Only You

Only YouHolly Greenwood loved being a wedding planner but the stress of her job and all of her responsibilities were weighing her down. She will find help from her new neighbor that was very easy on the eyes. Holly didn’t want another complication but found that with Kevin he was trying to make things easier for her.

Kevin Vandemeer was back home and wanted to get his life together, which meant no more crazy girlfriends. Kevin will swear off woman but one look at his neighbor will have him rethinking his promise, especially when he meets her.

Only You is the first book to the series Bachelor Brotherhood by Denise Grover Swank. I really liked this book. It followed a similar path from the Wedding Pact series and of course it brought some of the original characters back, Megan and Josh, and Nicole.

Holly’s character was one who thought she could do it all. She tried her best to help her grandmother while earn enough money for her care. She was the one that usually took care of everyone. I liked that she would get help from Kevin who had wanted her and not just for sex. With Kevin in her life she becomes happier and a little less stressed since he was helping out. Kevin’s character was a solider who was coming home to start over. I thought his pact with his friends was comically especially because he didn’t even last a day. Kevin was a good son and brother and overall good man. He liked to help and I liked that when he found Holly he became freer, happier.

Nicole Vandemeer, Kevin’s mother and Holly’s boss, was a piece of work. So from first glance you would think that Nicole was mean and a little bit of a bully. In reality she was an overworked woman trying to do her best. Now that did not mean she didn’t like to get her way as it is seen with her children. I liked Nicole a whole lot more when it I was finishing the book.

So with the ending there was a teaser of the next book which will be coming out next year. I was frustrated because all it gave us was Tyler would be the main character but the mysterious woman was unnamed. I wanted to know if she was someone who had been mentioned in the Wedding Pact series or was a brand new character. Well, I suppose I will find out later when the summary is available. Though needless to say I am looking forward to reading the next book to the series.


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