Perfect Storm

Liking the last three book of the series Edge of Honor I figured I would like A Perfect Storm.

Arizona Storm has had a tough life, one she wants to be able to handle. Her way is to find trouble and stop it but she needs Spencer’s help. She is wary of him as she does feel things when she looks at him, but she is not ready to let him in. Of course curiosity sets in and Arizona will take the plunge while they will be in the midst of danger.

Spencer Lark a dangerous bounty hunter has tangled before with Arizona and finds himself agreeing to help her once again. He doesn’t like that she is endangering herself but knows that she would do it without his help. Having her close puts Spencer in a spell as every time he sees her he wants her. He holds back to that possibility until neither can’t take it anymore.

After I read the book I found myself loving the characters that Lori Foster created. I often love reading her books. This series however has characters that are more complex and in the fourth book I could not put it down.

I loved the story of Arizona and how grown up/naive she really was. She was only twenty one but with the experience of someone twice her age. You want her to find happiness with Spencer but also peace. I liked how Foster built Arizona’s character up through the entire book as there was no dull moment.

Spencer was something else. In all Foster’s books there is the strong man, the man who would do anything to protect the damsel in distress. Its the oldest story but Spencer will be challenged as Arizona is not a weeping willow. She will take the punches that is given to her. Spencer though is also withdrawn from real connection but of course Foster will make sure that is drawn out in the book.

The villain was obvious but there is a twist at the end that was not necessarily seen and surprised me. I liked that Foster had given that twist on the bad guy as it gave more intrigue and mystery.

Now finishing the fourth book I have to wonder if their will be another book from Foster which of course I hope that there is. Perhaps with Quin who will grow up and help in his own way?

Savor The Danger

Savor The Danger is the third book to Lori Foster’s series Edge of Honor.

Alani Rivers knows terror and never wants to feel that again or trust men again but one weasels himself into her life. Jackson Savor is a sex minded individual who only thinks that when Alani is around and is flattered, she finally has enough and gives in. The only problem now is that Jackson doesn’t remember their night when they wake up together. Alani is hurt and confused but gets over it and needs to find out what has happened to Jackson.

Jackson Savor waited for the day that Alani would give in. Finally it has come and he has no memory. It is disturbing he has no memory of the night. He must bring in Trace and Dare to have them help with his memory, he will also use Alani to give him details that only make her blush hotter. Jackson knows getting back into bed with Alani will be a pleasure for him.

Waking up in bed and no memory of the night was priceless. I loved how Foster starts off the book as there is humor and wit which goes along with Jackson’s character. I also loved how he was just a very sex minded man but only when it came to Alani.

The character of Alani was perfect. She became stronger and gave into the side she had been hiding. I liked how she was strong when standing up to her brother, it shows she has backbone and not to be messed with.

The villain wasn’t expected but an interesting twist. Never underestimate characters as they usually surprise you. There are two new characters also coming in Spencer and Arizona. Finishing up the book I looked up the series and was happy to see Foster is not done with the series and Arizona will have her chance as the main character along with Spencer. Can’t wait for their story. Hopefully their’s wouldn’t be the last in the Edge of Honor series.

Trace of Fever

As with the first story of the series Lori Foster gets the action going quickly in Trace of Fever with heated characters and a very dangerous situation. Trace will bring in the action with his co-star Priss but it wouldn’t be an easy road.

Trace Rivers hates all kinds of monsters and Murray Coburn is one of the best but why is Trace working with him? Trace is undercover as a bodyguard under the name Trace Miller. He has to act the part which makes him sick but he needs this monster put away for his sister and anyone like her. Trace was in the mist of his mission but didn’t expect Coburn’s daughter.

Priscilla “Priss” Patterson has one thing on her mind and that is revenge. Stepping into Coburn’s hell is not easy but in order to move on she has to end this monster. Priss thought it would be easy but the unruly bodyguard was not what she expected. He ignited everything in her body but she couldn’t stray from her mission even though Trace makes it very difficult.

From everything that happened with Trace and Priss it made you melt as Foster creates an erotic romance which will have you wanting more. It was frustrating at times that you wanted to not hate Trace but very much thought he was in the wrong with some of his actions he does. Then you have to remember he is playing a part. His character is flawed but fantastic at the same time with how he is able to protect his sister and friends. I appreciated that Trace did trust Priss enough to let his guard down some.

I liked also how Foster created Priss to be multidimensional. She was a great character who is in a situation way out of control. Her story was compelling with her mom and you wanted her to get her revenge no matter the cost.

The character Murray and Helena were frightening and Foster created them so you had no choice but to despise them. The drug which is created is an interesting addition and I liked how Foster was able to turn the tables on Helena.

Finishing up the book I quickly knew I had to pick up the next one with Jackson and Alani. I couldn’t wait to read what situation they were going to be put in. Overall Edge of Honor series is jump off the seat steamy and you only want more from Foster.

When You Dare

Wow! That is the only word for the first book of the series Edge of Honor. Lori Foster starts with a bang with When You Dare and will not stop until you finish the book. The summary of the book got my interest but it wasn’t pulling me to read it like so many of Foster’s books but once you start there is no stopping. I kept reading in one sitting from the first page to the very last.

Dare Macintosh is a professional mercenary and is on a mission to find his best friends sister who has been taken. Dare accomplishes his mission but is now strapped with another complication. He picks up Molly who was there with Alani but Molly did not fit the right image to human trafficking. Dare knew she would not survive so he took her as it was the right thing to do. But Dare has questions and only this woman would be able to tell him.

Molly Alexander was taken. Her body hurt, her mind not clear. She still had no idea why all she knew was she was safe with this man named Dare. Molly knew the one thing she had to do and that was to find out who would kidnap her. As a writer she had a few enemies but none she knew that would go to this extreme. Molly will put her trust into Dare as they faced her attackers and the attraction which sizzled between them.

As I read the book I was in awe of how much I really liked the story. The characters were hard edged, complicated and multidimensional. The plot as well had many quirks that made you smile and fantastic twists that you could see happening but you get so wrapped up into the story you only concentrated on the subject at hand.

Dare, wow. He was fantastic. I loved his sexual tension, his macho tendencies and his love for his dogs and friends. Chris who was a friend was delightful. He was quirky and just right. As with Molly she was incredible with her strength through the entire plot. As the reader you cheered her on.

The villain was not clear or at least suspected but Foster did a good job at giving subtle hints and wrong misdirection. Along with multiple characters who could be the bad guy. And the villain was obsessed in a quiet way which gave plot mystery and a really good betrayal.

I was interested to know if Foster would give Alani her own story and happily I found out she will in the third book. This looks to be like a series which will hopefully continue with many more but no one knows except the author. Pick up and enjoy When You Dare and once you are done get ready for the second book with Trace in Trace of Fever.

Hard To Handle

With Foster you are always going to get steamy no matter what it appears and that is fine with me as she gives her characters to be intriguing and well detailed. You want more out of her characters but always happy to get what you are given. Hard To Handle is just the book that will make you squirm with wanting more for both characters but you will be satisfed at the end of the book.

Harley Handleman is known as a fighter, an up and coming fighter who will be going all the way. Harley likes what he hears and will stop at nothing to get it. But Harley is never sure how things will turn out as he has had those chances but those cirumstances were out of his control. And contol is something Harley tries to maintain especially in the bedroom but that control will slip with Stasia.

Anastasia Bradley will always have her heart start beating at the sight of Harley but she knew better to try and mix herself with him. But that will not stop feelings to get into the mix. Stasia finds herself  getting wrapped up into Harley’s world and his body as she is trying stay clear of an unknown enemy.

With re-reading Hard To Handle I knew the outcome and all the details but I still love to read it. Out of the books for the SBC Fighter series this once is a favorite and I tried to prolong the ending of this book.

I think what it is you get wrapped up into that fantasy of the very strong, protective man who wants nothing more than to protect you and help you in anyway. Which is how Foster created Harley exactly to be with the added bonus of his sexual desire in the bedroom. I liked how she also gave him a past which made him the hero even though he didn’t want to be labeled as such.  Foster also created Stasia right as she was independent and wanted more. Her character was true throughout the book which made it all the more interesting to read.

I also liked how Foster created the side story of Barber, the musician, and Jasmine. They weren’t really side characters as half the book was probably about them as well. I loved the sexual tension and the fierceness of Jasmine. They were fun to read about.

Hard To Handle is definitely a book you will want to check out and is the third book to the series SBC Fighters.

Following Simon

The second book to SBC Fighters series is Simon Says from Lori Foster. Re-reading books make them go faster but never looses the enjoyability. I love how Foster created her characters and how they are followed through within the books that continue in the series.

Simon “Sublime” Evans was not a man you wanted to mess around with. After a couple years out of retirement Simon is getting back in the ring but he will be distracted. He will be distracted by a woman named Dakota Dream. He doesn’t know what to make of her but knows she is in trouble and it all steams from her past.

Dakota Dream does what she needs to be done as she has been on her own but now her stepfather is blackmailing her. Dakota does not want to do his bidding but she is excited to meet Sublime. Dakota though did not suspect she would fall for him or that her past would be making its comeback into her life.

After putting down the book you will want to continue with the series right away as you will want to know what happens to the characters and who will be next in Foster’s list. The next one is going to be Harley and of course I already have Hard to Handle in my hand ready to read again.

In Simon Says I love how Foster created Simon to be hard headed but falls for the outspoken Dakota who does not listen to a word he tells her. I also like that she gave Dakota to have the hard life in her past but it created her to want to be strong and to fight which gave her spunk.

Now of course with Foster’s book you have the heated romances that verge on erotic and she does not disappoint as Simon and Dakota will heat up the pages. You will melt at their scenes and want more.

Simon Says will make you want to follow Simon anywhere.

Causing Havoc

As I was looking through several authors I have read I noticed that I had not put down the first three books of the SBC Fighters series from Lori Foster. I had no idea why as I had read the books before but since I was in the mood to read them again I picked up the first book of the series, Causing Havoc.

Dean “Havoc” Connor is a fighter for SBC and he is known for his unpredictability in the ring which is why it should not have surprised anyone the next move he made. Dean took a short vacation to meet up with the family that he had been pulled away from. Dean will have a chance to get to know Cam and Jacki and what happened years ago to pull them apart. But that will not be the only thing to occupy Dean’s mind as Eve will be part of his plan in this small town.

As usual whenever I finish a Lori Foster book I just want more which is of course why I already have the next book to the series picked out, Simon Says. The first book of Fosters series sets the mood to what the SBC Fighters series will become.

Foster creates these dynamic, multidimensional characters who you will fall in love with like the tough fighter, shy/assertive sisters, and a gusty best friend. She also creates the villain to be cruel and in a disguise which you will feel sorry for but at the same time despise.

As I already know the SBC Fighters series is a captivating series which you will want to devour every page and word. It only gets better as the series progresses.

Wanting more from Foster

The moment has finally come when I was able to pick up the copy of Lori Foster’s latest book in the series of SBC Fighters, Back in Black.

“Drew Black, a president of the SBC fighting organization, is a controversial as they come.  But this hotheaded entrepreneur is a perfect match for his popular sports club venture: uncompromising and extreme.  Maybe too extreme.  With a reputation for saying what he thinks, Drew’s been causing a lot of friction.  That’s why someone’s been called in to clean up his image, before he does any permanent damage.

The lucky lady is Gillian Noode, a PR expert who has smoothed out the rough edges on many a man.  But Drew is rougher than anyone she’s ever met, and he refuses to change for any woman, for any reason.  To make matters more complicated, Gillian’s starting to like him raw.  Now opposites aren’t simply attracting, they’re igniting. But in the rising heat, who will end up on top?”

This book, Back in Black, along with all other Lori Foster’s books are amazing to read.  They are exciting, sexy and fun to read.  This book was no exception, it was fantastic.  I didn’t have to read the plot because I knew I would like it, but I read it anyways.

In this most recent story the two characters are Drew Black and Gillian Noode.  They are steamy and complete opposites.  It is exciting when they finally get together but they are not the only characters.  On the side is Brett and Audrey another complete opposites.  Brett is the fighter and Audrey is the woman against the fighting but the two can’t stay away from each other.  I loved the villain in this story, a little crazy but you didn’t know exactly at the beginning.

The writing is fantastic with the enticing plot which is very funny and strikingly fast to read.  I couldn’t put down the book with the witty dialogue, steamy scenes with delicious characters.  There is some about fighters that gets your blood boiling.

Now the question, is there another book to the SBC Fighters series and is it coming out soon?!

The final chapter in Men to the Rescue with “Tailspin” by Lori Foster

The last short story of Men to the Rescue was a fantastic finish to the series with the realistic characters and outrageous plot of two dogs, Tish and Butch, coming together and matchmaking their owners.

“Sadie Harte’s chihuahua is head over heels for the chihuahua next door.  It’s impossible for Sadie and neighbor Buck Boswell to keep them apart.  And soon Sadie and Buck are finding it impossible to stay away from each other, too.  Clever chihuahua!”

Sadie is a kind hearted person who will help those who are can not help themselves, those on four legs.  But when Buck is standing there only in his boxers, locked out of his house Sadie is only so happy to help.  The least Sadie could do was to shelter Buck for a few hours in the morning along with Butch.

Buck was dog sitting for Regina and Riley while they were on vacation.  He thought it would be okay until the dog decided to wake up in 4 in the morning.  This is not ideal for Buck but that soon turns around when he spots his neighbor dressed in her white nightgown.  Usually dressed in a very prim and proper attire Buck appreciates the look of the nightgown.  For Buck she mystified him and he is more than willing to see if something can happen.

The two of them end up coming together from the help of the two chihuahua’s, Tish and Butch who are finding love as well.  It was funny to have Butch again in the mix and to him find love.  As this book ends all the characters of Men to the Rescue were able to find their own love and romance through their own partners.  In the last book love is found but the couples will gain a little more than their spouses.

The Men to the Rescue series

1. Beguiled

2. Wanton

3. Caught in the Act

4. Treat Her Right

5. Mr. November

6. Trapped!

7. Riley

8. Uncovered

9. Tailspin

Tailspin is the last of the series ending in 2004

Tempting with “Riley” by Lori Foster

Lori Foster brings another Tempting man in the series of Men to the Rescue in “Riley”. The strong, determined ex-swat is on a mission to protect Regina “Red” Foxworth by showing a few moves on and off the mat.

“Regina Foxworth has no clue why an unknown assailant is out to get a small-town reporter like her.  Or why the police woun’t take her concerns seriously.  So Regina gets a guard dog-make that a four-pound guard Chihuahua!-and signs up for self-defense classes.  But defending herself is not on her mind when sexy instructor Riley Moore has her pinned to the mat.

With Regina vulnerable beneath him on his gym floor, Riley breaks out in a possessive sweat.  He wants her, but first he has to protect her.  She needs him more than her don’t-muss-my-hair style of defense and that ridiculous so called dog.  Riley is ex-Swat and his new life as an evidence tech hasn’t softened his lethal training one bit.  But Regina isn’t quite the princess she seems, and she’s about to catch him off guard!”

Regina is a kind person and great reporter but she is starting get scared for her life.  Getting a guard dog was the first step of the solution.  The second was training with Riley for self-defense.  Of course her attraction was getting in the way.

Riley loved the chance to be with Regina and now with the threats he wasn’t letting her leave his sight.  Training her wasn’t enough so he decided to have her move in with him, to protect her.  And Riley is only to happy to spend some time with her.  As the two of them started living together the passion was flaring and the threat was trying to be discovered but there were still things unanswered.  The idea of love between the two and a framed photograph in Regina’s draw of the senator.

This book was another great book of Men to the Rescue.  I loved the characters of Regina and Riley, nice to see them back in their own book.  Regina and Riley were adorable together but Butch, Regina’s four pound chihuahua guard dog, was a new fantastic part of the book.  Getting the description and the behavior of the dog I visualized him perfectly.  Butch was fun to read about and a good factor to bring Riley and Regina together.