Noah Di Luca knows life is short and he only has a couple precious weeks left thanks to a new problem his other family has given him. Noah’s life depends on him finding the wine bottle his grandfather had hidden away with the diamonds. What Noah did not need was another complication but one came along in the form of his first and only real love Penelope.

Penelope Alonso was back in town to start a new but little did she know that coming here would uncover all her old feelings of Noah at the mere sight of him. Penelope will nurse her broken heart that never healed while she discovers her own mystery regarding her mother and father.

Reading the third and final book, Betrayal, of the series Bella Terra was one I truly could not put down. I started late at night first thinking just to read a few chapters which turned into the first one hundred pages and I could not put it down. In each story the brothers play their part to this feud and are placed in danger. Noah is no exception but his story was compelling to read even more so than his brothers. For me there was more intrigue as Christina Dodd reveals Noah’s involvement throughout the story. You were able to guess what happened but mostly in this case I just read enjoying the story.

The story was certainly a dramatic one with love that can never be and time being too short for those involved. There seemed to be a lot of espionage which added to the drama. Penelope was a strong character and she was almost the missing link that helped clear up the feud. I liked that Dodd gave an ending for the trilogy that settled the feud. There were a couple good twists with one villain which I did not see coming.

Overall the series Bella Terra was another great addition to Christina Dodd’s books.

Revenge at Bella Terra

Eli Di Lucca is the oldest siblings and has to face his demons of his past. Not only is his childhood past haunting him the failure of his families business is troubling. Loosing the money hit him where it hurt but now there is a chance to get it back. It would only cost him a wife.

Chloe Robinson is a new author with her first book published. It was only last year did she meet her father and since then he has been trying to get her married to the men he keeps throwing at her. Chloe will not know that Eli has been made an offer. Chloe doesn’t like to have her life manipulated but Eli will disarm her and love will follow but not before revenge.

The second book Revenge at Bella Terra was fantastic. Christina Dodd brings mystery, betrayal and heartache all the while a romance was building even if it was based on a lie. As I read on I found myself thinking of the other series of hers with the Fortune Hunters. There is something in the way the brothers are portrayed that they remind me of the ones in the other series. I guess it is they are all strong noble men with a tortured life (tortured emotional, no killing) due to their family.

Throughout the book I loved and hated Eli. He was the eldest and the one that was responsible and took it serious but you knew that once he made the deal with her father it would come back to haunt him later on. Dodd makes sure it does.

Now Chloe was a very enchanting character as she drew upon her innocence. But she was strong in her convictions. I liked that she didn’t back down and become weak when trouble started.

From the first book I noticed the family is very old world Italian and I liked that it was about the family and protecting each other. It was humorous with Chloe’s father (another Italian) and the contract he made, he was very old school Italian and just wanted his daughter to have security and protection, and of course grandchildren.

As a Dodd fan I was definitely pleased with Revenge at Bella Terra and can’t wait for Noah’s turn.

Secrets of Bella Terra

Christina Dodd’s stories I have found are always tough to read, not hard to understand but there is never an easy way with the characters in the books. In Bella Terra Deception series first book, Secrets of Bella Terra, Dodd packs a wallop in the very first scene and immediately you are drawn into learn about the secrets Bella Terra has to offer.

Rafe Di Lucca is the middle brother of his siblings and has been away for a time but now is back due to his grandmother. Seeing her in the hospital was not something he wanted to see. He knew he would find the killer but Rafe didn’t expect to find help from the girl he had loved back in high school. For Rafe finding the attacker was number one priority but it was hard to do when all he wanted to do was kiss her.

Brooke Petersson is good at her job. She loves her home, her mom and the people around her. When she saw Rafe walk through the hospital her heart skipped at beat. She knew feelings were still there for her but couldn’t tell on his part. She knew lust was still there but she wanted more, the love they once had. But love would have to wait as a murder was walking around and accidents were happening left and right at the resort.

With the first book you find out all about the Di Lucca and the dysfunction they call a family. That alone made the plot interesting but with the attacks Dodd gives intrigue in the plot.

Her characters are all harden to a point with how life had treated them. Both Rafe and Brooke are two strong willed people who will not bend for one another in fears of being rejected. I liked that there was a struggle for the true feelings to appear and really shine. Of course for Rafe half the time I wanted someone to hit him as he was bull headed and didn’t understand what he said to upset Brooke.

Now for the first book of this series there was a lot of intrigue and mystery surrounding the happening in Bella Terra that made you want to flip the pages. The stubborn grandmother who was attacked helped you want to stay involve as she was matriarch of the family and was an entertaining character.

Aside from the struggling love story I really liked the plot of betrayal and sabotage that was interwoven within the pages. You knew the bad guys but not to the extent of who would really be doing this and why. Dodd leaves that to the end to give a solid ending for Rafe and Brooke.

With one brother down it will be Eli who will be in the next one with Revenge at Bella Terra.

Don’t Get Kidnapped

Finishing up the third book I was able to find the last part of the series, The Barefoot Princess, the second book of Christina Dodd’s series. I was excited to see what would happen with Amy, the youngest sister.

Princess Amy is on her own after leaving her sister two years ago. Her mission was to help solve the injustice of the isle of Summerwind. With the help of an elderly spinster Amy kidnapped the Lord who was personable responsible for the people’s livelihood. Amy was all ready with her plan but she didn’t expect to find Jermyn to be handsome.

Jermyn Edmondson never thought he would be kidnapped but here he was shackled to a manacle. He is enraged but strangely he finds this Amy to be enticing. His goal is to flee but he finds himself wanting to help Amy and at the same time lure his Uncle into a trap.

This was a story in started a little slow as you were finding out what was going to happen and then Jermyn gets kidnapped. You are drawn to what Amy is doing and her reasons. You want the two immediately together as they are nothing but fire when put together.

Amy is spontaneous and stubborn as a younger sister has to be. It was funny how Amy actually kidnapped Jermyn to help those who needed her help. I like how she also compliments Jermyn’s own traits of suspension and being stubborn as well.

You easily hate the Uncle and I like how the misery of Jermyn’s trust plays throughout the book and of course will play at the ending especially.

Reading these books out of order you already know what was to happen with Amy and Jermyn but I found that I liked knowing how things were going to end. I also didn’t mind finding out the details of what happened.

The Lost Princesses series was a fun trilogy from Christina Dodd and one that concentrates on strong female leads.

The Last Princess is Found

The last book to the trilogy series Lost Princesses is The Prince Kidnaps a Bride. Christina Dodd ends the series with the last sister, Sorcha and Rainger .

Princess Sorcha is lost, exiled from her family but she knows it is time to find her way back home. She had been gone too long but she wouldn’t be going alone. A fisherman will be there helping her at every turn but he is not how she believes him to be.

Prince Rainger needs to get Sorcha out of here and back to their kingdom. He is not the once carefree prince but a man who knows his destiny and that is to be King with Sorcha at his side. But trouble comes there way as they are hunted by assassins at every turn and Rainger will still have to deal with Sorcha when she finds out who he really is.

The Prince Kidnaps a Bride was a fun story but for some reason for me it took me a little to get into the story. I knew I would like the story as the first book was very good. But here you had to get into the characters and plot as it did not grab me from the very beginning. Though once you are in you want to finish it till the end.

You will have no problem understanding what is going on in the book even if you don’t read the others. I have not read the second book with Amy (which I am looking for) but I understood what happened in the third book . Each book seems to be their own story yet they are in perfect harmony as a series.

The banter between the two characters was entertaining as they forged on through the book. It seemed like they worked one moment and the next they couldn’t stand each other which kept them interesting. I liked also how Dodd created the back stories of Rainger to show how he was shaped into the man he had become.

Dodd also wraps up the series with a happy ending and a fresh start for these exiled princesses that will leave you smiling. The Lost Princesses series is enchanting to read.

Wild child is running back home

Pepper Prescott is running away. After witnessing a murder she ditched her fake name and went back to her original. She knew there would be little left for her at her old place but she had nowhere to go. Pepper did not expect to find Dan there or that the only person she loved had died on her but Pepper was determined to make best of a situation. She would get Dan to leave so she could hide out and hope the General wouldn’t find her, but those plans would not be easy with Dan kissing her all the time.

Dan Graham was on a mission and that was to lure the bad guys so they could get them, but he didn’t expect to see Pepper. Kissing her would be out of the question but there he was as like nothing had changed. But Dan had changed. He knew he couldn’t trust her and he had to get her out of there but the temptation was driving him crazy where he just wanted to give in.

I was excited to read the second book, Almost Like Being In Love, of the series Lost Texas Heart. I wanted to know more about the wild child Pepper. I liked on the side the story of Hope was being told within the pages of the book. Dodd let the reader know how close they were to finding Pepper.

Dodd brings in the past of how the two characters, Pepper and Dan, had ended up with their own past. I liked how Pepper was in control and strong but very weak when it came to following the heart and Dan was the same way. They parralled almost exactly and it was interesting to see who would come out on top.

The villain gave a good twist as you didn’t know who would be working for who and which character would they be after. Dodd kept you in suspense as you read through the book.

As a second book to the series I was thrilled by the story and the dynamic characters. I want to read more but can’t as I read all of the series. Lost Texas Heart series is one you want to check out from Christina Dodd’s collection.

The Eldest is Found

Waiting after reading the third book I went in search for the others. I found that I had already read the fourth book of the series with Gabriel even if I didn’t know it at the time. Gabriel is in his own series called the Fortune Hunters but is also in Lost Texas Heart. So now I only had the first two to actually read. I got the first book, Just the Way You Are with Hope who was the eldest sibling.

Hope Prescott is the eldest sibling and sister. They were a family but then tragedy struck and they were left without parents. They had only each other and then that was taken away. At sixteen Hope had to grow up and over the years it has taken its toll. Hope does everything she can to survive but things change when she finds a steady job at an answering service. Hope is doing well but then her world starts to shift when she meets a man who is everything she wants expect she’ll find out he wasn’t being entirely honest.

Zack Givens is a very wealthy man and expects things to go his way. He makes people tremble and that’s how he likes it but things change when he hears a husky voice over the phone. Zack is compelled by that voice and wants to know more. He pretends to be the butler so she will talk to him and once he meets her he continues the charade. He knew it would be better to tell her the truth but he didn’t want to loose her. Zack will also have to realize what this relationship is doing to him, will he realize it before he ruins it?

This story was entertaining to the last page. Hope’s character you wanted her to succeed, to come on top and to find her siblings. She was strong and determined and knew what she wanted.

Zack you wanted to hit over the head. He was the typical rich boy who thought he could get everything he wanted. Dodd keeps the characters together but you know all hell will break loose when the truth is revealed. I like that the relationship is not easy and it is a struggle. You kept reading hoping things will come out well for the characters.

Dodd adds in family for both characters who steer them to where they should be. Just the Way You Are was a fantastic beginning and can’t wait to find out what happened to the wild child, Pepper.