A Night Like This

Anne Wynter is not who she says she is, but then who is? Anne has fled her past and has landed several positions as a companion and now governess. Anne likes her job but now with the young earl back she is distracted with his charm. She finds herself thinking of love but will leave that notion when danger has followed her to London. She will protect Daniel the best she can as her own reputation had been shredded years ago.

Daniel Smythe-Smith has returned after three years only to find his best friend being intimate with his sister. The only thing a brother can do is punch his sisters beau. Once the blood is whipped away Daniel will find there is a happy ending for his sister and now he will be going towards his own especially when he finds Anne Wynster the governess. She intrigues him to no end but with danger close at hand Daniel has to be careful to keep Anne away from harm.

A Night Like This is the second book to the Smythe-Smith Quartet from Julia Quinn. I really liked this book. After the first book I had high hopes and was not disappointed. Quinn takes off right where the first book ended which I liked.

A Night Like This was cute, whimsical and true to Quinn’s writing. Of course now the book was lighthearted but there was more to the plot with the act of revenge that could come from either character. Quinn really writes her characters well as they have more to offer than what is on the surface.

After reading this book I am certainly interested on who will be next to step away from the music in the Smythe-Smith Quartet.

Don’t Get Stuck at the Recital

Performing your musical talents is a Smythe-Smith tradition. Every year the sisters or cousins perform for all of the ton but it would help if any of them had any talent. Honoria is the youngest of the siblings and very much out of place with them but she finds her way in the world with trying to make the best at her situation but when fate drops in her brothers oldest friend. Honoria will think about a whole new possibility.

Marcus Holroyd is the only son and has been left on his own since the time of his mothers death. He had grown up a shy boy but had a great friend of Daniel Smythe-Smith. Growing up with Daniel’s family had felt like his own but never really his. But when he sees Honoria again he will start to see her in a whole new light especially after she saves him from fever.

Marcus and Honoria will set upon a romance that neither one admits until either can’t hold back to what they are feeling with the help of family.

Reading the series Bridgertons (which is a fantastic series) you will have already have heard of the famous Smythe-Smiths, and I love that Julia Quinn creates a series just for them. The novel, Just Like Heaven, is a sweet new series that follows just like the Bridgertons but Quinn gives Honoria her own voice and you fall for this completely sweet story.

The whole time I read it there was a smile that kept to my face as you read about her bantering to herself and to Marcus. Of course you can’t forget about the bad playing with the cousins which was comical and lightened the story even more.

Then when you came to Marcus you cheered when he found his own strength to show what he was feeling. I loved hearing his own words through the story and how Quinn expresses his thoughts progressing towards the act of love.

Now there is of course the unbridled lust in the story. This act though was tamed and towards the end giving the story a very sweet and cute plot with flirting and the possibility of more.

Just Like Heaven is the perfect start to the series Smythe-Smith Quartet and I can’t wait for the next one. Who will it be? My bet will be Sarah but I could be wrong.

When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

After reading about Eloise I was eager to read about Francesca Bridgerton the next one to find her way to the alter, again. When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn is the sixth continuation of the series Bridgerton.

Michael Stirling is in love with his cousins wife. From the moment he saw her he loved her but it was too late. Francesca Bridgerton would now and forever treat him like a friend. He loved his cousin John and would never betray him but now John had passed. Still he could not be with Francesca until one night they kissed.

What struck me was this book was a lot more passionate than the others which I found interesting because it was the daughter who was wicked. She had the appetite that could not be ignored along with Michael.

I love how Quinn created the back story so you know how Michael feels watching the happy married couple. You feel for him and at the end was sweet with the letter. I like that Francesca is also different from all her family being a little more closed off, or really needs to do things on her own.

Quinn creates these characters to be lovable, smart and witty. The youngest sister is next which will prove to be entertaining.

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

After reading about the siblings Turner and Olivia I was happy Quinn wanted to keep going with Sebastian, the cousin of Harry who married Olivia. Julia Quinn sets the stage comically but there is a sensual side and serious one that should not be ignored.

Sebastian Grey is happy in his situation. He is the published author under another name, free to be with who he wants and not a care in the world until she comes his way.

Annabel Winslow has a lot on her mind but it all comes to a hault as she meets this shocking man. They kiss but then she finds out his name. Sebastian Grey would be her nephew if she ended up marrying Lord Newbury but she did not want that. She only considered it to provide for her siblings but that would not be enough to marry without love.

Annabel and Sebastian will find each other to be irrestiable. Only thing stopping them is the courage to stand up for what they want.

This was fun and smart writing. I was enthralled from the first page and finding out right away he was the author was icing on the cake. From the last book it did not seem possible but looking back it was right in front of your face.

I love Sebastian’s character and how Annabel was so quiet but with him she was not the normal female.

The grandmother was a surprise, a little annoying at times but her part at the end was humorous.

Ten Things I Love About You was a delight to read.

Now will Winston be taking a turn in the pages of Julia Quinn and follow his siblings to the alter?

What Happens In London by Julia Quinn

Following up on first novel Olivia is now in the picture and staring beside Harry Valentine in What Happens in London by Julia Quinn.

Olivia is bored with gossips and has no mind for the ideal chatter but she has nothing else to do. That is until she comes across her neighbor who might have murdered his fiancée.  Olivia knows that would not happen but she is curious about him. Setting her sights on him she watches from her window.

Harry Valentine knows he is being watched and is annoyed. Eventually he finds out who this girl is and is fed up but intrigue and a mission lead him to staying close to Olivia. He does not know if she is a spy but there will be danger at her door with the prince knocking at her door.

I liked that Quinn gave another book with Olivia and I’m excited to read about Sebastian who has his own book out. Olivia in the first book was fun to read about as she was pushy. She still is and it plays to her advantage.

Quinn keeps the characters at arms length until the tension can be broken then romance is thrown into the mix. There was a good twist that was not seen with a couple characters which was great as it had you guessing.

What Happens In London was a great continuation of the Bevelstoke line.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

From reading the title, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever I imagined some woman in society acting as a spy. I suppose a diary seemed like the right correspondence that would be needed for a young woman to dive into the ton’s acts.  Of course I was wrong as I read the back page summary.

Miss Miranda Cheever fell in love at the age of ten to Nigel otherwise known as Turner or Lord Turner who is her best friends older brother.

He ruined her for other men with his smile and kind words but love would not come easily to Turner as he now has been devastated by love but they will find each other and love will be there only when it is declared.

This story was a toss up, occasionally things started to turn bad for Miranda and her love Turner. I had a feeling a happy ending would come to be but there was the struggle which was like pulling teeth.

The characters were witty and darker than some but so was called for in the situation they were put into. Miranda and Turner were perfectly alike then turned opposite as each grew up. One got a hard hit with life’s reality.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda was the first book in the two book series. Olivia will now be having her turn.

On The Way To The Wedding by Julia Quinn

The last book, On The Way To The Wedding, kept me turning the pages. Julia Quinn keeps the story smart and funny but with a hint of seriousness and true love.

Gregory Bridgerton is the last to get married. He wouldn’t until he finds the one. He knows that he will know her immediately and that woman is Hermione Watson. But true love was going to be difficult. Hermione had her sites on another and then another.

Lucy is practically engaged to a man she hardly knows. She is content but that all changes when she encounters Gregory. It is not love, like, she thinks his lesser of the two evils for Hermione but her heart changes, and so does Gregory.

Gregory and Lucy will find love but there are many obstacles that must be overcome before the lovers can find a way to have a happy ending.

The last book of the Bridgerton series was fantastic. It was a rollar coaster and you were not sure where the characters would go. I liked how Quinn starts off with the wedding leaving you too wonder what she will say.

I thought I had guessed but everything changed as characters motives were revealed. And Quinn did a fantastic job at the end, very funny and touching.

The last book gave a great ending to the eight book series.