Blackmail is never good the second time around

Caleb Ventures is a man who prides himself in making the right decisions. He has avoided all trials of being a burden to his family and to stay above scandals which would haunt him like the past which follows him. But when it comes to Serenity he takes a step back while taking two steps forward. He is in over his head but something is telling him to believe in her and forgive his past. To stand up for the woman who gave birth to him.

Serenity Makepeace is her towns only child born directly in town. She has no real parents but many friends who had taught her through the years. Serenity wants to help her town and that means to get the business to grow. She finds help from Caleb but problems start happening when she is blackmailed.

Jayne Ann Krentz is a favorite of mine but I have to say Hidden Talents had me stuck at the beginning. I liked the plot and characters but it wasn’t flowing for me as well. Then you get into the story and the plot holds you and wouldn’t let go. I wanted to know who was the blackmailer and would our two characters find that happiness.

I liked that the blackmail came up again from the past to now a new person which kept it real for this family to get over with. The blackmailer is of course the same person which was another link but Krentz will try to mislead the reader.

The villain/blackmailer I had a feeling but until the end you know for sure. I liked the outcome as it was not easy love story. There were bumps and mystery that kept the book from an easy going novel and kept you involved.

Get Ready for an Treasure Hunt

Jayne Ann Krentz creates the Ladies and Legends Trilogy. The second book of the series is The Adventurer.

Sarah Fleetwood wants adventure and she is finding it with her own hero Gideon Trace. Known as a romance writer Sarah has had many fantasies meeting Gideon but when she comes face to face she is not disappointed.

Gideon Trace didn’t expect to see Sarah but somehow he got wrangled into to her enthusiastic adventure to find her families jewels on a very old map. With danger making its presence known and passion in the air Gideon and Sarah are in for a wild ride.

Krentz created this series to be centered on three best friends who will end up finding love on the way with adventure. The Adventurer is the second book of the series. The Pirate (the first book)  and The Cowboy (the third and final book).

Krentz creates the danger to be thrilling but it comes subtly as the story progresses. And like many romance novels the passion will flare between Gideon and Sarah which will leave the reader breathless.

In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz

Fallon Jones is used to mystery, to tight situations that needs his investigation abilities and his other abilities that give some worry on how powerful he is.

Isabella Valdez is in trouble. Men are following her and she needs an out. Her only hope is Scargill Cove. Following her intuition she goes there and quickly gets a job with Fallon Jones.

Together they will find the men who are chasing her and Fallon will have some of his past come back to haunt him. With Isabella’s help Fallon will find some closure.

A newest addition to the Arcane Society series is always a fun read. Jayne Ann Krentz delivers her characters over and over. I loved that this time Fallon was in the for front. I had been waiting for his time and it was not a disappointing story to read.

Isabella’s character was fun and adventurous just the opposite of Fallon.

The Arcane Society Series is one of the more unique ones I have read and Krentz keeps it interesting especially now that there are objects which are coming forward from the past and heading to the future in her other series.

Dawn in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz

The second book, Dawn in Eclipse Bay, of the the series Eclipse Bay is fun and entertaining to read by Jayne Ann Krentz. A good follow-up to the first book of the series.

As Rafe and Hannah find love together the feud is being let go but there will be another feud between Gabe Madison and Lillian Harte the older siblings of their families. Gabe wanted to make something of himself and he did but now that he was richer he wanted a wife. Lillian seemed like the perfect solution with her matchmaker business. But things were not meant to be with the matchmaking business. Gabe and Lillian found themselves at odds but that will not stop them from finding a new relationship with each other. But there are problems that are going to be happening when the two of them get back to Eclipse Bay.

I loved the first book with how the feuding Madison’s and Hartes came together but I loved it when Gabe and Lillian were brought together creating their own new relationship.

Gabe is a fun character that colaborates with Lillian. There relationship is steamy and filled with a lot of wit. The crazy characters are still around like AZ who brings humor to the book. Krentz does a good job creating the feud with the families and the dangers of blackmailers.

A good sequel to the series of Eclipse Bay.

Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz

A family feud that has been going on for years is about to be broken when the two grandchildren will have to colaborate with each other in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz.

Rafe Madison was a tough kid and now is still a tough man but with more ambition. Hannah Harte was a determined girl and still a determined woman but has learned more. The two will have to come together thanks to her Aunt Isabel and her will that leaves each half of Dreamscape. But there will be problems from eight years ago which will come back to haunt Rafe and Hannah and with some help they will be able to solve the murder.

This is the first book of the series Eclipse Bay. I think that this book held my interest through the unique characters who seemed very real and the ongoing feud. The feud of the two families kept my interest in the book. I wanted to find how and if the feud would end. Also how the feud even started with them.

As the reader you are not disappointed. The characters are witty and stubborn leading to an enjoyable time reading. Mitchell Madison was fun to read about as he is the grumpy grandfather who has a stubborn streak a mile long.

Krentz will have the reader devouring her work as Rafe and Hannah have to come together and solve the murder. Eclipse Bay is a great first book to the series.

Absolutely Positively by Jayne Ann Krentz

With Krentz I will try any book of hers. Most I will like some are not so high on my list but regardless I will read books by her.

Absolutely Positively

Molly Abberwick is a women raising her only sister since her parents died. There family’s tradition is inventors. Kelsey, Molly’s sisters, takes on that tradition. Molly is the business women.

Harry Stratton Trevelyan is an academic with two very different sides of families. Stratton’s are the rich business types while Trevelyan are the carny type. Harry’s only real connection is Josh his cousin who he helped raised from 12. Harry is estranged from all of them except when they need help from him.

Molly and Harry will find comfort in each other first as partners and then more. Molly will help Harry with his family and Harry will help her with business.

Krentz creates a realistic family dynamics. I love how Krentz creates Harry as the savior but is always pulled apart. All he wants to do is help but is punished through each of the family.

I love how Molly’s character is resourceful and is relentless when it comes to helping Harry. Each Harry and Molly have strong elements in their characters that makes them perfect opposites and fun to read about.

Krentz is known for her romance which Absolutely Positively contains a lot of but she gives twists with the paranormal.

Trust Me by Jayne Ann Krentz

An incredibly love story that left me smiling.

Desdemona Wainwright thinks Sam Stark looks much too calm for a man who has just been left at the alter.  The males in her theatrical family would be letting their feelings explode.  But she was hired to cater his wedding, not to save it.  Desdemona marches into Stark’s den to demand the much-needed payment for the canceled reception-not to fall in love.  But the self-controlled, steel-willed man behind Stark Security Systems, a multi-million-dollar consulting firm, does have the cold, logical brain of a computer-along with the muscular, sensual body of a medieval knight.  He is Desdemona’s exact opposite.  And don’t opposites attract?

Sam Stark cannot understand what is wrong with treating marriage as a business deal.  He ex-fiancee, stately blond Pamela, and seemed so perfect so reasonable.  This hoyden with wild red hair and huge turquoise eyes, insisting he write a check for hundreds of uneaten miniature asparagus tarts, is a different type: temoermental, volatile, and likely to drive a man crazy with her moods-or with desire.  But Desdemona has the professional catering skills he needs for his business.  It never occurs to him that she might not accept his offer to be his no-strings-attached, stand-in wife.

Desdemona has other plans for herself and Stark.  She thinks involving him with her staff, made up of her relatives and other out-of-work actors, will give him a sense of family.  He thinks he’d rather spend his time with computers, but all too soon his private life and his business affairs are under siege.  Desdemona is breaking down the walls around his heart-and someone is trying to get into his files to steal a top-secret computer program.  Stark’s suspicions soon center on the people Desdemona holds most dear, as intrigue and murder swirl them all.

I loved this book.  It was cute, humorous and enjoyable to read.

I loved how Krentz has a simple beginning but escaltes into a dangerous situation as the pieces begin to drop.

The family dynamics are very real and loving.  Each character is recognized by their abilities and flaws.  And as a plot goes this one was fascinating to read about.

Trust Me is a book you will want to pick up.

Witchcraft by Jayne Ann Krentz

When you pick up one of your favorite romance author only to discover that a mixture of paranormal is thrown in it can be confusing.  Krentz though is known for her paranormal books just as much for her romance books.  But still for me Witchcraft was strange.

Mystery writer Kimberely Sawyer lives alone and likes it that way. But when she is threatened by a hooded figure wielding a dagger, and a blood-red rose with a needle thrust into its heart is left on her doorstep, she knowns she needs protection.

It seems like perfect timing when Napa Valley vineyard owner Darius Cavenaugh returns to Kimberely’s life, offering help and a place to stay.  But how did he know she needed him?  Was it the deep intuitive intimacy of a soulmate…or was it witchcraft?

I liked the book but as I said it was strange.  I wasn’t sure with what was going on only because it seemed that I came in through half way.  But the past is explained later.

Krentz for me has a unique style of writing and I am drawn to it.  Witchcraft had that wit, humor thrown into it and the characters were intriguing but it didn’t leave me jumping for joy.  But Krentz is still a favorite of mine and will still keep reading her books.

Grand Passion by Jayne Ann Krentz

As I was browsing throught the aisles of books it got me thinking that it has been a while since I picked up Jayne Ann Krentz.  I love her style and the simple to complex characters which are developed.  I have read many of her books but I wanted to start and revisit them.

Cleopatra Robbins has imagined the moment when she’ll meet the man of her dreams.  But when Max Fortune strides into the Robbins’ Nest Inn, a devastating sensation sweeps through her.  She knows it’s him.  And he’s all wrong!

Head of the giant Curzon Hotel chain, a cynical man with a passion for rare works of art, Max is looking for five priceless paintings left to him by his mentor, Jason Cruzon.  With one long look at Cleo Robbins, Max knows he’s gazing at a masterpiece…and for the first time in his life, the solitary and powerful executive is overcome with the strangest desire for that wonderful institution called home.  But despite their mutual attraction, Max suspects Cleo of hiding something-and by the time he realizes her secrets have nothing to do with the lost treasures, it may be too late to save her from the danger rising out of her past.

Krentz delivers a sense of passion in each book that she writes but what draws me to all her books are the characters.  In some way or the other they are real.  They have a sense of being real and not just fiction.  Within Grand Passion you could relate to the characters problems they were facing which is a powerful abiltiy to do with books.

The plot is a cute romance.  A man looking for his inhertience but finds much more.  The characters of the book are delightful.  They are a little wacky and quirky but all together real and lovable.  They are the type of characters you would imagine working in a small inn.

There are secrets and sabotage moving throughout the book which gives a little mystery to keep you reading.

Grand Passion is a fun book to read, just to loose yourself in for a few hours.

Summer in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz is an author that will drive you to read her books once you got one in your system.  Summer in Eclipse Bay is the third book to the series Eclipse Bay.

Word gets around fast in Eclipse Bay.  Nick Harte should know-his family’s legendary feud with the Madisons fueled the local gossip mill for years before finally cooling off.  But people are still talking-and rumor has it Nick’s involved with someone new…Art gallery owner Octavia Brightwell doesn’t take chances-especially on handsome, charming men.  But that’s only part of the reason she turned Nick down six times before finally agreeing to a date.  Octavia’s related to the woman who sparked the long-running family feud-and fears that falling hard for Nick would only ignite the flames again.  Octavia knows her family’s past is best kept hidden.  But her secret isn’t safe in Eclipse Bay…

The third edition to the Eclipse Bay left me smiling.  Krentz is a master at telling stories and giving the characters witty banter back and fourth.

The story of the two main characters lets the reader find the love that is starting to blosum but also to end the mystery of the Harte, Madison feud.

The characters were fun to read and the addition of Carson was nice to read about.  It was enjoyable to read about all the family on both sides.  Each brought their own unique humor to the pages.

Krentz brings a charming, enjoyable and entertaining novel in the final book of Eclipse Bay.