.

Philip Kincaid is entertained being pulled over by a lady sheriff but not so much as he gets put into jail by her. Philip though soon forgets and knows this town is the perfect place for his movie they were going to film. The road block will be the sheriff but she could be one to get through with the power of seduction. Philip comes to the conclusion that the sheriff is the perfect lady for him and he always gets what he wants.

The story was sweet and simple with fun characters that carried through the entire novel. I liked how each character was something more than they appeared to be which gave depth to the novel. Roberts description let readers get right into the story with the very first page.

Irish Rose

Erin McKinnon is a long way from home. A native to Ireland Erin is wondered by all that is in America. She was skeptical working as a bookkeeper for Burke Logan but Erin needed to leave her home. She needed freedom and a way to make something of herself. But Erin wasn’t expecting to fall for her employer.

Burke Logan knows what he wants and goes for it. Hiring Erin, marrying Erin and taking her all seemed right. But Burke doesn’t trust Erin as he should. He doesn’t know if she is there for his money or not. Burke will find out what Erin wants when he opens his own heart.

Irish Rose is the second book from Nora Roberts series Irish Hearts. As sequels go this one was a sweet yet frustrating book to read. Roberts continues with Dee and Travis but she focuses on Dee’s cousin Erin. Erin is another fiery Irish and Burke is a gambler. Both are hot heads and impatient so the scenes were intense with arguing which kept you wanting to turn the pages.

The villain is clear and the reader will be interested in to see what will happen as the heroes are faced in a crisis.

Irish Rose is a fantastic sequel and second book to the series.

The Witness

Since picking up my first book from Nora Roberts I have come to find her as a go to author to read. The Witness is her two hundredth book. From reading the description before I read it I was intrigued with the events that Roberts would embark on.

Elizabeth was a young girl of sixteen her whole future was laid out before her by her mother. Elizabeth had enough. At sixteen she made several choices that would leave her life in chaos and one she would have to fight to survive. Twelve years later Elizabeth was nowhere to be found only Abigail Lowery. Abigail will soon find her life in turmoil with an arrogant man and his son and then with a man threatening to break through and find a place in her heart. But none of that can come too until Elizabeth is put to rest.

Brooks Gleason is the sheriff of the town. He loves his parents and sisters and life but something is missing. He has stopped any kind of longing for the girl he used to think he loved and now someone else has captured his attention. Abigail he knew has had trouble in her past. He wants her to open up and to trust him. Brooks will break down one boundary at a time to get to her heart and to convince her they belong together.

Flipping from the first page to the last I could not put this book down and yet I had to as there was something also happening around me for the last two days. That alone drove me crazy as I needed to find out about Elizabeth/Abigail and Brooks. The waiting to finish the book was annoying but the result was absolutely perfect. I loved this book!

The suspense first of all was fantastic as it built throughout the entire book from the first page to the last. Roberts is a storyteller through and through. In The Witness there almost seemed two stories with Elizabeth and then Abigail and I was enthralled to want to read both.

Within in the novel I liked that Roberts also broke up the story with different sections devoted to Elizabeth, Abigail and Brooks.

Now aside from the fact that this books plot was amazing the plot was something I wanted to devour quickly the characters were riveting. The characters played through the intrigue and suspense along with the betrayal and hope Roberts interweaves. The characters of Elizabeth/Abigail was a survivor and someone who deserved to find that justice. I liked that Brooks was that man. He seemed a little at first too kind hearted, well too easy at being more with Abigail, but of course I loved that about him. Roberts goes into his history which will then have his behavior make sense. Also with him helping Abigail he was the perfect man to have.

The villains were dynamic and played to the characters they were. Roberts gave them the edge and charm within the pages. You hated them throughout and hoped a justice would be brought down upon them.

I recommend this book of Nora Roberts to read.

Irish Thoroughbred

I have read Irish Thoroughbred before but I find that because it is just a great story I like re-reading it over and over. I have a handful of authors which I will re-read their books and Nora Roberts is in the group. Picking up the book again I settled in for Dee and Travis’s story.

Adelia “Dee” Cunnane is a humble girl from Ireland never dreaming of going to America to be with her Uncle Paddy. But she will have a new life and one that involves her passion, horses. Fiery Dee will though have her own problem to deal with when she meets the owner of the ranch, Travis Grant.

Travis Grant is the owner of Royal Meadows and has worked hard on to make it the best. The moment he meets Dee he is intrigued and wants to know more about her. Travis will have that chance as Dee will become a groom to the horses and a thorn in his side with her Irish temperament.

This story to me is just a fantastic love story and I secretly love that the main heroine is Irish. Ireland has fascinated me over the years and I love how Roberts creates Dee to be a fiery woman you would not want to mess with. Travis was a man you wanted to know, someone strong and did what he needed to do.

Irish Thoroughbred is a great start to to Irish Hearts series.

The Gift by Nora Roberts

Looking for two quick romances try out Nora Roberts The Gift. These are two short novels that are both one hundred pages each.

Home For Christmas

Jason Law is coming home for Christmas and to see the girl he once loved ten years ago. But all is not how Jason left. Faith has changed and Jason will only get to discover how much.

All I Want For Christmas

Twins Zeke and Zach have been good and all they want Santa to give them is the mom. A woman who would love them, smells good, bakes and will love their dad and dog. The twins find her, Nell who is the new music teacher for the small town.

As you read you will fly through these two short engaging stories of love and acceptance. You will smile as Jason finds a way back and laugh along with the twins of their scheme they have plotted.

Nora Roberts gives two sweet stories which will be good to read anytime of the year.

Face The Fire by Nora Roberts

I was liking the direction in the Three Sisters Island series for the first two books of the series. In the last book, Face The Fire is a fantastic finish for the trilogy.

Mia Devlin is a witch known by all. She does not hide what she is or who, she embrasses it. But Mia is loved by all and she takes fate very serious. The love of her life Sam Logan walked out of her life ten years ago and it broke her heart now he is back. Sam is not just anybody he is also a practicing witch and knows he needs and wants Mia. He regrets what he left behind but now he is going to make up for it. Mia is battling her restuarant and rekindling he friendship and bond with her sister witches. Mia will need all the help to keep those she loves saves and to find if she can let Sam back into her life.

I liked that the witchcraft added to the elements of the story. Each story went further into the history of these witches who all went through tragedies. The present descendants all had a second chance to make up for their mistakes.

The relationship of Sam and Mia was fun to read. It was tragic and seemed real even with the realm of witchcraft in their corner. It made you angry and hope that they would find a way to be together.

The story Face The Fire was a sweet and thrilling story that finished up the trilogy of the Three Sisters Island.

Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts

Coming off of the first book of the series Three Sisters Island I was brought immediately back into these three women’s lives but this time the witchcraft came out stronger. Ripley stars in Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts.

Ripley Todd is a descendant of the witches back in the days of Salem. She knows it and most of the town knows it but she doesn’t want to admit it. Being the Deputy she is used to being strong but Dr. Booke, Mac, is going to test her strength. The friends will be put to the test as their powers are going to be needed.

It seemed to me that in the first book witchcraft was tamed now it is blasting out of the pages. I love Ripley’s character who is the Deputy and doesn’t want to admit she is a witch but now things are changing.

I think having Mac now in the books is comical with his klutzy style and very academic ways. The two of course have the heat and will do something about that but there are twists.

Roberts is bring the past to the present and the powers and spells are being used more now. They are needed to help fend off an enemy who was locked away.

Heaven and Earth was thrilling to read and a good continuation with the Three Sisters Island series.